28 thoughts on “We Will Not Comply!

  1. Well, what did they think was going to happen when they let the government disarm them?

    Armed men are citizens, unarmed men are subjects, if the people of Australia were unaware if that, the government was not, and the people are learning the lesson.

    Government by the consent to of governed exists only so long as people retain the means and the will to withdraw that consent. The people of Australia showed they lacked the will to say no when they let an extremely rare event serve as an excuse to render them helpless subjects. They explicitly told their government they wished to be treated as sheep. They gave their government permission to do exactly this kind of thing.

    So, they might as well stop whining, they made their choice.


    1. RE: “So, they might as well stop whining, they made their choice.”

      I find the international context compelling. Think of Australia as an experiment where modern approaches to technocracy are being tested.


    2. “ Government by the consent to of governed exists only so long as people retain the means and the will to withdraw that consent.”

      Exactly. And that is done at the ballot box, not with guns.

      You want a civil war, fine. Expect to get shot at by your fellow Americans. You think the majority of gun owners are on your side?

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      1. Wrong and wrong.

        Aussie’s have the vote, in fact they are required to vote, and fined of they don’t. and look how much good that does them. They can be prosecuted for unapproved speech and have their children vaccinated against their will. Their civil liberties are a joke,

        And no, I don’t want a civil war, I want to deter one. Absent that deterrence, government will grow in power until it becomes so intolerable that you will be borrowing a rifle from me to help put it down.


        1. Here is an outline of the free speech laws and policies in Australia.


          Have vaccines been approved for children in Australia? I don’t believe so. Where is the info on forcing children to get vaccinated.


          Fines for not voting? Not a bad idea, really. If you don’t want to participate in the interests of our government, then there should be a penalty. But that is a minor issue. I think we should make Election Day a national holiday at least.

          “So intolerable” for you or me? You believe that taxes are thievery. I don’t. Do I shoot you first or you, me? You believe elections are rigged, I don’t. You believe CDC and FDA are Nazis. I don’t. You despise all Democrats. I don’t despise Republicans who are loyal to the nation and the Constitution, but do look askance at those loyal to a single man over country.

          The “glory” of private militias in rebellion against the government and probably the majority of Americans is illusionary. You want civil war, just look around and see the countries engulfed and tell me they are better off. Whatever side wins makes little difference. A lot of innocent victims followed by a brutal dictatorship.

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          1. Once again, I do not want civil war, I want to prevent one, I very strongly believe disarming the populace is more likely to lead to one, and to invite foreign involvement.

            I do not believe in the benevolence of the ruling class or the 51% and that they must be checked by effective deterrence.

            Si vis pacem, para bellum


          2. Disarming the populace is not going to happen. There may be some effort to ensure safety by at least requiring some knowledge about the gun you might be carrying around in public. (Texas squashed that minimal requirement thanks to their everlasting pandering for extremist views.) And that you are not a criminal or insane.

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          3. Texas has Constitutional carry, no permit required IF you are otherwise legally permitted to carry.

            Virginia requires a permit,

            New York makes them almost impossible to get unless you are a celebrity.

            Is concealed carry by gang bangers any less common in NY or VA than in TX?

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          4. A few weeks ago, the local paper had a story about local gun confiscations. The majority the found were hidden in bushes obviously by those who could not carry legally.

            Constitutional carry would make it much easier for them to stay armed unless stopped and frisked for probable cause.

            Plus, as a gun owner, I do not like the idea that there is no proficiency requirement to walk around armed.

            Just like the right wing pitching the law that would not permit collecting SS disability for mental incompetence and owning a gun at the same time. A cognitively impaired person shuffling down the street in PJ’s with a loaded 9mm strapped to his waist is not my idea of freedom. Particularly for the rest of us sharing his sidewalk.

            That shows me your side is not serious about gun safety, for one. And two, not even close to serious about keeping deadly weapons out of the hands of the mentally unstable.

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          5. “Plus, as a gun owner, I do not like the idea that there is no proficiency requirement to walk around armed.”

            As a voter, I do not like the idea that there is no Constitutional proficiency requirement to vote.

            But rights are rights whether we like them or not.

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          6. Len, it is your path that leads to civil war. Journalist Edward R Murrow warned that ‘a nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.’

