First Step for Youngkin

WSJ Pushing back tyranny in VA

It will be worth it just to hear the screams of the woke.

When a university hires a physicist, we should hear what he thinks about physics, not equity.

3 thoughts on “First Step for Youngkin

  1. Screams of the woke?
    Laughs would be more like it.
    Whiny, victimy, white people like R.R. Reno have made themselves a joke.

    BTW our Governor makes the big time – Mocked on SNL which takes CRT head on.


  2. Job specifications are supposed to be, well, specific. The phrase, “diversity, equity, and inclusion” is vague. So, just to preserve the English language and improve government functionality the phrase deserves to be deleted from all contract documents.

    I’m sick of hearing the screams of the woke, but I’ll put up with it if Youngkin takes WSJ’s advice.


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