MIke Flynn strikes again


If that is the case, I pick the oldest one, Judaism.

Y’all can get onboard or realize that Mike Flynn does not believe in the Constitution, the Rule of Law, or anything else except maybe Q and Trump and Bannon. The NEW trinity.

12 thoughts on “MIke Flynn strikes again

  1. I’ll take Judaism as reformulated by Jesus.

    Druidism has its charms, but everything in it is better represented in Mary.

    Mike Flynn is a genius.


    1. “Mike Flynn is a genius.”

      Gotta ask: How so? Calling for something as unconstitutional as this. Calling for martial law because a certain minority segment of society believed a LIE? Getting fired from 2 different administrations, (from opposite parties)? What exactly is it that you see that makes a traitorous lout trying to maintain his 15 minutes of fame a “genius”?


  2. Just what we need, a theocracy.

    History tells us that is just so perfect.

    Any religion that is in power is the death knell for rights and reason. Period.

    Flynn is a traitor to his oath and his country. He wanted martial law because Trump didn’t get his way.

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  3. Exactly why should what Flynn has to say mean anything to anyone except Trump, Trump, Trump drumbeat liberals trying to keep a losing election strategy alive? Thats ok, keep it up.


    1. Considering that Trump himself continues to beat that drum at rallies and through email requests for cash. And his supporters eat it up, claim it to be real, and continue to fork over good money after bad.

      It ain’t us playin’ them bongos, Mr. Smith.

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