People’s Convoy hits 8 miles long as vehicles join up

Source: WND.

I have mixed feelings about the People’s Convoy. I am certainly in favor of political action on behalf of freedom. But I also doubt that anything useful will come of this protest.

I’ll be watching the counternarrative. How will the truckers be criticized? Will they be called terrorists and traitors?

3 thoughts on “People’s Convoy hits 8 miles long as vehicles join up

  1. What is the point of the protest at this stage of the pandemic? We have products to move, supply lines to open up and shelves to fill. If they are not helping, they are part of the problem.

    Oh, sorry, I get. The idea is to damage the economy. Silly me.

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  2. Instead of protesting (which is a right) maybe they should focus on doing their part by improving delivery times of products and working to solve some of the supply chain issues.


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