COVID Karma?

Charlie Sykes, shows what karma is really about. More and more, people who have ranted about mask policies and vaccines are … wait for it … DYING FROM COVID!

What is it about talking heads, be they on radio or TV, and those who listen to them? Will the deaths of three anti-vaccine/anti-mask radio zealots going to make a dent? What will the excuse be for those who were waiting for FULL FDA approval of vaccines to get their shots to renege and continue to endanger themselves, their families, their social circles, and their communities?

Please, if you know someone who has not started the vaccination process, share some of these stories with them. Let them know that people younger and younger are getting sick and DYING from COVID. If you yourself haven’t been vaccinated, ask yourself “Why?”. It is NOT about government control; it is about protecting yourself and your close circle and your community at large from becoming deathly ill.

Plus some other goodies from the Sykes Morning Shots Newsletter.

69 thoughts on “COVID Karma?

  1. Going down that rabbit hole, we should get rid of all D’s because of Biden. We should have masked more than a century ago due to flu. We should ban cars due to drunk drivers.


    1. We did mask more than a century ago because of flu. But don’t let facts get in the way.

      The rest of your rant is the usual drivel expected.

      And we should get rid of all R’s because of Trump. Oh, wait. He already did that. There are no R’s left, just Trumpkins.


      1. A century ago. Know why? That ‘flu’ actually killed millions, a percentage. How many Americans are dying? According to Johns Hopkins, the fatality rate of COVID in the United States is 1.7 % (, which means that 98.3 percent survive. That takes into account all deaths, including people who had underlying conditions and the elderly. Excluding those who are obviously high-risk, the survival rate is close to 100 percent.

        Cytokine storms were the problem in 1918. We can do something for all these issues now, we are 100 years more advanced in medicine than they were back then. No vents.

        TDS, funny how you all can’t get rid of him. When you put up someone who is believed incapacitated, probably can’t take your TDS with any amount of credit. I’d put the accomplishments up against the current WH presider.






            Comparing SARS-CoV-2 natural immunity to vaccine-induced immunity: reinfections versus breakthrough infections

            Why is it that Don and Adam can’t produce medical literature/research from a medical source?

            So, the CDC revised its masking guidance because, as we’re seeing in places like Provincetown and Milwaukee’s Deer District, vaccinated people can both get and spread SARS-CoV-2. More and more vaccinated people are getting infected because they’re interpreting vaccination as carte blanche to return to pre-pandemic life without restriction and are exposing themselves to massive viral loads that overwhelm their immunity. Every single vaccinated person I spoke with during a telemedicine visit in July who got themselves infected at a Bucks championship game told me they would have taken more precautions had the meaning of vaccination been explained to them as I have above. Moreover, breakthrough infections are not only occurring in older people who are far out from their second dose. This suggests breakthrough infections may occur not so much because of waning immunity, but because of people’s behavior that exposes them to overwhelming viral loads, especially in the face of the new variants. If that’s the case, a third dose without behavior modification may not be enough to promote sufficient disease containment.


            Japan recalls 1.63 million vials of the Moderna vaccine and Health Minister advocates Ivermectin.

            Haven’t seen Sturgis rallies COVID counts? Haven’t seen the riots last year that shut down economies from the progressive side? What about Obama’s super spreader sophisticated events? How come the WH, FDA, CDC, Moderna, Pfizer and J&J employees weren’t the first to require the vax? How about all these illegal immigrants and no checks for disease?

            Why Americas Largest Teachers’ Union refuses to support vaccine mandates. Becky Pringle, the Pres. of the NEA won’t back a blanket vaccination requirement yet – but she thinks there are other ways to ensure that students and teachers are safe.



            Do me a favor Len. Ask the VHHA why they’re not publishing vent information like they used to. Give me their stats on hospital beds both before and after. You don’t look at cases. Someone can be “asymptomatic” and be a case, or on deaths’ door and be a “case”. Big difference between a 80 year old obese diabetic hypertensive person with kidney disease and a 20 year old who does triathlons, eats organic. Show me the #’s.


