The Witch Craze: Fact or Fiction?

Source: Frontpage Mag.

Do you want to know about the witch hunts in Europe? The author debunks a number of common misconceptions by citing contemporary sources and recounting recent scholarship. The beneficial result is somewhat surprising: The medieval Catholic Church was not to blame; Christianity did not cause a “Dark Age,” and science didn’t save humanity from paganism. The author’s conclusions ring true this Halloween, as witch hunting, lately, is a familiar pastime.

23 thoughts on “The Witch Craze: Fact or Fiction?

  1. I’m guessing you will be voting for who I already voted for. Yes, I find it interesting that so many women and minorities are on the Republican ticket after being called racist and misogynist. Fact is several women on the Democrat ticket blatantly make a negative sexist point by saying certain offices have been run by “men” and must be ruled otherwise. That is viscously misandrist and they are proud of it!!


    1. Now this is weird, I posted this on the other thread but it ended up here. Oh well speaking of witches, they are fact, look at the Democrat ticket.


          1. It never stops with you. No slander against President Obama was beneath your dignity to spread. Now here we go with Next President Harris. Never a peep about Trump’s truly corrupt and illegal sexual behavior. Yeah, believe it or not, rape is illegal.

            Male politicians have enjoyed a very active sex lives since the founding of this country. That you people are clearly out to apply your archaic double standard to women just shows again how backward and out-of-touch you are.

            The childish misogny on display here is both pitiful and laugable. But hey, what else have you people got? No decent ideas, constant failure in office and no leaders worthy of the name. So smears, slanders and name-calling it is.

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  2. “ …estimate that between 40 and 60 thousand victims were killed during the witch craze. Any death of an alleged “witch” is horrific. One can’t help but compare this number of deaths, over the course of 200 years…”

    Taking the middle number, that is 25,000 per century out of an estimated population of around 70 million.

    Somewhere around 6000 American citizens were lynched for the century following the Civil War. By any stretch, this is a monumental slaughter and travesty of “justice for all”. US population around 35-160million depending on the time span selected.

    Europe killed over 4 times as many with a fraction of the population. By any calculation, this is monumental. The crime? Perhaps the slaughtered were just different or not popular.

    I realize the author was picking some cherry numbers in the millions from various present and centuries old sources. But dismissing 50,000 is a bit disingenuous in my opinion. After all this opinion piece is trying to soften the crimes to prove a point that the Enlightenment was bad.

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    1. RE: “After all this opinion piece is trying to soften the crimes to prove a point that the Enlightenment was bad.”

      Well, more than 200,000 people died in just one part of the French Revolution. That’s four times more than the death toll of the witch craze. If we are going to measure our outrage by death numbers as you recommend, the Enlightenment was bad.


      1. The French Revolution is what happens the elite few starve the masses.

        Interestingly enough, the famous photo looking through the gallows at the Capitol while the attackers stormed in might be a closer parallel. After all the intended imagery (or even the stated goal) was to execute the elite in Congress.

        (Although judging by photos, starving was not the problem for US attackers.)

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        1. As a matter of fact, NO elites were executed on Jan. 6, whereas the French Revolution executed many. Also, the French elite didn’t starve anyone, as you allege.

          Fantasies believed as truth is the very problem the source article for this thread tries to address.


          1. Not to shift to French history, but there is consensus among historians that the crop failures of 1788 and 1789 and crowded urban centers was one of the reasons the revolt happened when it did. Only a small percentage of French owned land, which was wealth. Broad based prosperity can weather natural disasters better.

            As far as executing elites in 2020, it did not happen because the attackers were held back long enough to evacuate the chambers. What the rabid mob would have done had they succeeded is up for speculation, but they were not tourists.

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          2. “The French elite didn’t starve anyone . . .”

            Not deliberately, perhaps, but they grew fat while millions starved. The elite were in charge and the society they broke through their greed and indifference lead directly to the Revolution. There is a lesson there for the elites of our own time. The people can only stand so much. Trump’s success is a clear sign of a deeper malaise that the billionaire class is fostering.


          3. RE: “Not to shift to French history, but there is consensus among historians that the crop failures of 1788 and 1789 and crowded urban centers was one of the reasons the revolt happened when it did.”

            Blaming the elite for crop failures and urban crowding? That’s almost magical.


  3. This whole story reminds me of the current propaganda geared toward the CRT narrative. Gotta find a boogie man or witch to blame the failures of a culture on but as the story notes, its all made up hogwash. So the CRT crowd, try as they may, attempt to equate white with evil, oppression, exploitation, etc that they claim is embedded in our culture in an attempt to “purify” and supposedly “dismantle” the evil white society (witches). Top racist CRT activist Ibram Kendi blows up this entire argument with one unintentional tweet aimed at claiming white privilege exists but instead presents the entirely opposite argument. He gets pissed, deletes the tweet and claims white criticism is violence. Say what???
    The left wing are the new modern day witch hunters!!! Heinrich Himmler would be proud of their propaganda machine.


      1. You know and I know CRT has nothing to do with history so stop trying to lie abt its fundamentals in hopes of introducing racist trash to young minds.


        1. To be honest, I have no idea what people like you think they are referring to when they say CRT should be banned from public schools. And where exactly is it being taught in public schools requiring that it – whatever it is – be removed.

          Until the race baiters of the GOP propaganda machine starting pushing it in an effort to motivate their base, CRT was a decades-old obscure intellectual approach to understanding history buried very deep in very narrow parts of academia.

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    1. “Heinrich Himmler would be proud of their propaganda machine.”

      Apparently you weren’t paying attention during the period from 2015-2021 when the entire GOP fed into a propaganda parade of lies, falsehoods, and misdirected comments. Unless of course your were brain washed by said propaganda.

      I’m kinda thinking so.


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