Ukrainian people giving all they have against the ”genius”.

Great reporting by WSJ. If these volunteers were like our “militias”, the invasion would have been a cakewalk. So far, the Russians have paid a heavy price and I suspect there will be more to come. Especially since Russians are targeting apartments and medical centers. Even Russian infiltrators are being ID’d and killed. And Germany has shifted position and will send arms and aid. As has Finland.

48 thoughts on “Ukrainian people giving all they have against the ”genius”.

  1. Yeah, even FOX and WSJ are following the narrative this time, casting the Ukrainian resistance as a remake of Red Dawn.

    Militias are effective as guerilla forces, not in set-piece battles against armored forces.

    But if Russia was really trying to kill soldiers the casualties would number in the 10s of thousands, not hundreds. They’re burning up Russian lives to spare the Ukranian military.

    I expect that the Russians will bypass Kyiv and isolate it rather than crush it. They’re looking for a military led puppet government as a buffer against NATO, not a perpetual enemy on their border.

    BTW, I saw the video of the missile hitting the building. It was not an artillery rocket. It looked more like an air-to-air or ground-to-air missile that lost its target.

    We really need to be careful not to fall for propaganda. Perhaps it would be a good time to re-watch “Wag the Dog” on Netflix.


    1. The first casualty war is truth.

      Putin has accused Ukraine of genocide. We’ll see how “nice” he is when losses mount. Hard to win an insurgency. Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan (us and Russia), Chechnya. Ukrainian people hate Putin. Kill some families and that hatred will fester a long time. Talk about a wolf by the ears.

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        1. All Zelensky had to do…easy to say. All we have to do is let Idaho join Canada. Militias there hate our government.

          Russian separatists have killed 14,000 Ukrainians since 2014. Not much love either way I would imagine. They also shot down an airliner, maybe by accident. Maybe not.

          So after Ukraine we try Finland? Or Latvia? Poland? Putin took back Georgia, then Crimea, now Ukraine.

          Putin could have sat down with Zelensky and negotiated a settlement on the two slivers with Russians. So we know the goal was Ukraine all along.

          Putin laid his cards on the table during his crazy rant. He wants a Russian empire like the old days. Period. Appeasing some expatriate Russians is not the cause, just the reason.

          This sets a precedent for future grabs by military force. This is like you invading your neighbors home because one of his kids likes you better than his parents.

          You don’t seem to realize that you are both excusing and praising Putin yourself.

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          1. You seem to forget the Soviet Union.

            It’s not like you invading your neighbor’s home to take one of his children, it’s like the homeowners association took one of your kids and gave him to your neighbor because your family was too unified, and you going to get him back.

            The Soviets in the 1920s intentionally broke up ethnic Russian cohesion by redrawing borders. Those people in Eastern Ukraine want to be Russians again. Why should we try to make the Soviet’s meddling permanent?

            And, of course, Russia doesn’t want NATO on its border. We broke the promises we made not to exploit the breakup of the USSR by expanding NATO eastward.


          2. YOu keep saying “we” about NATO expansion. It is not WE, it is US and our NATO allies. BY putting the emphasis only on the U.S., you ignore ALL of the facts. A very interesting trait of the Right.

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          3. The US can take a stand and NATO will follow because we essentially fund NATO. We agreed to not expand NATO eastward, We should have stood by our word.

            If the rest of NATO wanted to break the agreement, we need only point out that we can bring our troops home any time.

            Putin is not a good guy, but we have given him cause to not trust us.


          4. But we can trust him?

            So you want to disband NATO?Or at least pull out of it? Leadership on the world stage is important. Isolationism doesn’t serve anyone well.


          5. Moving nuclear weapons into Belarus tells the world that Putin is very probably isolated and unstable.

            This war never was about the Donbas and a handful of ethnic Russians. Putin said so in his rant.

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          6. You guys are always hooting and hollering about teaching history both good and bad,

            It’s not a matter of siding with Putin, is pointing out that we broke promises made that contribute to his distrust and belligerence,

            It is not unreasonable for him to be concerned over Ukraine becoming part of NATO and finding Miscoe in range of short range nuclear weapons.

            We have given Putin no reason to trust us.


          7. “You guys are always hooting and hollering about teaching history both good and bad”

            Uh, made up history does not count. Neither do Putin’s lies. There were never any promises about NATO’s relationship with the former Soviet republics. The countries around Russia would not be interested in joining NATO were it not for Russia’s threatening posture towards all of them.

            It is pretty obvious that people who will not accept that Trump is a Putin asset and stooge just must treat Putin as if he were somehow a responsible – even genius – leader even as he has clearly gone over the edge. Whatever gripes Russia might have could have been negotiated from a position of energy strength. Instead, Putin has been using the KGB playbook to undermine his neighbors and countries around the world – including ours.

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          8. If you were to go to the Kerry Dougherty site you will see some comments that wishes we had Putin and praise him as a strong leader.

            “Reds of a feather stick together”. LR, 2021

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          9. Cite what we actually said. “We” being the NATO nations. Or the West.

            What is spoken politically has to be taken at less than face value until finalized agreements are negotiated. But I would like to see what you consider “binding verbal agreements”.

            International relations are not based on promises.

            As a textualist you should know that.

            You are still excusing Putin, who is just trying to recreate the Soviet empire.

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          10. Not the Soviet, the Russian. Huge difference.

            Are verbal promises binding? No, but nonetheless, we have given Putin cause to not trust us.

            That doesn’t make him a nice guy, but his duty is to Russia, not to you or me.


