Neil Oliver: We watch Russia – but we must watch what our leaders are up to here in the West

The speaker is very glib, and he chooses not to push his argument too far. Allow me.

Imagine a conspiracy of three parties: Russia, China and the British/American elite. Their vision is to subjugate all of humanity under a humane (in their eyes) form of global management in which all the resources of the Earth shall be used wisely and wars of extinction never again will threaten.

Their project has been underway for more than a century. Today, however, is a turning point. Now is the time to collapse the empire of the United States so that the planet’s one hero of liberty can be removed from the new world order.

The collapsing begins with a Russian military attack in Europe, which the U.S. is powerless to confront. U.S. impotence is expected to further demoralize and polarize the nation, weakening the resolve of its people and allowing authoritarian progress to accelerate here.

Ultimately, the plan calls for dissolving the U.S. by first transferring ownership of its properties via commercial transactions and enslaving its population by contract and by the expedient of electronic social credit.

That’s as far as I can see in my ignorance, but I think something very like this dark speculation is what the speaker in the video is hinting at.

4 thoughts on “Neil Oliver: We watch Russia – but we must watch what our leaders are up to here in the West

  1. And the plot to take over the world by destabilizing the US was almost successful except for Trump’s loss in 2020. Keeping the Big Lie going is the desperate attempt to retool and continue the demise of our nation.

    Is that about right?

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    1. No. This commentary is not about Trump.

      Also, no one needs to “take over the world.” We already have plenty of world leaders.

      At issue is the subjugation of humanity, of which there are many signs, most oddly in the “free” west.


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