Harassment and bullying not the reason for new transgender protections in Virginia Schools

Source: Bacon’s Rebellion.

It is a sad state we have come to when school policy derives solely from ideology and not from practical need.

Here the writer notes:

  • “Virginia already had laws and policies to address [bullying, including transgender bullying].”
  • “Neither we nor the state nor those who sponsored and voted for the 2020 Virginia law knows how often transgender kids were bullied, but we know it was seldom.”
  • The sponsors of the new law “felt we needed it anyway.”

That’s no way to run a commonwealth. Surely the legislature has better things to do, such as preventing the increase in electrical bills to be caused by Dominion Power’s wind turbine project.

11 thoughts on “Harassment and bullying not the reason for new transgender protections in Virginia Schools

  1. In a sick way, this makes sense.

    Assume you want to vilify people who wear red hats. You want them to be seen as bigots and prudes. So you accuse them of bullying people with lavender hats. Thing is that while the red hat people don’t particularly like people with lavender hats, they don’t harm them or threaten them.

    So, you claim that they do. But you can’t produce any victims.

    What shall you do? You can’t admit they weren’t bigots after all.

    So, you pass a law forbidding them from bullying the lavender hats. Now, when no one gets bullied, you can say, “Well of course not, we passed a law.”

    Now you can claim that were it not for your law the red hats would be beating up the lavender hats so they are bigots and prudes after all.


    1. So the threats against school board members or GOP representatives who voted for the infrastructure bill or election officials in several states don’t really need laws to protect them from harassment? They already exist.

      The vilification of the other is something that has gone on for CENTURIES. Civil societies have overcome those prejudices by reminding its citizens that “all men are created equal” in one way or another. By not reminding people that the “other” deserves the same kind of protections afforded everyone, is to tacitly say, “harass whomever you like for whatever reason you like.”

      Got it.


          1. If only that were true. The Constitution provided laws and rules to protect people, but it was still necessary for Blacks, women and others to be provided additional protections because the laws, as written, did NOT provide those protections.


  2. No matter what, boys dressed as girls do not belong in girls bathrooms, locker rooms, showers or sports. The easiest way to not get “harrassed” is don’t wear a dress to begin with but I suspect the worst these he/she’s have suffered is a giggle or two but to liberals (sick bastards) there’s got to be a law…


    1. You are protected by laws, why not those you disagree with or, in your case, obviously just HATE.

      I suppose you also have a problem with laws protecting women, Black citizens, and others who the Constitution writers didn’t take into account in 1787.


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