For those who say the unvaccinated only hurt themselves.

“Water utilities in Orlando and Tampa Bay have urged residents to cut back on water usage due to recent difficulties in obtaining supplies of liquid oxygen, which is used to purify public water.”

This is in addition to the hospital oxygen shortages. Reminiscent of India. Are we Third World now?

37 thoughts on “For those who say the unvaccinated only hurt themselves.

  1. It is certainly true that the air one person breathes is air another person cannot breathe. So what?

    Is one person entitled to kill another for the air the other breathes? If killing is too extreme, are lesser actions more acceptable? If we say that lesser actions are acceptable, how do we prevent them from escalating, becoming unacceptable?

    You can see the problem. Once you assert that every person is responsible for every other person you have created a rule of segregation, which, in turn, negates the principle. From that point forward conflict is inevitable.

    There is, however, an escape. It is to assume that every person is responsible only for himself. This, too, can become a trap, but the principle is closer to the reality in which we live: In that reality, no one has an objective obligation to others.


    1. We re talking about the fact that there is a shortage of oxygen, bottled and liquid, due to the overload of patients at the hospitals.

      But aside from that, if you dump oil into your ditch that runs into our waterways, you do so have an obligation to stop. You don’t want to have any obligations to other, you need to move to your own island.

      You can’t survive without others building, growing, selling, inventing, moving, all the things you depend upon in a modern society.

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      1. RE: “if you dump oil into your ditch that runs into our waterways, you do so have an obligation to stop.”

        If oil seeps out of the ground naturally and runs into your waterways, where is the obligation to stop then? You need to think this through: The world doesn’t change just because someone yells at it.


        1. RE: “So you are saying the hospitals are lying about running low on oxygen?”

          I doubt the hospitals are lying about the shortage, but your source might be. The title of your post certainly is, insofar as it blames the unvaccinated for the lack of oxygen.

          Material shortages occur naturally and can be addressed through effective management. It makes no sense to blame the needy for them.


          1. Tap dancing to beat the band, eh?

            Hospitals are full. Most of the beds are fit the unvaccinated. Oxygen is required for the sickest, which generally are the unvaccinated.

            Oxygen suppliers are strained until or unless they can ramp up production. People who can’t breathe can’t stay alive waiting for “effective management” to improve supply lines.


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          2. RE: “Tap dancing to beat the band, eh?”

            Not at all. I am responding to your reluctance to accept the fact it is wrong to blame others for the inconveniences you feel you suffer.

            You say the hospitals are full, but if that were true where are the field hospitals being built? You say most of the Covid patients are unvaccinated, but there is no data source in the U.S. tracking that particular ratio; in Britain and Israel, the vaccinated represent half or more of hospitalizations. You blame the oxygen shortage on the unvaccinated when there is in fact no shortage or only a temporary one that can be resolved in short order.

            What will it take for you to stop looking for things to be afraid of? When will you stop blaming others for the things you fear?


          3. That was part of the problem. But like any in demand commodity, if there is an unanticipated increase in one sector, it will take time to reorganize shipping.

            The point was merely in response to the idea that only the individual is affected.

            As much as some would like to disavow the interconnected nature of societal living, it is as real as rain.

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  2. The solution to all this is to secretly give Donald Trump access to about 50 million vaccine doses and let him market them as like “The Donald Trump USA Patriot Big Dick Alpha Male Miracle Cure” and let him charge $25 or so per dose.

    1. All of the holdouts would immediately get vaccinated.
    2. People would stop shitting out “rope worms” (their intestinal lining) from taking horse medicine.
    3. People with horses would be able to properly care for their animals again.

    All while allowing the MAGAs to maintain their fantasies about being rugged individualists who can’t be conquered by…whomever it is they’re mad at these days.

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    1. I dont think the twerkers, southern Baptists, gen y or gen z would buy into your plan. You know, the vast majority of folks not getting vaccinated? I dont think they read your book either…


  3. Considering the amount of oxygen that is used for welding and industrial purposes the idea that medical demand by unvaccinated patients is driving a real shortage is ludicrous.