            Those who are attracted to high office by their nature lust for power over others. Neutrality by their constituents is seen as consent to grasp more power. You can see that in every elected official you have ever seen. No one wants less control.

            Government must be kept on a very tight leash or it will be holding your leash.

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          7. You just don’t get it do you?

            Once violence become acceptable with respect to political policy, we are done.

            Our Constitution, vague and imperfect as it is, is still the best defense against totalitarianism. But it only works if people trust it and the election process. And we did until you guys decided that losing at the ballot box was unacceptable.

            So now we are to rely on guns rather that debate. 1/6 and the gaslighting of the attack as “tourism” is a good example of con men trying to convince the unsure electorate that life is under threat unless they cheat to get or keep office.

            This is surrendering to savagery in lieu of adult debate, votes, compromises…politics American style.

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          8. Likewise.

            You want a literacy test for voting.

            Where have we seen that before…hmmm?

            Sounds good until you realize that education does not equal good sense. Note the attraction of conspiracies to seemingly smart folks despite contrary evidence.

            Voting is a numbers game. The illiterate and poor have a stake in elections as much as you do. More so, perhaps. Often zoning is set to put noisy, polluting industries next to low income housing.

            But I digress.

            Dumb voters will be balanced out by the Tabor-approved ones in full and open elections. 2020 bore that out. The larger the voting pool, the less likely extremes will prevail. Why do you think the Republicans are trying to limit voting? It has nothing to do with fraud and all to do with trying to grasp power for the minority.

            Dumb gun owners can kill you.

            You are taking the position that reasonable gun control measures are all slippery slopes. This is the false premise that all advocates of non-compromise advance.

            Mass confiscation isn’t the issue. It won’t happen in a country as large as ours and with a military deeply embedded in our own communities.

            Yet, the free flow of arms into the hands of gangs and the unbalanced is a problem, escalating into body counts simply brushed off as the price of freedom. A price that appears acceptable to some so long as it is not their bodies.

            Not a black and white issue, and that is my point.

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  2. Fear porn on steroids.

    What is the source of the video? Who published it? Are the screaming kids a real representation of getting a needle in the arm or were the children debating the efficacy of monoclonal antibodies versus hydroxy?

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      1. Where did you get the video?

        You accuse me of fear porn because I comment on the surges, but you post this without references even. And this is designed specifically to raise irrational fears.

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        1. Actually, the video is BS. Aussies are not forcing kids to get vaccinated. Just like here, children are not approved yet for vaccination.

          What is the New World Order you are concerned about? The one we have now seems a bit shaky already.

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          1. RE: “You don’t have your own opinion to share?”

            The opinion I chose to share is stated in the video: America’s ruling class is using Covid-19 as an excuse to establish totalitarian control.


          2. Like I wrote earlier, “fear porn”.

            We have a pandemic. Lots of people have died. We have vaccines that are very effective. We know that masking helps prevent the spread long enough to keep hospitals from filling up.

            People that toss out excuses like rice at a wedding are creating a problem when it comes to getting our nation up and running again.

            I, for one, have no respect for that crap. There is no grand conspiracy to control the nation or the world through the virus or the vaccine. None. Zero. Zilch. No chips that fit needles. No magnetic symptoms.

            Thousands of brave frontline workers are risking their health to serve us. Dr. Fauci, the workers and staff at CDC and FDA are trying to get us through a once in a century pandemic. And all they get is abuse, death threats, scorn from idiots at FOX and their hapless admirers.

            If anything, it is the Trump GOP sycophants that are trying hard to destroy us by phony election panic, audits, new laws for voting designed specifically to rig elections and denigrating vaccines. We can toss in the vigilante bill on abortion.

            The right wing Trump party has to grow up and get a mind of its own. Until then, it’s message is one incessant whine.

            Thanks to thinking like yours, vaccination sites are being attacked in Colorado and Georgia. What, it’s not enough to skip the vaccine, now everyone else has to also?

            Add in the right wing support for the planned terrorist attack on 1/6 and you are correct. There is a threat by dumbass Republican politicians trying to amass power by forcing mandate bans and spreading disease and lies. They are the ones flexing power to screw their own constituents. And, by extension, my country that I love, worked in and defended.

            Shame on you. Shame on the right wing.


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          3. RE: “Shame on you. Shame on the right wing.”

            Shame on sheep.

            Covid-19 can’t be stopped by the policies you support.


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