Brandolini’s Law

If this forum is good for anything, it is a demonstration of the validity of Brandolini’s Law.

Brandolini’s law, also known as the bullshit asymmetry principle, is an internet adage that emphasizes the difficulty of debunking false, facetious, or otherwise misleading information: “The amount of energy needed to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude larger than is needed to produce it.”

Recently, I have wasted my time and effort on responding to more than a little bullshit.

  1. That the economy suffered under Obama and Trump changed it for the better.
  2. That Obama had nothing to do with the 2009-2010 recovery.
  3. That Covid vaccines are secret poisons.
  4. That Billionaires are secretly trying to kill everyone with Covid vaccines so that . . .
  5. They will have easier access to “beautiful concubines” (somehow immune to the poison)
  6. That FIVE years in jail was justified for a voting mistake.
  7. That stories of Ms. Mason and young Mr. Youngkin are not in any way related
  8. That tax breaks to support journalists (mostly conservative) is an assault on Liberty and
  9. part of a master plan to create the equivalent of Pravda.
  10. Imaginary and debunked bathroom failures by President Biden.

If you see a lot less of me posting, this is the reason why. It is truly a waste of effort.

17 thoughts on “Brandolini’s Law

  1. RE: “It is truly a waste of effort.”

    It doesn’t have to be. If you want a reward, you may need to make an investment.


    1. “Investment”?

      Paul backs up his positions with a good deal of corroborated evidence. His posts get lots of feedback comments. His English is better than most.

      What more do you want? Another cheerleader like Dougherty’s site is loaded with?

      We are already seeing “poopypants” posts, how much lower do you want to go?

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        1. I do not remember “giggling” but I plead guilty to mocking Trump’s self-confessed perverted sex life. It was – and is – in stark contrast to the family values of the party he leads.

          I also cop to taking the possibility of the Russians having salacious kompromat material on Mr. Trump very seriously. I still do. And I would maintain it is almost infinitely more probable to be at the root of his obvious subservience to Russia than that a secret cabal of billionaires is using secretly poisonous vaccines to kill off everybody.


      1. RE: “What more do you want?”

        What I want is apparently too much to hope for.

        If someone wants to leave the Forum, so be it. Throwing a temper tantrum and insulting the other participants on the way out deserves a “Good riddance.”


        1. “What I want is apparently too much to hope for.”

          What you want, IMO, is for everyone to agree with every single post. When offered reasoned debate, you either poo poo it or come with some off the wall expalantion of why you , and ONLY ou are right.

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  2. The economy did expand beyond Obama under Trump but to be honest, presidents usually have little effect on economies with the exception of tax policy.
    Most recovery investment occurred before Obama.
    Nobody said it was justified but only explained why. Because she lied and signed an affidavit to do so. Hardly a “mistake”.
    They are not.
    They are an assault on objectivity like buying votes your side loves to do.
    All in fun.
    Me thinks you should start drinking heavily or smoke some pot to come back to sanity while reducing your blood pressure. So you are just taking your ball and stomping home???


        1. “ But is it actually reasonable to suspect that a global elite is using the pandemic to depopulate the planet? That’s the thing. I think it is, indeed, reasonable to have such a suspicion. Think Brave New World, or Mein Kampf or climate change. Think Joe Biden.

          If I were a multi-multi-billionaire I think a heavily depopulated world would seem pretty inviting to me. I could build dream houses on the best, most interesting real estate and burn fossil fuels to my heart’s content to make myself comfortable. I could equip myself with perfect servants, including beautiful concubines.”

          “I THINK IT IS” kind of clarifies his position about a plot to kill us off with vaccines.

          Where was I wrong?

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  3. With the profanity it is. While there are a # of things you posted that I would feel, with investigation into the facts, aren’t correct, I’d simply take that body of research and repost it to those who feel differently.

    One example: tax breaks to support any journalism is wrong. If journalism is good, then let people pay for it, just like they’ve done for years. Why try and prop it up? What good does it do? Maybe capitalism, whereby people choose what is best, is good for letting out those who post opinion and not fact.

    Something like that would help your cause, rather than a list of the above. I would have liked to seen research/resources, but without them, the list doesn’t do anything for the position you take.


    1. Throwing the BS flag on BS is what Mr. Murphy was attempting to do with his post. He has refuted the majority of those items with facts, relevant and proven. Yet some people just want to either 1) spread BS or 2) eat it up like so much really good beef.

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