Excess Deaths Point to Depopulation Agenda

Source: The Unz Review.

This writer has been making extreme claims since the Covid-19 pandemic began, including the one in this article that the vaccines have been a planned global depopulation bomb all along.

I’m skeptical of the writer’s claim, but I think it useful to give it an airing. I’ve been seeing quite a few journalistic reports about vaccine-caused deaths lately. The correlation between high vaccination rates and surges in hospitalizations and post-vaccination deaths at least appears to be real.

But is it actually reasonable to suspect that a global elite is using the pandemic to depopulate the planet? That’s the thing. I think it is, indeed, reasonable to have such a suspicion. Think Brave New World, or Mein Kampf or climate change. Think Joe Biden.

If I were a multi-multi-billionaire I think a heavily depopulated world would seem pretty inviting to me. I could build dream houses on the best, most interesting real estate and burn fossil fuels to my heart’s content to make myself comfortable. I could equip myself with perfect servants, including beautiful concubines.

I think something along those lines is the very vision our elites are pursuing.

42 thoughts on “Excess Deaths Point to Depopulation Agenda

  1. Who are “our elites”?

    Can they all keep a secret? How about all the thousands of people involved in producing and administering the vaccines.

    I think there has to be a special place in the circles of Hell for those who spread conspiracies that affect the very lives of our fellow humans. People believe this crap and act on it. And I would wager that those who start them are laughing themselves silly at our expense.

    Most of the very wealthy got that way by selling something to the masses. Your contention is that they want to knock off their market so they can spend time in a hammock at the beach.

    If you have billions, you do not need to wipe out your sources of wealth in order to live where and how you want to.

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    1. RE: “Most of the very wealthy got that way by selling something to the masses. Your contention is that they want to knock off their market so they can spend time in a hammock at the beach.”

      I contend that in a technologically advanced condition, markets don’t matter anymore.


  2. It is NOT “reasonable” to believe that billionaires need to kill anybody to enjoy the best of everything.

    “Beautiful concubines?” Even a fake billionaire like the odious toad Trump has plenty of those.

    You need help. This is truly sick shit.

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    1. Pay attention: I did not write that billionaires NEED a depopulated world. I wrote that the concept of a depopulated world might well appeal to those with the wherewithal to create it. The precedent, at least, is well established in the seminal literature of our culture, as noted.


      1. With all due respect your “thinking” is – to be generous – bizarre.

        Why would it be “reasonable” to suppose these billionaires might want everyone dead if they do not need that to happen to enjoy those “beautiful concubines” and beach front property?

        The idea that these billionaires have the wherewithal to depopulate the world with – I suppose – vaccines is complete and utter nonsense – the product of diseased minds.

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          1. The depopulation agenda in the source article is not a factual claim; it is a speculation, and presented as such.


          2. ” . . . it is a speculation . . ”

            A distinction without a difference. A “speculation” is a factual statement to be tested and assessed.

            You think it is “reasonable” to believe the speculation/fact that a secret cabal of the world’s elites has a depopulation agenda and that it is being implemented through vaccines. You want to call that a “controversial idea.” You are wrong. It is not an idea in any meaningful sense of the word. It is a claim about reality that can only be supported with EVIDENCE. There is none. And, in fact, the EVIDENCE goes the other way – vaccines are saving lives on a massive scale and killing almost no one.

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          3. RE: “vaccines are saving lives on a massive scale and killing almost no one.”

            You seem to believe that. The article describes an apparent correlation between high vaccination rates and high hospitaliztion and excess death rates. This in itself doesn’t prove the depopulation agenda, but the burden is on you to dispute the correlation.


        1. “You seem to believe it.”
          I DO believe it because that is what the EVIDENCE is telling me. You should try it sometime.

          The burden of proof of a claim is on those who make the claim. Your posting requires two steps both of which are nonsense without evidence.