          11. One of several commonalities between Putin and Trump is the equating of the individual as the country. It isn’t patriotism; it is self-indulgence on a grand scale.

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          12. …” it is also to keep Ukraine out of NATO.”

            It is to reconstitute the old Soviet Union.

            Could explain why over 6,000 protesters IN RUSSIA have been arrested. The people of Russia do not want to be part of a failed state.

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          13. In what way are we intervening? We are providing military equipment and bolstering the borders of NATO countries in accordance with ACTUAL treaties, not vague promises.

            I really am dismayed that someone as yourself. a supporter of our democratic republic, appears to be supportive of one country, run by a criminal, invading one that has a democratically elected government (that legally and transparently voted out the puppet regime that proceeded it) in place and is doing what it can to root out the corruption that could POSSIBLY allow them entry to NATO, if THEY desire it.

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          14. RE: “So we know the goal was Ukraine all along.”

            I think the goal is to break U.S. hegemony. Russia (and China) can afford to lose a minor war in Ukraine as long as the U.S. and Europe are proven to be paper tigers.


          15. “We broke the promises we made not to exploit the breakup of the USSR by expanding NATO eastward.”

            Uh, no we did not. There is no treaty obligation and not even informal assurances. That narrative is nothing but gaslighting by V. Putin.



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          16. “What is the cite for this agreement?”

            There is no such cite for the simple reason that there is no such agreement. No promises have been broken. See the links above.

            The West has tried to keep the peace while Russia has been gobbling up parts of its neighbors. This time the genius has gone too far and appears to have awakened a sleeping giant. And I do not mean our country. I am referring to Germany which is taking a very hard line and is starting to re-militarize.


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          17. “It’s not a formal treaty. . .”

            Your “source” (Medvedev) is merely parroting Putin propaganda. According to NATO, no such promises were made. From your link. . .

            “At a summit in Brussels in 1994 NATO leaders made it clear that they would welcome expansion to the east, and in 1997, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland were invited to begin accession talks.
            Russia has made similar claims about NATO before, and the US and NATO have rejected them in the past.”

            The Baltic states joined NATO in 2004. Last time I checked, they border on Russia.

            NATO is a defensive alliance and has never made any offensive moves or deployments against Russia. You can regurgitate the Trump/Putin party line until you turn blue. Looks like you intend to.

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          18. What is interesting, nay distressing, is the tacit approval and praise for Putin.

            We “lied”, he didn’t, so he has a right to invade.

            What friggin’ rabbit hole are these people scrambling down?

            Next thing you know Italian satellites, space lasers, Chavez…come to think of it, if one believes that crap, then Putin looks like a paragon of honesty.

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          19. “‘You didn’t get it in writing” is hardly an excuse for violating our word.”

            Apparently, you have not bothered to read the various links. If you had, you would know that the ONLY discussion related to the break-up of the USSR was with Gorbachev and that was only about the reunification of Germany. THAT discussion was held BEFORE the USSR broke up, so NATO’s future relationship with former Soviet republics was not even on the table.

            I will add that – like others – I have noted how eager you people are to carry water for the psychopath dragging the world toward war and Russia toward ruin.


          20. “Really? When did we give our word to NATO to intervene in the matters of non-NATO members?”

            We are not “intervening.” We are punishing an international bad actor as we have done many times in the past.

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  2. The US did nothing when Crimea was occupied and will do nothing now. If Biden was serious abt Ukraine he would have provided military arms and funding a long time ago and made it known to Russia. Crimea set the precedent for future occupations. It is heartbreaking to see people fighting for their country and most cheer for the underdogs but lack of action before hand leads one to believe that Ukraine is just not that important in the big picture. It and the Supreme Court nominee do however make for good destractions from the abysmal job performance of Biden who is really only interested in bolstering his rock bottom ratings. It’s politics….


    1. …”that Ukraine is just not that important in the big picture.”…

      But according to Don it IS important because Hunter has to be protected.

      ANd multi-tasking is part of the jon.

      And it’s ALWAYS politics. But as you always do, it is only a bad thing when it is a Democrat.

      Your hypocrisy is on full display again. Take a break.

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      1. Wayne Allan Root has speculated that part of Putin’s reason for going into Ukraine is to gather evidence of the Biden Family’s corrupt dealings there to use as blackmail.

        I doubt that’s his motive, but I would be surprised if he doesn’t look.


        1. It’s been done. THere is nothing to find.

          And if shit keeps blowing up, it wouldn’t be found anyway.

          WAR – Another right wing conspiracy doofus who adds very little meaningful to any conversation.


        2. Sharing Wayne Allan [sic] Root’s absurd and slanderous speculation? He is a monumental jackass and professional troll. What kind of person wants to help him spread such nonsense? That would be someone just like you. Someone who hates America, our people, our government, our leaders, and who loves the rule of strong man dictators – wannabe and real.

          Inquiring minds want to know – just how low can you go?

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        3. Root is a total nutjob. Why is his idea relevant?

          (He said Obama never went to Columbia, then shifted that he was an exchange student at Columbia. Add in the Las Vegas murderer was a Muslim terrorist and you have the classic conspiracist who would love to see us collapse.)

          Do you really follow this stuff?

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          1. It seems Johnson suffers from amnesia (among other possible mental issues.)

            Mr. Trump THREATENED Ukraine with holding back of military aid, APPROVED BY CONGRESS, unless he did “us a favor, though.” The basis for his FIRST impeachment.

            So who is truly responsible for the weakening of Ukraine?

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