More info on Ivermectin.

i have not seen much supporting evidence for Ivermectin other than small, isolated studies or larger discredited ones. This article brings out the other anti-virals that might actually have promise.

Still, as the article points put, the best medicine is the vaccine

7 thoughts on “More info on Ivermectin.

  1. No mention of Africa, as I believe that is where its getting some use. Problem is, you have folks who want a 3rd shot when they need these delta targeting ones, and many of those folks dont’ need it anyway. The consideration was only for those w/immune issues, not regular folks. So you have folks who take ivermecting and that might not be the best situation, you have folks wanting a third shot for the same reason, again may not be for the best.



  2. I do hope some useful information comes from this study, but I am not optimistic.

    Always remember that COVID is a two stage disease, the viral replication stage and the inflammation stage.

    Comparing Ivermectin or any of the antivirals to anti-inflammatories like fluvoxamine or budesonide is utterly meaningless. The antivirals are useful only in stage 1 and the anti-inflammatory drugs are useful only in stage 2.

    Compare antivirals, administered at the right time, to other antivirals and anti-inflammatories to each other.

    I find it interesting that a 10% reduction in serious outcomes was not considered significant. We lost 670,000, and 10% would have been 67,000(though it would really be necessary age and condition match to know if it were really a 10% difference)

    It appears that of the antivirals. the monoclonal antibodies have the edge, and that will be useful in the US, but something simpler and cheaper would be required in much of the world, even if not quite as effective.


    1. The biggest bang for the buck is still the vaccine.

      It is interesting how we try so hard to find anything other than the vaccine to keep from dying of COVID.

      Quacks, rumor mongers, costs, side effects are all acceptable in treatments so long as it avoids vaccination. Antibody infusion works, but is time consuming and very expensive compared to the few bucks for a jab. The cheaper options are still vague as to efficacy even after 18 months of treatments worldwide.

      Suppose the message from day one had been that masks, distancing and when available, the vaccine, were the patriotic route for Americans to defeat the real enemy of the state: COVID.

      Oh well, back to reality.

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      1. No doubt vaccines are the first line of defense. And they will need updating ae the virus mutates.

        But there remains a need for early treatment to keep as many people out of the hospital as possible.

        And it is simply impossible to evaluate that with hospital based studies,

        1000 double blind studies done AFTER the window for antivirals to be useful has ended doesn’t tell us a damned thing about the efficacy of any antiviral.


        1. Damned if we do, damned if we don’t.

          If someone tests positive, goes to his PCP (or, for many Americans, the ER) and the doctor decides on Ivermectin or hydroxy rather than another anti-viral and it doesn’t work, we are back to square one. Particularly since the window is just a few days or a week. Any port in a storm might be a cute saying, but in this case, that port might be illusionary. We know antibody infusion works, but is limited due to method of treatment. Should a patient get an appointment for the antiviral or trust the Ivermectin? Who knows?

          I think that is the problem with getting approval for unproven (so far) treatments.

          And yesterday we had 150K+ new infections. And sadly, pediatric cases and deaths are rising in many states.


          1. But the choice has not been between Ivermectin and the Regeneron MCAs, what we have been doing in VA is send them home with symptomatic medication and a pulse oximeter and telling them to call if the PO2 gets critical.

            Ivermectin, and for that matter, HCQ, are safe at any reasonable dosage level so why not try them? There is literally no harm in trying.

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