          1. Vaccines are deadly.
          2. Billionaires know they are deadly and are promoting them to depopulate the planet so they can have more beautiful concubines. etc.

          The uptick in death rates here and there is explained by well-known factors especially the aging demographic of developed countries and including increases in obesity, substance and alcohol abuse, depression, untreated chronic disease – all exacerbated by the disruptions of the pandemic. No mysterious, deliberately hidden poison in vaccines required.

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          1. RE: “The uptick in death rates here and there is explained by well-known factors.”

            That’s a possibility, but the article at hand disputes it explicitly. Why should anyone believe you over the article?


          2. “Why should anyone believe you over the article?”

            Because the causal connections between aging demographics, increased obesity, alcohol and drug abuse etc. and increased morbidity in a population are based on science, EVIDENCE and sound logic. There is ZERO evidence of a causal connection between Covid vaccines and increased deaths and a mountain of evidence that the opposite is true.

            That’s why. Duh.

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  3. Alternative theory. They do not want to limit the population. That’s a distraction, a cover-up. It sounds vaguely unrealistic, not feasible. That’s what they want people to think….

    The actual goal is to gain the power to put chemicals in people almost any time they want. Here are the reasons I suspect this.

    First of all, I’m struck by the ferocity of their desire. Look at all the twists and turns they’re taking with mandates and public appeals and Biden wearing a face mask all day. This is nonsense, it’s theater.

    Second, I’m struck by the recklessness of Fauci’s lies and shifting strategies. I had the sense many months ago that he was going to turn out to be the biggest mass murderer in our history. He never considered any alternative treatments.. He sent people home to die. Meanwhile the media drummed up the fear. The guy is 80 years old.. He must have many millions by now. Why is he doing all this? So he can end up in jail and in disgrace? It must be a really big plot that needed Fauci. His statements and behavior were not aimed at curing the covid so much as conditioning the public to do what they’re told.

    Third, there is a tradition of seeking chemical control over humans. Both the Germans and the Russians were suspected of using fluoride for this purpose. Maybe it’s still being used that way. The public school system is a means of putting chemicals in children, especially boys. I’ve written articles about how reading instruction, especially,, is designed to frustrate boys and make them give up. At that point boys are sent for therapy, which always includes tranquilizers of some kind. Young men are falling behind in almost every category. All you have to know is that at the college level, students are 59% female and 41% male. Ergo, chemical warfare works. There’s also social engineering so it’s a powerful attack..

    Fourth, the vaccines are giving a lot of weird side effects. Possibly the one they want is buried among them so no one will notice it. I have seen an analysis which claims that the vaccines contain chemicals which attach themselves to brain cells and thereby dumb down the victims. The hacks are particularly fascinated by numbing that part of the brain which allows people to be angry and combative.

    For the people at the top, what they want is total control. They want lots of servants and gardeners and so on.. They want a passive, tranquil, easy to control population.


    1. Mr. Roberts, it is on. Mr. Price is challenging your status as the insanely nutty conspiracy theory champion of this forum. Right now, it is a toss-up. Your turn.

      Hey, just kidding. Mr. Price is in a league of his own. You haven’t got a chance.

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    2. RE: “The actual goal is to gain the power to put chemicals in people almost any time they want.”

      Could be. The Covid-19 pandemic has been highly strange along many dimensions. Simple incompetence seems insufficient to account for all the assaults on liberty which have occurred.

      A conspiracy to achieve pharmaceutical population control doesn’t sound outlandish to me in the least.


          1. You flatter yourself. There is NOTHING in either your post or Mr. Price’s response to debate. You have made nonsense claims and not provided ANY evidence of ANY kind to support them. Worse, the nonsense claims that you make are dangerous and their spread is killing people by the thousands.

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          2. RE: “There is NOTHING in either your post or Mr. Price’s response to debate.”

            If there is nothing to debate, why do you try?


