Told you so

Nursing homes with 95% to 100% turnout,

Many of you scoffed when I reported this kind of fraud, and claimed it was an isolated incident.

It isn’t. It’s standard Democrat practice nationwide.

37 thoughts on “Told you so

  1. It’s OK. Democrats already know what we need and will take care of us because they like us best. It isn’t really necessary for them to consult with us at all.


    1. We are Grand Old Democrats…GOD. The New Testament version which is kind, caring and empathetic.

      A solid theory that everyone knows is that the GOP is modeled after the Old Testament God. Vengeful, vicious, bloodthirsty and a bit of a pain. Plus He didn’t know much. He had to ask Cain where his brother was…sheesh.

      Studies have shown this in peer reviewed journals.😇

      So knowing this, why should GOD consult with GOP?

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  2. One bogus state finding (I don’t buy the information provided form the source as they also advocated for decertification of WI’s election, even though EVERYONE in the legislature has said it is ILLEGAL.), does not a national trend make.

    The desperation to find ANYTING to prove your theory is noticed.


  3. Oh, nothing to see here now move along. We all knew this was happening which is why Democrats are so eager to have unverified voting processes in place. Who needs to prove who they are or vote in a controlled environment to ensure integrity. Just mail out 360 million ballets and let the democrats count the 380 million that are returned. That’s how Putin does it, right?


    1. …”Democrats are so eager to have unverified voting processes in place. ”

      Where is that happening? Its not. Most Democrats are in favor of some form of voter ID. I have no issue with it. What the issue is, is the constant changing of what is considered acceptable forms of ID. The GOP keeps changing that which leads to the confusion that occurred in the Texas primary (that and using unreliable voting machines in Democratic areas and balloting spots) and will continue to occur in states that change ID requirements and acceptable forms each election cycle.

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    2. “ That’s how Putin does it, right?”

      Hey, you guys should be thrilled as he is (maybe “was” for those with some morality) the Republican genius.

      Reds of a feather…

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      1. Eehhh, your party’s philosophies are much more aligned with his which is why you practice his “genius” at the voting boothe…oh wait…who should vote at a Boothe and prove who you are, right?


        1. I always proved who I was. I had to give my address and full name and it was checked against a list. So if someone tried to fake my vote, they have to know my information and that I have not voted.

          Still, Reds of a feather fits perfectly. Your Congressmen went to a White supremacy rally the other day. The one that praised both Putin and Hitler. Then they pleaded ignorance.

          At least the plea was spot on.

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  4. Here is the report:

    Click to access osc-second-interim-report.pdf

    Packed with anecdotal evidence and unspecified “reports”.

    Here is a more logical take on this report:

    “Gableman’s report attacked the administration and results of Wisconsin’s 2020 election on multiple fronts. He went after the state board for a decision on how to send absentee ballots to nursing homes and handle their return during the pandemic — a decision approved at the time by five of the six commissioners on the bipartisan board, but which Republicans have since argued was illegal.”

    So what I see is that a bipartisan decision to make it easier for those in assisted living of various levels to vote during the pandemic that was lethal for the elderly. Then employees tried to help their patients. Some anecdotal evidence, anonymous, that seems to come from the same playbook as Giuliani’s fake “evidence” that he tried to pass off in court after court after court…


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      1. This wingnut Gableman who headed the special counsel investigation in WI is one notch below the “Pillow man” with regards to trying to steal the election for Trump. And that is a compliment.

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          1. Have you tried to read the report?

            As far as whether it matter or not, check the Ninja audit in AZ. A fiasco of ignorance regarding how elections are managed, ballots counted, etc. Yes it matters who gathers and interprets the numbers.

            But, by all means make 2020 election fantasies the core of the Republican platform. That and CRT should tell the electorate that the GOP is not a serious party anymore.

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          2. “He has the records.”
            What records? There is no evidence of fraud for the media to review. Some selected nursing homes had high turnout. Yes, so? Is that surprise given the state’s measures to make their voting safe and easy?

            To someone who is not a conspiracy theorist right-wing hack it is impossible to even imagine how this nationwide ring of nursing home cheating could even be organized and kept so hidden.

