36 thoughts on “We Came Close To Losing It All.

    1. Didn’t realize that quoting the man directly indicates a case of TDS.

      You on the other hand, you appear to now suffer from TBS..Trump Blindness Syndrome, that shows how people are unable or unwilling to be honest with themselves or others because they believe that DJT is the second coming.

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  1. I must take real courage to stand up to a rebellion that exists only in the fevered imaginations the TDS victims.

    Yes, it was an angry demonstration that got out of hand, but there is no evidence of a real plot for a takeover and no one has been charged with such.

    At worst, proceedings might have been delayed a day.


    1. “At worst, proceedings might have been delayed a day.”

      Uh, really? What if Pence had bowed to Trump’s pressure and exercised the “authority” that Trump claimed he had and refused to certify the results? Who was going to fix that by the next day? Mitch McConnell? The military?

      As someone as blind to obvious truth as you clearly are, I suggest you refrain from this childish TDS nonsense. Mr. Karl reports factually about what Pence was exposed to and the demand made of him. What part of his narrative is deranged?

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      1. But Pence didn’t and the courts would not have supported him if he had.

        There was never any danger the election would have been overthrown other than through the courts, and that didn’t happen either.


        1. “But Pence didn’t “…

          Kind of the point of the post.

          ANd once testimony is compelled by the traitors serving DJT in the name of his remaining in power, you will be whistling a different tune.

          Bannon is digging his own grave.


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        2. I guess you have to be to keep pretending that Trump did nothing wrong” Not honest enough to simply acknowledge the fortitude and patriotism that Mike Pence displayed?

          What might have happened had he gone along with Trump is unknowable, but the risk to our system of government was very real and very dangerous. Civil war was not out of the question thanks to the Big Lie and other provocations and incitements that are Trump’s stock in trade.

          Vice President Pence did the right thing on the day. And it took guts and courage with a howling mob of Trump militia rampaging through the Capitol and calling for his death. That is the gist of this reporting and it is absolutely true whether sorry Trump idolizers like it or not.

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          1. “You have become the Q’Anon of the left”

            You really think throwing out some sort of school yard insult changes the events of January 6th? The truth is that you have been blowing smoke for these criminal insurrectionists and traitors ever since January 7th. Sad.

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    2. I don’t think you understand what happened. If he had rejected the 6 states electors, a court battle may or may not have ensued. But more importantly, regardless of who prevailed, the violence from both sides would probably have ended our grand experiment.

      It may very well be that the jackasses who arrived at the rally with weapons and zip ties were mostly clueless and planning deficient. But that is not a problem for the Trump core. The planning was done long before the election. The Willard Hotel command center was an on site base. The suckers climbing the Capitol steps were just the Roman “mob” and would do whatever the rally told them to. And the rally told them to attack, plain and simple. Mo Brooks wore a flak jacket. A flak jacket! Why? Because the speakers knew what they were trying to do. The camo boys were already heading to the Capitol.

      The only evidence his supporters had for “fraud” was what Trump and his closest advisors told people. Italian satellites, Chinese bamboo, Hugo Chavez’s ghost, “suitcases” of ballots and all the other totally blatant lies.

      No other source of evidence was offered and all were refuted by recounts, audits (yes, audits, both official and phony), 60 judges from right to left politically, affidavits withdrawn because the Trump lawyers knew they were bogus.

      No matter, the hard core followers of Trump could care less about anything other than what Trump tells them.

      Also, no matter how Trump comes out of this investigation, he will be a martyr whether as a loser or a winner. If he keels over with a heart attack, he will by sanctified and violence will erupt again.

      I expect to hear that his followers don’t get enough respect from the coastal folks. Not starving, not imprisoned, not denied anything, but the impression that they don’t get their asses kissed daily by the rest of us. Thinking like that with a nation packed with weaponry and militias who think they are owed something…anything.

      No, I say again, I don’t think you understand what is happening in America.

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      1. Oh, I understand exactly what is going on in America.