          2. Forget looking at just cases, and look at hospitalizations.

            The critical areas are not here, but FL, TX, MS, Al, OR, etc.

            Plus, younger people, including children are now getting hospitalized.

            Perhaps the death rates are around 2% over all, or was it 1.7%. That would equate to 5-6 million deaths with out mitigation or vaccines. Would that be better?

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          3. Death rates overall, over all time. The thing is we are better at treating the issues, fewer deaths now, that would skew those #’s. So why still when we’re not on the road to those 5-6M deaths do you have an issue for a disease that still has most people doing ok? You realize part of the skew is due to Cuomo and Northam and others putting COVID patients in with nursing homes, allowing them to murder old people?


          4. Cuomo turned out to be an ass. Northam doesn’t get my praise for all his actions. Yet most of these actions took place early on. Leadership at all levels, federal and state, was sorely lacking among a fog of confusion.

            States should handle it. No, the feds need to lead. States had to outbid other Americans for gear.

            In other words, it was at best a mess.

            We are not on the road to millions of deaths because most of us are vaccinated in most states. Masks and distancing helped. Shutdowns were an effort to contain the surges from overwhelming the hospitals like now in some regions.

            This allowed us to get better protocols, treatments which are helping also.

            Decisions early on were driven by 1) the election, 2) the economy, and 3) dying Americans. I think in that order, unfortunately. Plus those three are all interrelated.

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          5. Don’t a lot of politicians on both sides turn out that way?

            Possibly – correlation is not causation. It needs to be proven. That’s why the mask deal is still up in the air. The shutdowns were a massive problem because no one did a pros/cons and listed out the issues before doing them. That’s why we have minorities who are going to suffer the most thru this.

            I agree people were last on the list. That much is obvious by the Afghan issue.


          6. Do you think Trump would have gotten 114,000 people, including almost all Americans who wanted out, out of the country without any loss of life? As soon as the deal was cut last year, the Taliban claimed victory. We left the Afghan government out of the deal, so what does one expect, the Kandahar knitting club to take the reins?

            Trump dumped this withdrawal on the next president, period. If he won, he could care less since he was out of the need to campaign. And if he lost, let Joe deal with it.

            Could we have done better? Sure, everyone with an opinion thinks so. Would we have done better? I doubt it.

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          7. On our part or on the part of the enemy?

            ROFL still can’t admit the current POTUS mucked this one up. TDS.


          8. Mucked it up? Compared to what other war we lost and bailed?

            How many Afghans were we obligated to bring out. Millions? Half the population? What was the old plan regarding them? Why didn’t we bring them out last year when Trump surrendered to the Taliban and dumped the Afghan government?

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          9. Well, if you are bring Afghanistan into the discussion, you might admit Trump surrendered, freed 5000 Taliban fighters and left the heavy lifting it to the next president. TDS has nothing to do with it.

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          10. Even better you all don’t want to discuss it (put it on another forum) and then when it concerns Trump bashing you’ll do it. LOL. TDS.

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          11. Why do you say that? Or better yet, what are you saying?

            Was a deal cut with the Taliban excluding the Afghan government or not? Telling the Taliban that we are leaving and to be nice until we do and here is the date just to facilitate planning.

            No wonder the Afghan army that we paid $83 billion for came apart like a cheap suit in a rainstorm. Who were they defending? And recall that the Afghan army had AirPower, so they could have delayed the Taliban if they wanted to. But they didn’t.

            I am all for a thorough investigation into the withdrawal. If Biden has major flaws, so be it. But we need to look into the whole deal and I am not sure the GOP is interested in that. I believe the RNC took out the bragging point of a deal cut with the Taliban from its site.

            Don’t worry, Biden will be paying for this until the next shiny object comes along.

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          12. I finally read your links. None seemed like new news. Breakthroughs happen due to the nature of the disease and the vaccine methodology. But severity is much reduced. We know this.

            The Israeli study is still being reviewed I believe.

            Bottom line is that the best point was that education was more effective than mandates.

            Which kind of throws a wet blanket on the early days of withholding information about COVID so as to “not panic” Americans.