            But easy for you apparently. You are laughably consistent in your ability to imagine fraud and “corruption” in every set of circumstances. Except of course where it is obvious, rampant, and proven criminality. Team Trump.

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          3. “He has the records. ”

            So does the My Pillow Guy. If it were factual, they would have presented them by now. Saying “I have proof” and then not providing it? Yeah. THAT’S realistic and believable.

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    1. …” a bipartisan decision”…

      I find it amazing, at times, that those who are defending the GOP election law changes in the several states, seem to forget that the TEMPORARY changes that were put in place to allow citizens to vote during a pandemic were done a a bipartisan manner. All we see is “The Democrats did this”… and “The Democrats did that”…. When the truth of the matter is, it was done for valid public safety reasons and it was done TOGETHER. (Go figure.)

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      1. The modern GOP, White Whine:

        A very bitter and fruit forward, with notes of despair and grapes of wrath, and little finish. Thin body. Sour aftertaste. Good for salad dressings. 😇

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    2. When you “help” someone who doesn’t recognize their own children or remember what they had for breakfast you’re manufacturing votes, and you should be ashamed of yourself for excusing it.


      1. We don’t know that. All we had were anonymous anecdotes, 12 I think, that was supposed to smear all the elderly votes.

        Since we allow guns for those who are collecting SS disability for diminished mental capacity enough so they cannot manage their own affairs, why not let them vote?

        Fix the first, and I might find some merit in your argument.

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  5. Still scoffing. And now laughing. So desperate to swallow the Big Lie.

    This laughably partisan “Special Counsel” is even too stupid to present his findings in anything remotely like a professional and objective manner. Instead, there is a mish mash of Trump talking points and a smattering of cherry-picked anecdotes.

    It is clear what the GOP problem is. A combination of private and public efforts made it easier for people to vote, and they did. Boo Hoo!

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      1. Get caught at what? First, you don’t even know if anyone of them voted Democrat.
        Second, you don’t even know if his numbers are any good considering he has just repeated other debunked issues.

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          1. Who is squealing? Just pointing out the factual fallacies of the argument, that the changes made were bipartisan in nature and were one time necessities for as many voters as possible to participate SAFELY in their civic duties.

            Keep digging for the Big Lie. Could be the main perpetrator of it ends up in an Orange Jumpsuit at FCI Ft. Dix.

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          2. Whether the changes were reasonable or not, the Constitution requires elections to be accomplished in the manner determined by the legislatures of the States(within the limits of voting rights law).

            Some states had provisions for emergency changes made by the bureaucracy, but many, including some of those involved in the dispute did not.

            It is moot now, but in many states the elections were held unlawfully. something that should be fixed before the next one.

            And ballot harvesting should be banned everywhere as there is ample evidence of abuse.


          3. Laws under consideration vary by state.

            I think all of them would allow helping a close relative.

            Some simply ban gathering more than a prescribed number in an election cycle, Others prohibit ballots submitted by an employee or contractor of a party of campaign.


          4. “. . . including some of those involved in the dispute did not.”

            Illegal election procedures would have been and should have been protested BEFORE finding out that you lost. There is no evidence that any pandemic related changes were fraudulent, “corrupt,” or in any way anything other than a good faith attempt to protect lives while still carrying on the election.

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          5. Again, whether well intentioned or not, the Constitution requires a procedure determined by the legislature.

            The legislature can delegate emergency changes, but not after-the-fact.

            And I agree that objections should have been raised BEFORE the election. Waiting until you see the results makes it moot.

            I am not suggesting changing the outcome of the last election. I am saying the laws should be fixed before the next one, and in some cases, those who willfully violated the laws in the last one should be prosecuted.


          6. …”those who willfully violated the laws in the last one should be prosecuted.”

            Including those who attempted to overturn the results through violence and those who fomented the lies that begat said violence? Or those who pressured election officials to “find” votes? Or those who criminally conspired to change the EC vote counts?

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          7. “. . . in many states the elections were held unlawfully.”

            That is clearly your opinion. Mine is different. There were no states where elections were held unlawfully.

            But, yes, there are some states where sore losers tried to make such claims based on tortured interpretations of law. All of this bull is in furtherance of the fraudulent claim that President Biden was not legitimately elected – the Big Lie.

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