Will Hildabeast Come Back?

Various pundits I surf into are speculating that Hillary Clinton will run again for president in 2024. I’m not sure what I think of the prospect.

Part of me wants to laugh, but not in a happy way. Part of me sees Clinton as a formidable striver who might win, depending on the challenger who faces her. Part of me expects Joe Biden to utterly destroy the Democratic Party brand before Clinton ever gets a chance to exploit it. Part of me worries that the youth vote will scramble everything, possibly giving Clinton an undeserving win.

I don’t know if Clinton will run again, but I’m pretty sure a Clinton presidency would be bad for the country. Much like Stumble Joe, Clinton is a well-documented fabulist, outrageously divisive, and not very competent. She would be a mediocrity as president at a time when the country needs talent.

12 thoughts on “Will Hildabeast Come Back?

      1. Talent for what? Bullshitting the entire country about COVID (it won’t be bad), election fraud (the election was stolen – but not one court in the land was provided with credible evidence to prove it. But we can keep saying it because some people just WANT to believe it is true, regardless of FACTS), and several other items of interest.

        Clinton, while not me favorite choice, has multitudes of experience in domestic and foreign affairs. You may not like her, but she was still the most experienced and prepared candidate for the office she was running for.

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        1. RE: “You may not like her, but she was still the most experienced and prepared candidate for the office she was running for.”

          I don’t know what that means. She lost the 2016 election to an inexperienced challenger. I’d say her experience and preparation didn’t serve her well in the actual test.


          1. Probably because several voters who voted for Trump actually were voting against Hillary. Kind of the same way Biden won.

            Plus her campaign was racked with some bad moves. Regardless, some people just hated her enough to disregard her experience.

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  1. My advice, temper your expectations for the downfall of the Democratic Party. The policies it offers are popular, its most prominent leaders are NOT jackasses, and the demographics that favor it are on the rise.

    President Biden may not be the object of worshipful adoration that Donald Trump is, but he is not a divisive figure to non-partisan voters.

    In spite of everything you read by the pundits you surf, the country is doing well on President Biden’s watch – even as it is assaulted by the new virus, world-wide economic disruptions, and the disloyal, obstructionist opposition of the Trumpists. The inflation that you may pin your hopes on is temporary, arising mainly from depressed economic conditions at the end of Trump’s Presidency.

    If there was ever a bellwether for someone mindlessly stuck in an imaginary right-wing universe of “alternative facts,” it could be your stated belief that Hillary Clinton is not competent, and that Donald Trump is. Is it a Trump loyalty requirement that you believe such nonsense?

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    1. I believe Clinton is not competent based on three big failures: her healthcare initiative, Libya, losing the 2016 election.


      1. No infrastructure bill

        No healthcare bill.

        Surrendering Afghanistan to the Taliban.

        Failed trade war. Cost us a bundle.

        Failed NK “diplomacy”.

        Not even a wall after he was offered it, funded in full, on a bipartisan platter. And some of the wall he did contract out is falling down.

        Losing the 2020 election even though down ballot GOP did very well.

        Failed autogolpe.

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