The real coup attempt

Gen Milley conducts treasonous foreign policy

You wanted treason? Here you go.

25 thoughts on “The real coup attempt

  1. A planned contra-coup, but not. As some here have contended, there is no such thing as, nor was there, an “attempted coup” by Trump, so a plan for a contra-coup is not an attempted coup either.

    If there was no coup, then there was no contra-coup.

    You can’t have it both ways.

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    1. Milley conspired with the Chinese military to thwart a potential order by the Commander-in Chief (which he had never contemplated giving anyway)

      Nothing contra about it, just treason.


  2. As a rule, I’m in favor of senior military officials communicating with their counterparts in other countries. It is, accordingly, not clear to me that Gen. Milley did something wrong.

    On the other hand, I find this report worrisome for the outright insanity it reveals among our federal leadership. The reality of war is just a talking point to them, and they spend so much time talking at each other that they can no longer tell the difference between trivial and substantive concerns.

    Did Gen. Milley commit treason? Perhaps. The whole class does.


    1. Milley, according to his own account, told his Chinese counterpart that if President Trump ordered a nuclear strike, he would warn him, and in another communication, hinted the order would not be carried out.

      Note that Trump never considered such a strike, the idea only existed in Milley’s fevered imagination.


      1. I understand the circumstances. Had we been at war, or if war were imminent I might consider the communication treasonous, but in the absence of any real threat the issue seems overblown to me.


        1. Yeah, I’m in the JTR camp here. Top brass assuring another nuclear-armed state that, regardless of what the president says, we’re not nuking anyone is a good thing.

          We just got beat by the Taliban. We don’t want a war with China–nuclear or otherwise.

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          1. First, President Trump never said anything to anyone about nuking China. That idea came solely from Milley and the Chinese.

            But more importantly, our military is subject to civilian control. If Biden did order a strike on China, are you saying that the military should refuse to obey the order?


          2. Interesting question.

            We put the power of God in the hands of one man. Global nuclear war would be a literal Armageddon. There are no winners. Game over.

            This was a holdover from the Soviet Cold War days and MAD policy. Today, with cyber intelligence and satellite coverage, we can detect preparations and instigate defenses as well as diplomatic strategies.

            We don’t vet our presidents except through the meat grinder of political stamina, millions of dollars and voter appeal. Does that really prevent an unstable person from taking office?

            Soldiers can refuse orders that are immoral, unconstitutional or illegal. So that can be a saving grace should it become necessary.

            So long as we consider the office of the president to be bigger than any person we are on solid ground. I feel, however, that our nation has gotten to big to be run by a single chief.


          3. I’m not taking a philosophical position on constitutional power and responsibility. I’m saying nukes are morally wrong, we should decommission all of them yesterday, and I want the planet to continue to exist. I’m not nearly as invested in which old man is following which archaic rule as you are.

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      2. “Note that Trump never considered such a strike, the idea only existed in Milley’s fevered imagination.”

        You say that with such certainty. But Milley was up close and personal with the former president. His concerns were legitimate in his mind concerning the post-election mental stat of a not-so-stable “genius”.

        I prefer an imagination that sees the potential for a president to go off the rails and do something drastic to the fevered imagination on that president and his belief in “voter fraud”.


        1. So, you would have been perfectly OK with military leaders telling foreign counterparts that they would thwart carrying out Obama’s orders?

          From my point of view, Obama was farther off the rails from day one than Trump ever approached.


          1. “From my point of view”…

            Your DELUSIONAL, Democrat-hating POV means very little in the grand scheme of things.

            If Obama’s were based on nothing but “I’m mad at (insert country here) so let’s nuke ’em!” I would PRAY that cooler heads in the military would intervene.

            Obama was intelligent, measured and careful with his words. You may disagree with his policies, but you knew he would never “push the button” out of anger and loss of mental capacity because he had his pee-pee whacked.


          2. Obama, both as a Constitutional law professor and as President was openly hostile to the US Constitution, calling it a list of ‘negative rights’ that interfered with effective government.


          3. My understanding was that China was very concerned that increased exercises in the South China Sea coupled with what they considered an unstable and bellicose president. General Milley was trying to avert an preemptive attack from Beijing.

            At the same time, Milley, a Trump appointee, was very worried about Trump’s mental decline based on what he saw day to day.

            A good precedent? Probably not. But going around the president is not new. Defense Secretary Schlesinger told the military to run any orders from Nixon about strikes through him first shortly before the president resigned.

            Personally, I feel that the size and breadth of our government can quell crazy moves by a single person. And that is comforting to a degree.

            Trump may or may not have intended any strikes. Although he did pose questions about Iran and was shot down. Milley’s position and judgement should be recognized as a better judge of presidential whims than most others. His partisanship as a selected and approved member of the administration might well be understood as making him a guard rail should a president go rogue.

            We were not at war with China and Milley did not want one. He probably held to his oath to protect and defend the US and the Constitution over any political loyalty to a single man.

            Ironically, the right wing talking point is that Biden is senile and cognitively impaired. Perhaps a similar stopgap should be welcomed should he decide to attack Putin’s Russia.

            Was China worried, by the way? Apparently. And with some cause. We invaded and occupied Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. That makes us aggressors on the national stage. It matters little how we rationalize our military incursions to ourselves.

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          4. There is no better way to invite a Chinese nuclear attack than to promise a warning if we were going to attack and to thwart a response by the President.

            Effectively, he told them ‘take your shot, we won’t shoot back. ‘ (at least not until too late)

            Trump NEVER suggested a nuclear strike at China, and only responded with Freedom of Navigation cruises to China’s fortification of artificial islands. That was a very measured response to Chinese provocations.


          5. I seriously doubt the Chinese will nuke us. Their biggest market?

            General Milley was close to the president and was privy to his daily rants, public and private. If his own appointee had serious doubts about the presidents mental health, preemptive measures to assure the other major power of our intentions is certainly called for in my estimation.

            China is not our enemy, but rather a huge trading partner.

            But I am not going to change any minds or mindless talking points from a desperate party that sees political power ebbing through conspiratorial partisanship and perceived mob control.

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          6. …”he told them ‘take your shot, we won’t shoot back. ‘ “…

            You got that backwards…AGAIN! HE told China that a PREEMPIVE strike form the US would be forestalled by cooler heads prevailing over the rantings of a petulant man-child who got his pee-pee whacked by the American voting public.


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