Tuesday’s Ballot

Always the procrastinator, I just finished reviewing the list of candidates I’ll be voting for on Tuesday. You can too, here:


This year I am happy to see that my selections will be politically correct by ethnicity and by gender. Two-thirds of my statewide choices will be minorities (Black and Hispanic), and of the eight offices I’ll be voting to fill, almost half of my choices will be women.

This accounting is mildly surprising to me, since I often hear that my political party (Republican) is a patriarchal, white supremacist group.

11 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Ballot

  1. You know the D party calls the R party all sorts of isms and ists, without a shred of proof that we are not a 1970’s party. Right here, people can see that they’ve been lied to by the D’s and progressives.


      1. Yes, it is, but there is no alternative. All the more reason for stateside election procedures to adhere to good strict security.


  2. When you go to the polls on Tuesday be sure to vote Democratic.

    Before you dismiss this, I have heard that the machines will switch votes when the Bahamian satellite passes overhead. So you will really be voting for Youngkin.

    Even Sydney the Lawyer missed this. 😇

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