20 thoughts on “Editorial by Cheney offered without comment

  1. Paywalled. Is there another avenue to read the entire thing? I have seen some commentary concerning the piece, but would like to read the whole thing to see if any other commentary is desired.


  2. I do not disagree that Trump was wrong, but that does not excuse Cheney for providing Pelosi a fig leaf of legitimacy for her committee by participating.

    The committee is running an investigation at the same time as the FBI, and operates with different rules of evidence and procedure. That creates an untenable situation for witnesses called by both. This is not normally allowed and the House committee is really just political theater intended to smear all Republicans.

    She defied party leadership by participating and should resign from the party.


    1. Your parroting of the traitor party line about the Select Committee marks you as – wait for it – just the partisan hack we all know you to be.

      The best way to investigate and air the facts around the January 6th assault on the Congress would be a Commission with both parties represented equally and both with equal subpoena powers. It was a done deal until Dear Leader put the kibosh on it. You know that but – being the partisan hack we all know you to be – seem to have forgotten how Pelosi gave the GOP EVERYTHING they asked for in her vain attempt to do it in a completely bi-partisan way.

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      1. Please provide cite to a written agreement that the GOP would have equal subpoena powers and representation.

        As I remember it, the committee was set up with a Democrat majority and a requirement that all subpoenas, and all witnesses, be approved by a committee majority, which would mean the GOP would have NO subpoena powers, or even the ability to call rebuttal witnesses.


          1. Is that the original attempt to engage the Republicans in a bipartisan committee?

            Before McCarthy got the call from Mar a Lago and said “screw you”?

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          2. “That is not Pelosi’s select committee.”

            Are you really dumb or just playing dumb?

            The reason there is a Select Committee at all is because the COMMISSION – which I clearly referenced and you know about anyway – was killed by Dear Leader after it had all been agreed in Congress. The legislation speaks for itself. It was TOTALLY bi-partisan with neither party having control.

            What we have AGAIN is you slinging your partisan hack bullshit and then tap dancing around when your partisan hack bullshit is debunked with FACTS. Gee, I don’t remember it that way. Gee, I was talking about something else. Give us a break.

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    2. So we should just ignore the coup attempt and say “oh, well”.

      You want to wait a few years so witnesses and evidence grow old?

      It has become increasingly obvious that 1/6 was the last gasp of a complex attempt to overturn the election illegally.

      Cheney is one of a handful of patriots in a party of traitors.


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      1. Your first line is part of the problem.

        You can’t have an investigation if you start out with a conclusion.

        Was it a ‘coup attempt?’ By whom?

        If you think Chenny and Kinzinger are heroes, you are welcome to your opinion.

        But they can’t be Republicans any more. The RNC caucus, of which they are members and from whom they received election aid, decided to boycott the Select Committee(not the Commission Paul referenced) to deny it the fig leaf of bipartisanship. They chose to go along with the kangaroo court running in parallel to the FBI and DOJ investigations.

        Remember Ollie North?

        They have undermined the party strategy at the expense of the other party members. They can run for their seats again, but as Democrats or Independents, not with the help of the party they betrayed.


        1. “They have undermined the party strategy “…

          Any party’s strategy that is to follow blindly the lies, mistruths and corruption (Hillary corrupt for “bleaching her phone, DJT isn’t for shredding, ripping, flushing documents) with no true platform deserves to be undermined. Especially if it comes from within.

          By supporting and performing their CONSTITUTIONAL duties, they betrayed a party? Well, bring on the betrayals, Dr. Constitution.

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          1. As I wrote, they are free to run for reelection if they want, but the GOP is a private organization, and they have the power to expel those who undermine the party.

            There was no way for the GOP to make the Select Committee fair or honest, so their only choice was to deny it the fig leaf of legitimacy by not participating.


          2. You are very quick to use words like “betray” for people honoring their oath of office to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

            What about those who violated that oath and “betrayed” the country? Not a murmur.

            Now Mitch McConnell has publicly “betrayed” the RNC and your so-called Republican strategy by stating the simple and very obvious truth. . .

            “It was a violent insurrection with the purpose of trying to prevent a peaceful transfer of power after a legitimately certified election. … That’s what it was,”

            Gonna censor and expel him too?

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  3. Keep up the Trump Derangement Syndrome, it’s going so well for your side with nothing else to offer but divisive race baiting…ha ha ha. This is going to so fun to watch..


      1. Oh how loosely we describe the other side with inflammatory nonsense. Comedy is not your forte but it is somewhat amusing…just sayin


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