ScamDemic, more news

More info turning up on web. People with v-immunity are more likely to spread the disease. Feast on that.

Meanwhile, the Tea Party people sent out a very complete statement of what we are up against:


What is going on? 

Every available medicine (and even some supplements!) that is used successfully to treat Covid patients is being blocked in some form or another.

  • Major media and government propaganda campaign against HCQ last year.
  • Major media and government propaganda campaign against Ivermectin this year.
  • Major medical associations and boards are threatening to revoke doctors’ medical licenses if they prescribe medicines like Ivermectin and HCQ.
  • Amazon won’t sell, and now PayPal won’t allow you to pay for certain supplements that are shown to help.
  • The Biden administration has taken over the approval and distribution of the very successful monoclonal antibody treatment from the states to “promote optimal and equitable use of the available supply of monoclonal antibodies.” So, the federal government is now restricting and regulating all orders of these treatments.1

Americans who suffer from severe cases of Covid, or the elderly and vulnerable who need protection and treatment, have died and more will die because of the corruption of the people running the federal government right now. In addition to the corruption is the radical ideology that demands we distribute lifesaving medicine based on equity (the idea that equal outcomes are the most important goal, no matter who you have to kill to get there).

On top of maligning and prohibiting medicines and supplements that are successfully treating Covid patients – including severely ill patients – the government of the United States of America is mandating we inject ourselves with a substance in order to have the “privilege” of working and putting food on the table for our families??


BDP summary:

A terrifying conspiracy but increasingly obvious.

One thought on “ScamDemic, more news

  1. ANY antiviral treatment, HCQ, Ivermectin, Remdesivir, Mono-clonals, or Convalescent plasma, is better than no treatment in the first 5 to 8 days. After that, they are of little use. Some are better than others, There is actually more evidence in favor of Ivermectin than Remdesivir.

    The problem here in Virginia and much of the country is that primary care doctors aren’t allowed to treat COVID and hospitals get the patients too late for the antivirals to be very helpful. Remdesivir is approved here, but while it shortens hospital stays, there is no evidence it improves outcomes(though there might be if it were given earlier)

    Mono-clonals are treated as though there are not enough to go around, even while they expire on the shelves, but again, they are only used in hospital settings. It is too late at that point.

    Contrast that with Louisiana, where primary care doctors can send any patient viewed as high risk, (old, overweight, immune compromised) for an infusion of the Regeneron cocktail. They are focused there on keeping people out of the hospital, not treating them after it’s too late. COVID treatment is better in Louisiana than Virginia, so what good does it do to have a doctor as governor?

    Hospital treatment is almost always too late for anti-virals, at that point treatment should focus on the cytokine storm with anti-inflammatories.


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