            If people are misinformed early on, then the likelihood of gaining credibility later diminishes. I think therein lies our politicization of the disease response. Us v. Them sets up a line in the sand and here we are.

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          13. Not just that – its the complete bungling of this issue and others at the same time. Then you have the executive branch/D govts that are all overreaching their authority to concentrate power in one party one man, like Germany in the 1930’s, Italy, Communist China.


          14. Funny, that is what Trump was trying to do.

            “Only I can fix it.”

            He loaded his cabinet with yes men. And if they didn’t show enough unbending loyalty to him, they were gone or dumped on. He even dumped FOX when they had the audacity to contradict or criticize. That is the view from these peepers anyway.

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          15. Trump LOL still on him. Trump didn’t do that. He was stopped – the checks and balances worked. That’s not what the D’s are doing now. So the parole board that has nationally embarrassed us, those aren’t yes men?


          16. Not at all. But why the Afghan issue in this thread? Or abortion?

            You obviously feel strongly about those so why not start a thread?

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          17. Simply because someone means to bring an a supporting issue doesn’t indicate a discussion. Its hard enough for the cognitive dissonance here. Don’t need to add more to it.


          18. It’s not my site, so write whatever you think is relevant. I was just suggesting what has been brought up before regarding relevancy.

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          19. “Why Americas Largest Teachers’ Union refuses to support vaccine mandates.”

            You overlook the fact that Randi Weingarten and the NTA SUPPORTS mandates. But for conveniences sake, you only cherry pick facts.


          20. Sorry about the delay in this post appearing.

            WordPress pends comments that are very long or have lots of links and I am not always notified when one is pending.


          21. I wonder if it had fallen to me as the original poster on this thread I had a message in my inbox asking about moderation.

            ANd I would have let it thorough.


        1. TDS is not even part of the conversation here. It seems to me that it is YOU who are obsessed with TFG.

          Yes we are miles ahead scientifically from 1918. However, with skeptics, both vaccine and mask, screaming at the top of their lungs about freedom and NOT trusting the science, people are following the loudest voices, not the smartest.

          As far as accomplishments, your TFG praise is put to waste by facts. Facts that seem to elude many on the right and in what USED to be the Republican Party.


  2. I think there are some folks who won’t believe their own doctor, but do believe a complete stranger spouting conspiracies on the internet or cable TV.

    When conspiracies become widespread, the breakdown of a democratic representative republic is starting. Then comes the savior to root out evil and restore the nation to what it never was, but might be perceived as having been.

    Supposedly, natural disasters bring out the best in people. This pandemic response may refute that.

    The grand American experiment of governance by, for and of the people rooted in enumerated rights and protections may have a “best by date”. Not that the concept was wrong, but that we have decided to end it through neglect. Even the finest man made machine needs maintenance.


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      1. So what do you suggest at this point?

        And who started the idea that the long awaited, much anticipated, and bragged about vaccines are bad? Or that masks and distancing are no good?

        Or that local outreach to unvaccinated groups is like Nazi Germany’s brown shirts?

        Or that businesses cannot require vaccination and masks?

        Americans are hearing and heeding these lies and rants enough to bypass their own guardrails of common sense and skepticism.

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        1. Vax = bad? Regular folks. Masks and distancing were the CDC/Falsi. Local outreach to unvaxxed groups? How about you look up the Somali/Detroit/measles/autism outbreak. You don’t seem to realize that there is a difference between those who do not vaccinate at all and those who see the mRNA shot as something totally different, but have accepted previous vaccines.
          Businesses who are told they have to bake a cake against their religious beliefs, well businesses can be told you can’t require vaccines either. Works both ways Len.

          Frankly your last sentance only applies to the D or progressive side. I’ve got and have had medical studies from all over the world that do give common sense and skepticism to the family busting, baby killing, economic destroying (California), criminals run rampant (Northams’ Parole Board), and racist (check out Va’s SOL’s and who is getting destroyed) policies of the current administration.

          I’m not skeptical. When an elected official opts to leave our own to their deaths in Afghanistan, with those who were with us and believed in us, and wants us unarmed, that speaks to the evil intent possessed.