    If there is a shortage, it is regulatory shortage.


    1. No, there are shortages of oxygen for many industries. But it may be localized.

      This Florida debacle is killing more Americans than the Afghan war…total. Toss in Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama…and you approach major disaster status. But that is not Biden’s fault, so the right wing MSM looks the other way.

      And this is why oxygen is backlogged. I’m sure it will catch up, but it will take a while.

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        1. Adjusted? Probably. And I am sure that is going on. But oxygen needed for water treatment won’t be made if they have to shift production for the hospitals. Until production ramps up, patients can’t hold their breath until then.

          The original point is that filling up hospitals has far reaching effects. And oxygen supplies is one of them evidently. Along with burnout, stopping elective procedures, shortage if ICU space for other than COVID issues, employment, etc.

          Not that these are not solvable in the long run, but emergencies don’t have that luxury.

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          1. What the heck is wrong with you and John.

            We have a surge. Record infections and deaths in Florida among other states. Masks, distancing and vaccines mitigate the virus effects and spread. # LIBERATE is still in full glory among the fans. Remember who started that crap?

            Those who don’t give a damn about others and make masks and vaccination a political issue per the Dear Leader are, in my lowly opinion, exacerbating the pandemic more than necessary.

            I understand the frustration of those dedicated doctors and nurses who are voicing dismay over having to work long hours because of this.

            This is reality. You and John are looking for “liberal” or God forbid, “communal interest” over the right to infect others.

            Get a grip or go back to Biden’s son or some other right wing BS story.

            Sadly, Americans used to pull together better than this in a crisis. Now Fauci is an evil man and Italians satellites stole the election.

            This is nuts.

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          2. For years you have told me that the responsible had an obligation to support the irresponsible. That those who prepared for retirement should be taxed to support those who did not.

            Now, suddenly, the irresponsible have a duty to the responsible.


          3. Not at all.

            The un-vaccinated are choosing that route responsibly…in their minds.

            They have been fed lies and they believe them.

            The irresponsible folks are the influencers casting doubt or spouting conspiracies. Leaders like Johnson, Greene, Ingraham, Brooks, Trump, OANN, DeSantis, Abbott, etc.

            Once Trump disavowed Fauci, and helped make him evil incarnate, all bets were off.

            You are trying to make the pandemic political yourself by that nonsensical statement trying to conflate social safety nets with vaccine hesitancy.

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          4. PS: It looks like LA is taking it on the chin…
            again. Hospitals are full with COVID patients and there is a legitimate concern about medical care for hurricane victims. Oxygen or no oxygen.

            Aside from all this debate, I sincerely hope your friends and family can get to safe harbor if needed.

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          5. My wife is in LA right now, staying with her sister, and both are recovering from breakthrough COVID infections brought to them by her brother who delayed getting his first shot until just 3 weeks ago.

            And none of that changes anything.


    2. “ Can you breathe welding oxygen? No. You should not breathe welding oxygen. Medical oxygen is certified to contain a stable percentage of oxygen below a strict threshold of impurities. Tanks have to be cleaned to exacting standards to ensure that no contaminants may harm the user.”

      Regulatory? Not if you don’t care about impurities deep into your lungs.

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        1. RE: “Hospitals use large liquid oxygen tanks supplied by tank truck.”

          So do the oxygen vendors who sell the gas to medical and industrial users. Oxygen for welding and oxygen for breathing are dispensed from the same storage tank. A key difference is in how the receiving cylinder is processed for filling. How you clean (or clear) a cylinder for welding oxygen is different from how you clean a cylinder for breathing oxygen.

          Or so I learned by googling. You are absolutely correct that regulation plays a key role in oxygen distribution. A potential solution to the “shortage” is for hospitals to replace bottled oxygen with oxygen concentrator equipment.


  4. News of the weird… never in my wildest imagination would I have thought the human immune system actually creates rattlesnake venom. The enzyme, sPLA2-IIA, is a last ditch effort to kill invading microorganisms. Unfortunately, it also attacks the organs and shreds the cell membranes.

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