Marik Sues Sentara Over COVID-19 Treatment Ban

Source: Bacon’s Rebellion.

I have a personal coincidence with this story. Just this week I had a Medicare “wellness consultation” with one of the residents at the EVMS clinic I use for primary care. When it came time in the course of the standardized interview for me to ask any questions I might have, I asked whether it might be wise for me to stock up on Ivermectin in case I might need it this winter.

The resident said it might be wise because Ivermectin shortages are common, but also that Ivermectin is not approved for use outside of in-hospital care.

When I asked whether Ivermectin might be part of the Covid-19 treatment his clinic offers he said it was possible, but not a certainty. He was clearly unwilling to talk about treatment options in the absence of being admitted to the hospital.

My takeaway from the conversation is that stockpiling a bit of Ivermectin on my own might be useful to the extent I am willing to self-diagnose and self-medicate. But I am pretty sure I would make a lousy doctor for my own care.

I feel like there is no one to help me, even for a price. If I had a stash of medically acceptable Ivermectin my doctor wouldn’t care about it, or couldn’t care about it given the rules he must operate under. If I came down with Covid-19, my stash would be officially off limits, even to the point of my death.

I suspect that EVMS sensitivity on this issue is due in part to Dr. Marik’s lawsuit.

20 thoughts on “Marik Sues Sentara Over COVID-19 Treatment Ban

      1. Vaccinations do not completely prevent Covid – that is a fact. But they do GREATLY reduce its likelihood and they GREATLY reduce its severity.

        Knowing about possible treatments is fine. That is why I shared the link above. Invermectin is not advised. Keep looking. You are likely to need something if you remain unvaccinated and try to live anything resembling a normal life.

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        1. RE: “Invermectin is not advised.”

          It is advised by Dr. Marik, who is associated with the hospital and the clinic where I would seek treatment.


          1. “It is advised by Dr. Marik . . .”

            I never claimed there were not demented crackpots giving Covid advice. In fact, there are many. Which is one of the main reasons that people like you – people who take their advice – are now the bulk of the newly Covid dead.


          2. “What in the world is the matter with you, Murphy?”

            Nothing. I am in good health and relatively safe from Covid.

            This is a fact . . . “people like you – people who take their advice – are now the bulk of the newly Covid dead.”

            So the real question is . . . What is the matter with YOU?


          3. You are saying that talking to my doctor about Covid treatments means there is something wrong with me?

            And you are seriously calling the director of Sentara Norfolk General’s ICU a crackpot?

            Earth to Murphy.


          4. By their works shall ye know them.

            Crackpots give crackpot advice. Not only is this fellow going against the science recommendations compiled by the CDC after peer reviewed double blind studies, he is going against the decisions of his fellow practioners locally. And, after peer review, his report on his “study” was pulled from the Journal of Intensive Care Medicine because it used fake data.

            By the way, talking about Covid treatments with your doctor is fine. Too bad you will not listen and instead complain that he did not endorse the pill you want to hoard. And, of course, too bad you are following the advice of anti-vax fear mongers and crackpots and putting yourself and others at risk. You should do what Tucker Carlson has done in between his anti-vax rants – get vaccinated.


          5. To JTR: I want to be sure you know about the Zelenko / Risch site,
            They will tell you about the latest thinking and how to find the various remedies. There are a lot of options.


  1. Like so many things, the I-Mask+ protocol has been overtaken by time. Three months ago, administered early, I-Mask+ was the best choice when the Monoclonal antibodies were in short supply. The FDA blocked its use, costing thousands of lives.

    Now, the FDA is sitting on Pfizer’s Plaxovid, and will kill thousands more.

    Plaxovid was so successful in its trial, reducing hospitalizations and deaths by 89%, comparable to vaccines with boosters, that the advisory committee stopped the trial early to get the drug out sooner. But the FDA won’t even meet on the drug until the end of November.

    Pfizer has stockpiled the drug in anticipation and could deliver in days.

    The FDA was certainly able to act quickly on approving the vaccines for 5-11 year olds in days after application, but it is dragging the Plaxovd approval out.


    Could it be that having a therapeutic as good as vaccination would make it harder to mandate vaccines?


    1. “Could it be that having a therapeutic as good as vaccination would make it harder to mandate vaccines?”

      Uh, that would be No!

      Your constant accusations of the FDA killing thousands of people with everything they do or don’t do is kind of worn out. The real killer in this pandemic has been your hero, Mr. Trump. Between his gross and dishonest mismanagement when he was in power and his denigration of science and scientists in and out of power he has killed an order of magnitude more than any mistakes the FDA may have made. They, at least, acted in good faith. He didn’t.


      1. Still waiting for you to provide an example of something Trump could have done differently, based on what was known at the time, that would have made a siginficant difference.


          1. Did you read your own link?

            The article was by two socialized medicine advocates who were already blaming Trump for health care problems before COVID came along. Their speculations prove nothing.


          2. Uh, where are they wrong? Your response is text book argumentum ad hominem.

            This is just one look at the disastrous failure of Trump’s pandemic response. There are countless others. Reality is cold, hard, and relentless. Our Covid response under Trump was one of the least successful of any advanced country and that means countless avoidable deaths.

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    2. Millions of conservatives, among portions of minorities, didn’t take the vaccines because they were rushed out in a year. Didn’t want to take experimental drugs. Instead they used social media to get medical advice.

      You expect people to take the pill that was rushed out in months or less?

      The pill will be approved quickly. Then we can try to parry the lies about Gates, tracking devices and other assorted crap from Tucker and Laura,

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