          1. Well, you have covered all the bases. I gather you are not a fan of Democrats or liberals.

            I think Trumps election was a reaction by many against the perception of changes in America deemed unacceptable.

            The election of Biden was a reaction to the “buyer’s remorse” of centrist conservatives and independents.

            Personally I think both presidents are not what we as a nation should aspire to as our best and brightest, but we did elect them.

            If we had a Congress, the quality of the presidents would matter a bit less, but we don’t. We have for the most part a political class that is afraid of its own ideological shadows. Spouting outrageous drivel has become the mark of the political beast since Trump was elected doing just that. If the consequences of doing that are winning an election, or was for some, it will be the new strategy for campaign consultants on the right.

            Not all the vaccines are mRNA, but it seems to be the most effective and customizable as variants arise. However, when Trump was booed for suggesting the vaccine was good, the cat flew out of the sack and is beyond the control of anyone.

            If you want a debate on abortion or the Afghan occupation ending, consider starting another thread or two.

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          2. Since I can’t reply to lenrothman: I do have D’s and libs I do enjoy relationships with. Just not the majority who refuse to educate themselves with reality and facts.
            I haven’t studied federal issues as much as local/state. Whether or not they were best/brightest was never the issue in choice. Simply trying to live with the policies is the issue.
            Congress is not any better.
            There are those who believe they have facts to support boo’ing Trump. My take on that is that there is supposed to be choice, let each do their own thing. I have no problem with Trump or any one on the left suggesting the vaccine is good. They’re welcome to their own opinion.
            Those 2 issues were mentioned solely due to reference, not for discussion.


          3. “Since I can’t reply to lenrothman”…

            A friendly hint: If you go to READER, you can reply without the limits set on the other parts of the blog. FYI.


    1. What you take for glee is really sadness. However, when leaders of conspiracies spend endless hours convincing the vulnerable to kill themselves on some ideological altar, it is karma.

      It is particularly odious when big bucks are made by spouting lies to those who have faith in what they say.

      Did you have great respect for Jim Jones? Or sadness for his victims?

      The latter means we are empathetic humans. The former is praise for unforgiving autocracy.

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      1. “These are the same ones who believe in infanticide.”

        Extreme comments such as this REALLY cloud the discussion. NO ONE believes in infanticide, the killing of an infant. Abortion is NOT infanticide, but it makes for a great sounding word in the debate about a women’s right to choose.

        And it is the same people who want to tell a woman what to do that don’t want the government telling THEM what to do. “My body, my choice” has been taken over by the anti-vax and anti-mask crowd and they don’t even see the irony of it. Or the hypocrisy.


          1. So you deny that an unborn child is not humanity? As a baby grows into a human adult, so does that unborn baby. Since you deny the humanity of a child, what stops you from denying my humanity to decide the shot or not? The devaluation of the human being indicates that your side will want power over life and death, not freedom and liberty. So far, I got word today of all those who are COVID positive: all vaxxed.


          2. …”you deny that an unborn child is not humanity”…

            No. I deny that anyone else has the right to tell a woman what to do with her body. It is HER body until the fetus is born. And based on one’s personal beliefs is what determines whether it is “humanity”. Not you or some other person.

            Try and tell a Jew or a Muslim or a Buddhist to whom and how they have to pray and you will find similar pushback.


          3. So what happened to start another discussion on abortion and getting off topic. Her body? So why don’t your support vaccine choice then if people have a “right” to their own body? Btw, the child has its own body separate from the mother. Since the right to swing my fist stops at your (another beings’ nose), why doesn’t that child? The baby is a genetically distinct person. If he/she was a part of her, it wouldn’t have different DNA than her. That means like you and me, a separate person that someone isn’t allowed to just murder because a woman doesn’t want us to be around.


          4. Other than rhythm, condoms or abstinence ( all are notoriously failure prone), the most effective birth controls are considered abortifacients by many anti-abortion folks.

            Do you agree?

            Should miscarriages be investigated as some form of manslaughter?

            Should legal age be determined by the date of fertilization? Should we allow life insurance on a blastula or earlier?

            Does the state control a woman and her uterus?

