11 Point Plan

Source: Rescue America.

Senator Rick Scott of Florida channels Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America by publishing a plan to “Rescue America.”

The Gingrich Contract was enormously successful as a marketing tactic. Scott’s plan may be, too, I would guess.

Herewith for discussion are the Eleven points:

  1. Education

Our kids will say the pledge of allegiance, salute the Flag, learn that America is a great country, and choose the school that best fits them.

  1. Color Blind Equality

Government will never again ask American citizens to disclose their race, ethnicity, or skin color on any government form.

  1. Safety and Crime

The soft-on-crime days of coddling criminal behavior will end. We will re-fund and respect the police because, they, not the criminals, are the good guys.

  1. Immigration

We will secure our border, finish building the wall, and name it after President Donald Trump.

  1. Growth / Economy

We will grow America’s economy, starve Washington’s economy, and stop Socialism.

  1. Government Reform and Debt

We will eliminate all federal programs that can be done locally, and enact term limits for federal bureaucrats and Congress.

  1. Fair Fraud-Free Elections

We will protect the integrity of American Democracy and stop left-wing efforts to rig elections.

  1. Family

We will protect, defend, and promote the American Family at all costs.

  1. Gender, Life, Science

Men are men, women are women, and unborn babies are babies. We believe in science.

  1. Religious Liberty and Big Tech

Americans will be free to welcome God into all aspects of our lives.

  1. America First

We are Americans, not globalists.


I find little to disagree with in the rhetorical sentiments Scott’s plan offers. The open question, of course, is: How effective can marketing tactics be during an end-of-empire moment?

5 thoughts on “11 Point Plan

  1. This is the fellow who headed the healthcare company that was raided by the FBI, resigned, pleaded the Fifth 75 times at trial and watched as the company settled the largest Medicare fraud case of all time.

    Come to think of it, he is a Republican after all.

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  2. His ‘Plan” also raises taxes on lower income and middle class families.

    McConnell wanted a nice quiet mid-term to attempt to sweep the House and Senate. No platform; just attack Biden for everything from inflation (partial responsibility) to the weather (zero responsibility). Scott just handed the Democrats a very simple talking point; the GOP wants to raise taxes on the middle class .

    As far as finishing the wall; why should that be part of a plan that FAILED under TFG. Even with 2 full years of total control. The wall, with Mexico paying for it, needs to be ACTUAL border security that allows immigration officer to protect the border without wasting a bunch of money on a physical structure that is just a memorial to a two-time losing (popular vote) twice impeached former President whose actions post-2020 election were disgraceful, and possibly criminal.

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  3. The only plank in the GOP platform is to formulate a metric response for height (in feet, we have no stinking Euro metric system) when Trump says “sh*t”.

    (Google that and see what you find😇)

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