        Because they have the numbers to get power, the urban centers have become corrupt and arrogant, and see it as their right to tell farmers how to farm and country folk how to live. They have no regard for the hardships they inflict on the 98% of the country where mass transit cannot work. They are the reasons demcracies die.


        1. Mass transit? 98% of the country? WTF are you talking about.
          Is the sun over the yardarm?

          Or are you still whining about those wetlands your family could not drain?

          I spent the last years of my career working in the agriculture sector where two of the most important drivers of financial success for those farmers you idolize are government payments and cheating on crop insurance. If you really are mad at people using political power to pick your pocket, look no further than our farm subsidies. “Socialism” for “real Americans” seems just dandy.

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        2. Farmers and country folk? Are you serious. They are mostly mega corporations. Plus we depend upon cheap immigrant labor that the “country folk” hate, but can’t do without because the “country folk” won’t work for low wages.

          What hardships? We pay for their roads, paid for electrification, huge subsidies, etc. Who pays for that? Taxes in the blue states.

          You are declaring victim hood before facts come into play.

          Believe me, the arrogance is all yours. Snotty remarks about “real” Americans and “patriots”.

          Yeah, if they don’t like something they attack and expect the rest of us to look the other way.

          In my book, anyone that supports or excuses the violence on the right are the real problem. People in urban Flint, MI, poor and screwed by bad pipes and water are the one with real problems.

          The crap that attacked the Capitol are just beer bellied would be traitors complaining about being White.

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          1. Roads are paid for by user fees, primarily gasoline taxes. How much gas tax is included in the subway fares?

            Doubling the price of gasoline and raising home heating oil and propane 60% in a single year is going to mean no Christmas for a lot of folk. Your virtue signaling on climate has real costs for people you don’t give a dame about


          2. The fuel prices are market driven. Talk to Big Oil.

            Climate has real costs for the world.

            And whose user fees cover the sparsely traveled rural roads? In VA it would be the commuters around Richmond, Tidewater, and NOVA.

            When raising the gas tax was discussed to pay for the tunnel, cries of unfair came from the rural Virginians. Not only did we pay for their roads, the ports and ingress/egress were critical to farmers for supplies and exporting their goods. So who got screwed. We did, big time.

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          3. Market driven? The market, unleashed, had us exporting petroleum. But in less than a year, Biden’s executive orders have us Opec dependent again.

            Nothing to do with the market, and it will not hold the seas back a tenth of an inch, its just useless virtue signaling to impress the ignorant elite.


          4. Biden has little to do with gas prices. The pandemic cut supplies dramatically last year and the quick economic recovery has put a strain on deliveries.

            What do you think Biden did to raise gas prices in a few months?

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          5. It’s a long list. pipelines, blocked offshore leases, blocked Fed lands, hyper regulation.

            But more, the chilling effect of future carbon taxes. Who’s going to invest in new wells when you know that Congress has before it propsals that will wipe your investment out?


        3. Yet the minority of individuals are being represented by the majority of representatives because they HAVE the power to gerrymander. Yes, it is being done by both parties. But it is being done to the extreme by the GOP. Texas is a prime example. Population growth provides them with 3 additional seats in Congress. But the growth was in the Black and Hispanic communities which they have packed into districts to dilute the voting power of that block.

          I find that a touch interesting because of the electoral gains that did occur in 2020 in those populations. I guess they just can’t risk those people from becoming a bit more enlightened as to what the GOP actually lies .. I mean, stands for.


  2. Oh my god, mass hysteria, cats and dogs living together, Arnold Schwarzenegger “comes out”, Paul votes Republican, all hell breaks loose!!! All due to what amounts to an angry photo op. Is the House panel Jan 6 report Pelosi wrote on Jan 7 going to be released soon? We have all known what it says since then…..yawn

    To be honest, a second Trump term would have been a WHOLE lot better than the current baboon in the white house.


    1. “…second Trump term would have been a WHOLE lot better …”

      I doubt that. We would still be in Afghanistan or the pullout would have been just as chaotic and deadly. The pandemic would have had surges. Immigrants would still be clamoring at the border. Supply chains, which are driving most of the inflation would still be jammed, both here and overseas.