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          5. Off topic lenrothman, for snowflakes whining moaning and complaining about being off topic, put up an infanticide post. The arguments will run round and round, you will post the obvious straw man questions that have been answered that you can look up.


          6. You brought it up. Are you trolling then bailing when questions get in the way? I don’t think so, but…

            Yes, it is off topic. So why keep throwing irrelevant comments just to see what happens?

            When you accuse others of infanticide you might expect some responses.

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          7. All these questions have been answered before if you understood how to look it up on the internet. Not only that, you still haven’t countered the first response, just another ‘give me more attention because I’m wah wah wah not an adult’ comment. If you make illogical responses and then get told the truth, that’s not trollism its called educating someone out of fantasy land.


          8. I post comments to hear what others who post think about subjects. I don’t care what the internet says.

            If you have no thoughts, fine. Just don’t call those you disagree with baby killers and expect the rest of us to smile and thank you for your wit and wisdom.

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          9. I post comments to hear what others who post think about subjects.

            ** Well you have mine. What’s the problem? You got what you asked for.

            Just don’t call those you disagree with baby killers and expect the rest of us to smile and thank you for your wit and wisdom.

            ** For years our side has had to put up with leftists saying we’re women haters, sexist, misogynist, racist, hate LGBTQIA+, hating America, slinging all sorts of lies, and creating a fantasy world that we’re expected to approve, kow tow to, and “smile and thank you for your wit and wisdom”. We on the right (true conservatives not the fringe elements, both our sides have them) are not going to stand any longer for leftists dictating the narrative. We will define us by the facts. We’re defining leftists as baby killers because you murder children. Calling abortion “health care” is just a narrative to make people feel ok about what they have done. If you don’t like being called a murderer, then stop supporting abortion. Just because our views (that actually work, hence why Trump was so successful) are not the same as Greta Thunburg or AOC, doesn’t mean they’re wrong or insert favorite, worn out, epithet. The reason why California is imploding, why the country imploded w/Afghanistan, is because a fantasy world doesn’t cut it.

            While we are at, the slaves in America were not allowed weapons to protect themselves. That is exactly what the leftists are working towards. So if leftists are called slave masters, its because the actions match the slave masters’ in the 1800’s. I want minorities armed, trained, to protect themselves, their families. It is the leftist Gov. who appointed a parole board that allows criminals to prey on folks. Folks deserve protection from evil, not letting it out to destroy.

            Its been leftists that required an African American person I know to be Democrat rather than what he wanted to be. Same for LGBTQIA+ folks. That have to control others. We have to be in charge to control the damage that comes from leftists like AOC.

            For all the garbage on equality/equity, why won’t the left propose what I have? Dump CRT, SEL, and all that other crap that doesn’t encourage and empower minorities/women to dream of STEM-H and like careers? That means a solid education, not where we have Richmond Public Schools with 2019 SOL’s where 49% of the African American 4th graders are functionally illiterate. Equality to me means teaching hard math and science so for our 1000 engineers, we have a 1000 minority engineers. If you have a problem with that, explain why with examples as to how the curriculum you propose is going to get those 1000 engineers compared to my view. I’ve worked with many nations, races, and I want to uplift them as I would any other human being.

            There it is. So why not stop slinging the mud and start slinging facts and consider the consequences/actions of the policies you put in place.


          10. First, thanks for outlining your positions on a variety of issues.

            You insist on calling me a baby killer, so I will end the conversation here.

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          11. You expect us to smile and suck it up and continue getting beat up w/verbal abuse. Now you know why the right is fed up. How does it feel?


          12. I feel fine. You don’t evidently.

            I don’t expect you to “suck it up” any more than the rest of us. Grievance politics is non-productive.

            Unfortunately, the partisan divide that started with Reagan, amplified by Gingrich, has grown to a crippling level.

            But we have survived worse.

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          13. We’re not surviving the garbage peddled for the last 2 Democratic Presidents. So far, policies enacted are not bringing us together or giving unity or even helping minorities be educated to STEM-H levels: one item I hold up to look for in terms of success.


