7 thoughts on “Good News for a Change

  1. Interesting indeed. If they can make it work.

    FWIW, I do think a hybrid would be more practical.

    Supplement the electric power with a small turbofan engine burning Jet-A for takeoff and climb out and then cruise and descend on pure electric. You only need about 40% power for cruise at altitude.

    That would save a lot of weight that could go to payload or extended range.

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    1. RE: “Interesting indeed. If they can make it work.”

      At the aerospace company where I worked for 20 years, the “Alice” would be called “boutique engineering.” Of course it will work. The essence of engineering is that any feasible design can be made to work.

      The puzzle is that not all feasible designs are practical. I’d be interested to know what the investors hope to achieve with Alice.


        1. RE: “The market is there.”

          I don’t doubt it, as much as a spreadsheet can show. I suspect there is something more to the ROI than just selling electric airplanes to billionaires. For example, having a proven electric airplane might be an asset at some future time when fossil fuels just aren’t available anymore, by mandate.


  2. Good afternoon folks, flight 1094 from Denver just arrived. Those expecting to board for follow on flight to Atlanta would do better getting a hotel for the night while the plane recharges. As a reminder, no luggage allowed on the flight as all allowed flight weight is consumed by batteries. No snacks either. Have a nice night and see you in the morning.


    1. How much luggage did the Wright Brother flyer carry?

      BTW, this is not an airliner. It is planned for the corporate/rich guy aircraft market initially. Every aircraft type has its limitations. This one is no exception. Those who buy it will be aware that it is not an airliner capable of the Kessel Run.

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