9 thoughts on “Giant Tortoises at Full Speed

  1. SMILE

    Reminds me that my father’s nephew in Arizona has a giant tortoise, named Reggie. He is quite sociable and will snatch your food if you don’t pay attention.

    Fun Stuff!


    1. Don’t you mean your cousin who is committing horrible acts of animal cruelty? How dare he keep a giant tortoise captive in Arizona instead of roaming free in its intended environment!! And you think it’s funny that it has access to human food outside of its natural critical diet for consumption?


        1. So your family is guilty of despicable imprisonment exotic wildlife and your only response is to insult my intelligence?


        2. Can you now admit you are a HYPOCRITE dressed in blue? The faux intelligence is squarely in your camp. All I provided was a taste of what you, Paul and Len write all of the time, hyped up BS, and you then insult what you write all of the time. Now do you see what I see in what you guys babble all of the time?


          1. How am I being hypocritical? I am not a member of PETA, I believe in the fair and proper treatment of animals and our planet. What is being done in AZ is a well loved pet is being lovingly cared for.

            If you are trying to get me to toss another GFY at you, I’ll pass. Because you just ain’t worth the effort.


          2. I can’t reply to your last as doing this on a phone. You totally miss the point of being a hypocrite. The point is I hyped up a non- story of your family committing animal abuse like you guys hype up every no- story of anything GOP and you got offended. I could give arats ass abt Reggie being “loved” but you turned your back on your liberal idols for holding him captive.


      1. And he really isn’t my cousin. He is my father’s second wife’s nephew. My brother claims him as a cousin because he is a professional golfer with 2 PGA tournament wins.


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