          14. The sixties were much, much worse than today. Assassinations, huge riots, lynchings, domestic terrorism, including bombings, high poverty levels, apartheid, an “endless war”, gangs. I grew up then and I remind myself of that whenever I get too saturated with crappy news.

            Change is not easy nor painless. And not all Is good. The left has TDS according to the right. The right has DDS according to the left.

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          15. We don’t have riots, domestic terrorism, bombings, high poverty (that gets worse) apartheid (vaccines), wars all around, gangs?

            Get rid of TV. I filter reading material. Works great.

            Change actually can be easy. Depends on the outlook of someone. Is the change for better or worse? That’s the difference. Most can’t figure long/short term goals out for change.


          16. One person’s change for good seems to be another’s for evil.

            Short term goals? Politicians have to spend 10’s of millions to get elected and the turn around to start fundraising for the next election almost immediately. So only the big donors get a look at legislative goals that will garner bennies quickly. We are not long goal thinkers. We are capitalists who want stock gains this coming quarter no matter what the long term consequences are.

            Look at the infrastructure. It has been ignored for decades. We don’t want to pay for it, but now we have little choice, so we pay big time by borrowing.

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      1. Influencers? I seem to be able to ignore them. I read the medical literature, skim other information to get a feel for what all sides are saying and whether or not there is some trust in them, go from there. I can’t do anything about those who do not have what it takes to say no to influencers.


        1. “I seem to be able to ignore them.”

          Good for you. I don’t pay attention to them either. BUT a large portion of our population listens to them and takes advice like eating horse deworming medicine or NOT listening to their own doctors. Some like yourself and JTR tend to pull facts that have not been vetted.

          However, if you think that the vaccines are not helpful in controlling the pandemic, then you are free to pay for your own medical when you get sick.


          1. A large population that listens to not sound wisdom and can’t read medical research, should they be deciding anything? If you don’t have the brains to make sound, logical, reality decisions, why should you get the right to vote? Btw, you must have not been reading medical literature as they are prescribing it – and one judge ordered a doc to prescribe it. You see, this is what happens when you listen solely to anything other than solid facts. There are folks who take it like candy. I can’t help that. I would put that on a par (going overboard with ivermectin) with just as illogical as anything else. Listening to docs? How do you know who does and doesn’t listen to their docs? Maybe the docs think the same thing.

            The vaccines might have proven “helpful” in terms of the original disease, but several faults with them, shows that the mRNA type vaccines aren’t really vaccines. With polio, etc. it was one and done. The mRNA’s are targeted and really don’t do what they’re hyped to be. That’s one of the issues. The big lie was “masks” and “2 weeks” and “get shot no mask” … and on and on. So now, since all I’ve seen from your side from you and Len is chat and no medical info like out of Pubmed, why should any one take you seriously?

            After the latest infill on the only ones who have it are vaxxed, why would any one listen?


          2. …”and one judge ordered a doc to prescribe it.”,..

            What qualifies that judge to tell a DOCTOR what medicines to prescribe?

            “The vaccines might have proven “helpful” in terms of the original disease, but several faults with them, shows that the mRNA type vaccines aren’t really vaccines.”

            Sounds an awful lot like the annual flu shots we are recommended to get ANNUALLY.

            What you refer to as lies is evolving science. Polio doesn’t mutate. COVID does. Why is that ignored so regularly by both sides of the discussion?


          3. What qualifies that judge to tell a DOCTOR what medicines to prescribe?

            ** What qualifies a politician to tell ME what shots/medicine to take that I can’t go to restaurants, concerts, sports venues and work with out it getting it?

            Sounds an awful lot like the annual flu shots we are recommended to get ANNUALLY.

            ** recommended not you can’t live (as in medical apartheid, 1930’s Germany for the Jews) a normal life without it, especially given the variants, that the Israelis are finding only 39% percent effective.


          4. “What qualifies a politician to tell ME what shots/medicine to take that I can’t go to restaurants, concerts, sports venues and work with out it getting it?”

            When it is the BUSINESSES themselves that are requiring it, your argument is MOOT.

            And your comparison to 1930’s Germany and today is about as idiotic as taking horse dewormer for a cold.


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