Omega Protein continues to trash the Bay, with Northam’s protection

Almost 300,000 of illegally dumped fish on beaches

This time it’s a net torn on an old anchor, but purse seines aren’t supposed to be used in water shallow enough to drag bottom. But it’s always something. The basic problem is that the Feds set a quota on menhaden for the entire east coast, Florida to Maine, but Omega takes nearly all of it in or immediately in front of, the Chesapeake Bay. The species as a whole is not overfished, but that part that uses the Bay is grossly overharvested. The Feds set a quota for the Bay portion, but it’s left to the State to enforce it, and it doesn’t.

Menhaden are directly regulated by the Democrat controlled legislature and Governor, the only species not regulated by professionals.  Omega has bought the support of the AFL-CIO and the NAACP, and Democrats will not touch them.

So, for a party that’s willing to crush our economy over 1/4 inch of sea level rise in 100 years it seems strange they won’t do a damned thing about an issue right here under their control that has a far larger impact on Virginia.

4 thoughts on “Omega Protein continues to trash the Bay, with Northam’s protection

  1. The Va Legislature was mostly Republican for a long time. Omega has been screwing us for decades because we let it. Adding insult to injury, it was a Texas company based in Houston. In 2017 it was bought by a Canadian seafood company, but still operating in Texas I believe. Not even local money.

    Whoever is running the state has yet to see the light on Menhaden decimation in and outside the Bay.

    Jobs are the issue that scares VA legislators, no matter the party. There are only a few hundred jobs, but rural votes in Reedville and beyond are potent, I suppose. And I imagine Omega, and now Cooke, have dumped cash into both parties to keep their little racket going.

    For a few million, we could shut down the plant, give employees a stipend and education to find other employment. The damage to the Bay is many times more costly.

    I don’t know enough about why the Democrats are not addressing this issue, or if they tried and failed. Margins in the legislature are small and that might keep it from seeing daylight.


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