      And the infrastructure would still be falling apart.

      Really, Republicans are lucky they lost the Presidency and Congress. The Democrats were left with massive cleanup, as usual. Like Clinton handing Bush a clean slate and a budget surplus and Obama handing Trump a rescued economy, Biden will get most things straightened out.

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      1. Give me a chance to get my waders on before slogging through another crap post such as that. Surplus and rescued my ass. There was no surplus and Obama didn’t rescue squat. More left wing phony rhetoric to confuse their ardent sheep.


        1. “Surplus and rescued my ass.”

          You have a surplussed and rescued backside? Congratulations! 😇

          Once again you have proven how historically challenged you are. You don’t recall receiving a $300 (or $600, if married filing jointly) check shortly after Bush II took office? Where did that come from? A budget surplus that occurred during Clinton’s terms.

          You also fail to recall that post Bush II, the economy was tanking and Obama’s policies got us in the road to recovery. Not as quickly as some may have liked, but a damned sight better than what he was left.

          You may believe it is phony rhetoric, but FACTS ( I know how much you just LOVE those) prove you to be wrong. An actual piece of “phony rhetoric” is the “Stop the Steal” madness that has infected many former conservatives and GOP leaders and voters.


        2. The surplus might have been a bit of budgetary legerdemain. Compared to Reagan, Bush the Younger, Obama, and Trump it was quite extraordinary.

          Opinions on Obama may vary by partisanship.


    2. If we all “know” what a report might say, why don’t you tell us. I didn’t get the memo you got evidently.

      BTW the current “baboon” is a whole lot better that the last baboon.

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    3. RE: “To be honest, a second Trump term would have been a WHOLE lot better than the current baboon in the white house.”

      Have faith. Trump could be our Churchill, returning to power when the current gasbag poops out.


    4. “All due to what amounts to an angry photo op.”

      Seems like you are confusing the Bible Photo Op with the attack on the Capitol.

      And tell the families of the 5 dead officers and Ashley Babbit that it was just “an angry photo op>’

      By the way, the photo op was actually staged by the “Stop the Steal” gang. Those who suffered from mass hysteria caused by lies, falsehoods, and complete and total BS (as proven by the courts), Those responsible need to be brought to justice.

      Hard for a second term for someone sitting at Fort Dix FCI.


      1. 4 officers did not die during the angry photo op. 4 civilians did, one shot by capital police, 2 by natural causes and 1 by narcotics. 1 officer, Sicknick, died of natural causes.

        So the only person who died as a “result” of the photo op was Babbit by police. Being a Trump supporter, I am sure you thought she deserved it.


        1. “ Being a Trump supporter, I am sure you thought she deserved it.”

          Deserve to die? According to you, a Trump supporter, you believe she did.

          I know, typo. But a good one don’t you think?

          Babbit did not deserve to die anymore than someone smashing down the door to your house at the head of a rabid, screaming mob chanting “Hang Bob Smith”.

          A little perspective is helpful.

          Maybe the police who died later were just a coincidence. The hundred or so hospitalized might be a better example of the violence that day.


          1. What exactly do you think was a typo or are you failing to comprehend? Babbitt was the only person killed that day and because she supported Trump you and Adam are going to play word games? A private residence indeed qualifies as a place I can shoot to kill once inside and a threat. Capital police failure to implement proper crowd control is not an excuse to kill.


  3. Hey, you said “Being a Trump supporter…” Well, I am not really a Trump supporter. I see now what you are trying to say. So calm done.

    Not proper crowd control? Is that the new BS from you guys. The rabid mob showed up with climbing gear and armed to the teeth.

    I suppose those brave men who shoved Babbit to the front and effectively through the broken door wanted to see if they would actually defend the last defense.

    Well, they did. Attacking the Capitol is not a game. Getting shot trying to break in to a secure area after beating up cops for a couple of hours is not unexpected. What would you have done if you were there?


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