Follow the science??

Emails show CDC bowed to NEA on masks and mandates

We keep hearing we must follow the science on school safety, so who is the authority we rely on the determine what the science tells us? The National Institute of Health? The AMA? The CDC? Even the FDA?

Nope. the teacher’s union. The CDC changed its recommendations after being criticized by the NEA.

So, Teachers in general, not even science teachers, are dictating the rules to the Biden administration. How do they get to be the experts? 50 years ago I was an assistant in the Biology Dept and helped prepare the teaching materials for Education and Physical Fitness(Athletics) students. They took a combined single semester course on both Botany and Zoology. We called it the “Special Class.” There was also a one semester combined chemistry and physics course. I doubt things have gotten any better since.

Teachers are the least educated degreed graduates of all specialties in the sciences. So, why are they dictating how schools will operate to the Epidemiologists?

12 thoughts on “Follow the science??

  1. RE: “Teachers are the least educated degreed graduates of all specialties in the sciences. So, why are they dictating how schools will operate to the Epidemiologists?”

    It is because the pandemic is a political event. The virus may be real, but the response to it is not.

    Philosophically, I’d say that foolish notions of equality are at the heart of this event. As “equals” the teachers are as “entitled” to influence public policy as anyone else.

    Scientifically, I’d say school children should be allowed to develop natural immunity to the virus so that future generations will be less vulnerable to it.


    1. Allowed or not, children under 12 will not be eligible for vaccination before January. No matter what mask and distancing efforts are made, every single one of them will have been exposed before then.

      They would do well to learn a lesson from King Canute.


  2. “ So, why are they dictating how schools will operate to the Epidemiologists?”

    What about Republican governors who are, in fact, dictating how localities should respond to outbreaks regardless of CDC guidelines? Or right wing pundits casting doubts about masks, distancing and vaccines?

    Teacher unions may create problems in some instances, but they are not alone in influencing policies regarding COVID. Plus now that we are learning that children can spread the disease, and are not immune to its effects a pediatric beds are filling up, I would listen to the teachers who are on the front lines. We want kids in school. So how to do that safely until vaccine approval is kind of important.

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    1. You’re missing the point. The teachers, who elbowed their way to the front of the line for the vaccine ahead of the elderly and immunocompromised, are making totally irrational demands and the Biden administration is passing them off as “the science” as though they came from the CDC.

      There is no way those kids will avoid exposure long enough to get vaccinated so they are going to get COVID and nearly all will recover with little harm. It never was about protecting the young.


      1. I am not missing the point, but I believe you are. You don’t think governors outlawing local officials or even private businesses from mandating some measures when outbreaks occur is irrational? (That is in line with getting all rapist off the streets in Texas…and the right is worried about Biden’s mental acuity. Idiots.)

        Children are getting COVID and filling hospitals. They can get infected and get sick with long term effects, some known and some unknown but feared. And they can spread the virus.

        Teachers have a good point. You want to open schools, then let’s mitigate the spread as much as possible.

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        1. Do you have a cite for COVID sick children filling hospitals?

          it must take considerable mental contortions to support both Roe V Wade and mandatory vaccination.

          But the fantasy of opening the schools to unvaccinated kids and maintaining low transmission is only a fantasy, The under 12 kids will be exposed before a vaccine for them arrives next spring no matter what precautions the teachers demand


          1. From your last cite

            “Among states reporting, children ranged from 1.6%-4.1% of their total cumulated hospitalizations, and 0.1%-1.9% of all their child COVID-19 cases resulted in hospitalization”

            That’s not exactly overwhelmed hospitals.

            Yeah, I know, even one child…

            But kids are being damaged by this mask foolishness, which isn’t going to protect them until spring anyway. Communication involves a lot more than just sound, kids have to see faces. That lost social development is damage too.


          2. You did not pay attention to my post. Those are national figures based on reporting by most states. The other links mention the crisis in some states. Much worse when localized. Plus, what are the number of pediatric ICU’s available? That 4% could be a huge issue as far as staff and space for children.

            I have read about the trauma of masks. The jury is out on that in my opinion.

            Funny how conservatives who balk at “social and psychological” issues in education by lefties, but are now suddenly finding all kinds of damage to the kids. But that is just my observation.

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          3. I live with two grandchildren and I can see the younger one struggling with clear speech because she can’t see her teacher’s or her peers lips move, and both of them misread intentions of other kids.

            In your profession, surely you know a great deal of communication doesn’t involve sound.


          4. I am not saying masks are a good idea all the time. But we do know that the mask will protect OTHERS from your aerosol that carries the virus. Which will slow the contagion from spreading. Better masks will provide some protection for the wearer as well.

            No school or school with masks? Which is the lesser “evil”.

            Besides, social interaction outside and while eating are often maskless.

            Nothing is perfect, but since we refuse to get vaccinated as a nation, amelioration can help slow down the rush on hospitals at least.

            If you say that masks are useful in containing the spread versus “masks are a political statement” I think there would be a difference. Unfortunately that ship has sailed. What is sad is that the increase in non-vaccinated hospitalization and deaths has spurred the vaccinations.

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          5. Less than 2% of children with COVID are hospitalized, per your own cite. Deaths are less than 0.01%. The seasonal flu is many times more dangerous to children under 12.

            Most of those under 12 who are hospitalized with COVID simultaneously have Respiratory Syncytial Virus which is unusual this time of year,

            Guess why we are having an RSV outbreak this time of year. (Because they didn’t get it last winter)


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