Open Everything

Source: The Atlantic.

The argument this story makes is a profound turnabout. Suddenly, a major liberal/progressive media outlet has embraced the premise that lockdowns/social distancing/masks should end and that Covid vaccination is no longer sufficiently effective to justify vaccination mandates.

I’m inclined to be cynical about this shift, blaming it on politics, not science. But, whatever.

2 thoughts on “Open Everything

  1. “… blaming it on politics, not science.”

    Our COVID response has been mired in politics ever since masks became a political party identifier in 2020.

    Policy changes as the we learned more about the disease have been met with stiff resistance from various factions. Our public health folks have been compared to Nazis.

    Add in the dismal numbers among nations regarding deaths per capita, it seems evident that we didn’t do as well as we might have.

    Denmark just lifted all restrictions even though they have a large infection rate. But they also have 81% full vaccination rate, 61% boosted. Plus a healthy population with a world class healthcare system accessible to all.

    Perhaps it is time to lift restrictions where feasible and let the disease run its course. Unfortunately we still have pockets of jammed hospitals with shortened and burned out staff, particularly in some rural areas. Let those areas try to flatten the curve the best they can and the rest of us move on.

    Boosted elderly and immunocompromised might still mask up, hopefully without repercussions.

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  2. The essential core of this article is that you people – you unvaccinated, you defiers of sound public health policy -have done enough damage. It is time for the rest of us to say enough is enough. We have tried to save you. You won’t help, so good luck.


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