          3. Why do I try?

            Trying to help you learn, I guess. Since the lack of evidence to support such nonsense does not effect your thinking, maybe a little mockery and ridicule from educated and experienced people will wake you up to the absurdity of what you are spreading.

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          4. Debating with those I believe to be way out in left field because their so-called “theories” are so outlandish, they only deserve to be called out as what they are: Tin Foil Hat ideas.

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    3. Your list of “theories” would be completely and totally laughable if they weren’t so dangerous and, IMO, completely and totally, unrealistic.

      But along with the majority of your posts, it is just so much fertilizer with ZERO evidence to back it up. Mr. Roberts’ grass will be the greenest in his neighborhood next year.

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    1. RE: “Which journalists are you talking about?”

      The one I posted, for example. I use the term “journalistic reports” to distinguish the stories from vetted science articles.


      1. Giving credence to batshit theories by referring to them as being journalistic does NOT make them “journalistic reports”; fiction is a genre all to itself. UNZ review is conspiracy based BS that you seem to worrship as gospel.

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  4. Unless the FDA and other foreign regulatory agencies find a way to stifle it, Pfiizers new “Tamiflu for CVOID” pill will end the pandemic in the developed world in a couple of months, and the rest of the world within a year.

    So, if the pandemic and/or vaccines were an extra-market attempt to cull the population, the market has put an end to it.

    Now, if the market determines we have excess population, then you will see depopulation.

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    1. RE: “Now, if the market determines we have excess population, then you will see depopulation.”

      That’s an interesting observation. Does the pursuit of self-interest encourage suicide?


        1. People are starving in Africa and Asia as we write and it has nothing to do with Biden.

          Your point about people suffering market turndowns from the bottom up is true. Which is why any capitalist economy needs strong, effective safety nets for its people. The rich will survive, eat and live as they always do. But the bottom 80%, even 90%, will suffer unless there are programs to cover unemployment, healthcare and some shelter security paid for by the top margins when times are good. We know this because it happens every time economies go south.

          It is not a matter of morals, it is a matter of national and local economic security.

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          1. The bottom 80-90% are not in peril, the bottom 10-20% are, and they are dependent on a robust and efficient economy in the developed world to create the market for the lower level products they offer.

            Only a healthy US economy can lift them.


          2. “ Only a healthy US economy can lift them.”

            I doubt that. There are plenty of strong economies in the industrial sphere.

            The bottom rungs in the Third World are in the situation they are in because their leaders are stockpiling billions around the world’s tax havens. If those billions were not stolen, the masses could survive much better.

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          3. How are those billions stockpiled?

            Do you imagine billionaires rolling around on piles of gold coins?

            Billionaires do not become billionaires by letting capital lay around unproductive.

            There is nothing billionaires can do with their money that is not better than government would do with it.


          4. You are trying so hard to show that I am envious. It is all you ever say whenever this subject comes up.

            I am discussing economic realities when wealth is hugely skewed among a handful of people here and abroad.

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          5. That worldview will be tested as climate refugees start flooding the borders in bigger numbers. Famine is a real problem in several places now. Economic, political and climate issues can’t be ignored. Or can be at our peril.

            Plus, thanks to aggressive investigative reporting we know that the very rich are stowing fortunes in the countries that provide anonymous accounts to avoid taxes. That money won’t see factories being built or research paid for.

            Vaccine development was almost totally developed with tax dollars. Not just the guaranteed purchases, but 10’s of billions in research for the last decades. So burying money in foreign banks to avoid taxes is costing us dearly. That is economic reality of markets that could not survive without tax dollars.

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          6. “How are those billions stockpiled?”

            A significant share is stockpiled in loans to the government that should have taxed into the treasury in the first place. Instead of building our country, we are paying mountains of interest to these billionaires.


        1. That in itself is an interesting concept.

          Think of the market as a giant distributed computer network of billions of computers each with very limited data sources and flexibility but overall with great artificial intelligence.

          Could such a distributed AI become sentient? It would make great science fiction.


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