Republican party leader speaks out on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. . .

“I mean, he’s taking over a country for $2 worth of sanctions. I’d say that’s pretty smart. He’s taking over a country — literally a vast, vast location, a great piece of land with a lot of people, and just walking right in.” – D. Trump

This was a follow-up to his earlier assessment. . .

“This is genius. . . Putin is now saying it’s independent — a large section of Ukraine. I said, how smart is that? And he’s gonna go in and be a peacekeeper. We could use that on our southern border. That’s the strongest peace force I’ve ever seen. There were more army tanks than I’ve ever seen. They’re gonna keep peace, all right.” – D. Trump

“Conservatives” must be proud! Finally, two world leaders stand up for European civilization!

11 thoughts on “Genius!

    1. Where is he not? $2 sanctions? Walk right in?

      Putin has already threatened nuclear war. I guess for the autocrat lovers, he is a hero.

      Let’s see how he fares in a week or so.

      Amazing the support and adulation (envy?) by the right and the ex-administration for an invasion into Eastern Europe and tacitly threatening Western Democracies. Apparently Sweden and Finland have been warned about any NATO interest.

      Maybe a welcoming committee here and get rid of our inconvenient democratic systems.

      Our right wing pseudo-patriots are falling all over themselves in joy over pending thousands of civilian deaths.

      Now that is what is “genius”. Putin is laughing at our conservatives. Remember, he spent almost a year in our State Department under Trump.

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    2. “Where is he in error?”
      So, you people are proud. I figured.

      I would like to believe your response was a failed attempt at humor. That is what I would like to believe. Sadly, I cannot. I have become too familiar with your values, intellect and broken moral compass. You really and truly are wondering “Where is Dear Leader in error?”

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      1. Trump is correct that Putin played this well. Genius can be evil, you know.

        Putin certainly has his ducks in a row. He prepared well to weather sanctions. Of course, Biden helped. By reducing US petroleum production, he drove the price of oil to double. Putin made an extra $2.7 Billion on exports to the US alone. So, Biden financed the invasion.

        Putin has been extraordinarily careful to keep casualties low. This is not a scorched Earth invasion. The initial targeting took out Ukraine’s air defense system with under 150 casualties. That’s not because he’s a nice guy, he is letting the Ukrainian military know he could have wiped them out and didn’t.

        I think that his underlying intent is to incorporate the Eastern Ukraine into Russia and leave the rest with a puppet government well motivated to stay out of NATO. That will likely come form the military.

        Putin is a thug, but he is a competent thug.


        1. Your admiration of Putin is duly noted. Time will tell how “competent” he is. So far, the invasion is not the walk in the park of “conservative” dreams. The people of Ukraine are fighting back. It remains to be seen if Putin will survive when the body bags start coming home and the Russian economy is in shambles.

          Your bizarre attempt to blame Biden for the state of the oil market and for thereby “financing the invasion” only goes to prove how intellectually lazy and/or intellectually dishonest you are. It is total bullshit. And, as the world deals with a deadly crisis created by your man-crush, Putin, truly disgraceful bullshit.

          Here are some actual facts for you.
          Not as convenient as your “alternative facts,” I admit.
          U.S. Petroleum output:
          2020 – 11.3 million MT
          2021 – 11.2 million MT
          2022 – 11.8 million MT (projected)

          Furthermore, Biden has incurred the displeasure of the environmental lobby by authorizing significant more new drilling in his first year than did Dear Leader in HIS first year.

          Anyone who is not a lying liar – or the eager dupe of such people – knows full well that oil prices were up in Biden’s first year because world economies were recovering. Period. It had NOTHING to do with imaginary Biden petroleum cutbacks.

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          1. Absolute bullshit.

            You are a truly sad case. While shucking and jiving to justify the traitorous Putin stooge, you slime our President with made up nonsense.

            There was no government required cutback of Alaska or offshore oil production. You just made that up. The only changes in production before and after the pandemic have been driven by demand. Whatever Biden’s environmental policies, he has not been in office long enough to affect the production of either Alaska or offshore. And, as noted above, new permits for drilling on public land in 2021 were far more than those approved by Trump in his first year. Here is what is actually going on.


            I did NOT choose the years deceptively. I checked YOUR claim that production cutbacks occurred. They did not. The numbers speak for themselves. You blamed Biden for the doubling of world oil prices based on cutbacks that did not occur. That is not honest.

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  1. Mocking the ineptitude of Biden’s response to the southern border and Ukraine is extremely easy. Sorry you don’t like the truth cause it hurts so bad.


  2. I find it quite disturbing that no one sees the similarities between Putin’s “justification” and those of Hitler in 1930’s.

    There was NO genocide occurring against Russian speaking separatists. There are NO Nazi’s in the Ukrainian government. (President Zelenisky is Jewish, for crying out loud) Yet those are the terms Putin has used. No one on the Right is calling out the lies being used. Is that because those are the same types of lies used by TFG?

    It is all about blaming Biden for everything from this to gas prices (How many times has it been said that Presidents have ZERO do wo with the oil market. Everytime prices go up, someone blames POTUS, regardless of party and then give them no credit when they come down.) to my newspaper carrier can’t seem to deliver my paper before 10 am on any given day.

    Short of sending troops in (which I do NOT support) to Ukraine, Biden and the EU and NATO are doing their level best to stop Putin’s illegal and immoral attack on a sovereign DEMOCRATIC government and country.

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