Biden administration proves Hanlon’s Razor.

Nothing more need be said.

27 thoughts on “Biden administration proves Hanlon’s Razor.

  1. And how much better was the last administration at getting out of Afghanistan?

    Miller had helped stifle the refugee visa screening so that would have been a mess then too. The deadline was May 1. A published, agreed to date. What happened to never revealing a date to the enemy?

    Air cover might have made a difference, but the Afghan military had dozens of planes we gave them over the decade. And tons of training to go with those. $83 billion we spent to get the Afghan military up to snuff. We need answers for that too.

    There is so much speculation revolving around how Trump might have handled this. But one thing is for sure. Trump didn’t handle it at all. He did like Bush and Obama and kicked it down the road. Even though he campaigned on stopping the war…4 years worth, more or less.

    This being said, we need to investigate how this all went down, and why. Yes, hold the administration accountable. A foreign thought in the last administration, I believe.

    As it is, we have gotten over 102,000 people out of the country. ISIS is the wild card. (Trump destroyed them, didn’t he?)

    The tragedy yesterday will be a horrible cap to a horrible era of our foreign policies in the Middle East. Biden was standing when the music stopped and the Trump GOP are wringing their hands in both glee and relief. Not for the casualties, but for the talking points.


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    1. You don’t pull out the troops before getting the civilians out. Closing Bagram and leaving no air support guaranteed a collapse.

      You can write pages of excuses and deflections but that was stupid, and contrary to the plan Trump left and Biden threw out.


      1. That is the word on the net. Which is why I want an investigation as to how decisions were made?

        But I am not sure the right wants to delve too deeply into why the last administration set a deadline and guaranteed prisoners freed. Or why the left the Afghans out of the negotiations. Or effectively shutting off visa applications.

        As you are prone to say, let’s get some facts before we condemn.

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      2. …” contrary to the plan Trump left and Biden threw out”

        Sounds eerily similar to a plan that Obama left and Trump threw out.

        And where is this plan? It seems to have just materialized over the past several weeks and is only spoken of, but not produced.


      1. Yes, because if there’s one thing we know about Trump, it’s that he’s a real details guy. Good at the logistics of an operation.

        He had 4 years. One of his Handsome Generals told him not to and he deferred like the coward he is. Another campaign promise broken.

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          1. Over 650,000 COVID deaths but his “qualified subordinates” could have handled this better?

            Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think anyone could have done this well. This is what it looks like when you lose a war. I just find it odd that after 20 years of indiscriminate bombing and Navy SEALs hunting civilians for sport, you all suddenly care so deeply about Afghan civilians.

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      2. Biden may have done the exit wrongly, but that by no means says Trump would have done better.

        Except as a talking point, of course.

        ISIS could just as easily set off truck bombs then too. Trump would never have been able to process 100,000 civilians with no visas or refugee acceptance. All the same hardware would have gone to the Taliban.

        But since he shoved it off for 4 years, we will have to blame Biden. As it should be, BTW. And he has taken the responsibility over and over.

        And that is something we haven’t seen for a term. So it might be difficult to acknowledge.

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    1. Huh? Is this strategy of spouting off inane diversionary nonsense a chapter in your latest Asshole Liberals for Dummies edition?


  2. It is pretty clear that Stumble Joe and his administration are malicious and incompetent, both.

    The way I interperet Hanlon’s Razor is that malice is at heart a type of incompetence.


      1. Leaving isn’t malicious. Leaving behind 10,000 of our own citizens is malicious which, as I said, is at heart a type of incompetence.


        1. 10,000 citizens? Where did you get that number from?

          Last I heard, we got out 4500 Americans, with 500 more accounted for. There may be 1000 more scattered around the region, but they may or may not want to leave.

          Heck, when Trump left office, all those Americans were still there. Also all of the Afghan helpers were still there. And we were supposed to be gone in less than 3 1/2 months after Trump left office. But 5000 prisoners were to be released against just 1000 held by the Taliban.

          Face it, your boy screwed the pooch with that “deal”. So bad, that he is fortunate to have been booted out of office.

          I get the impression that some Trump Republicans are tickled Americans died so they can go after the President.

          Are you? I would hope not.

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        2. A. Any American connected to the occupation had no business there in the first place.

          B. You guys have been touting Trump’s master exit strategy, so the infrastructure and planning should have been in place for years, and anyone who intended to leave would have had plenty of time to leave.

          C. You just said earlier everyone is only responsible for themselves. Stop acting like you care one iota about anyone now.

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          1. “A. Any American connected to the occupation had no business there in the first place.”

            So, those contractors building safe water supplies and the teachers and health care workers who volunteered to make life better for the Afghans out in the sticks deserve to die?


          2. Oh, is that what we’ve been doing in Afghanistan for 20 years? Just one big humanitarian mission? It’s a bunch of Girl Scouts over there? Or have we been killing 100k people to secure minerals and pipeline protection from local drug lords while testing new military and surveillance tech on an occupied populace?

            I’m not stupid and you sound like one of those credulous rubes who still think we’re the good guys.

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          3. What makes you think they will die? Most are out, we are working on the rest. American contractors are not in the spotlight of the Taliban. They are letting them pass the checkpoints.

            It would be nice to get an accurate accounting of the Trillion or so we spent there, not to mention 83 Billion just to train and equip the Afghan military and police.

            Maybe that is why some of them are hard to find.

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    1. “It is pretty clear that Stumble Joe and his administration are malicious and incompetent, both.”

      Funny. A lot of people felt the same way about the previous administration. Especially the leader of it.


      1. This forum has devolved into simplistic name calling because there is little argument in favor of the last administration.

        Other than they were the last administration. And it quit running our nation up to and after the 2020 election in order to concentrate on the Big Lie.

        Not to worry, Democrats are good at cleaning up after every GOP administration since Bush the Elder.
        They get recessions, massive unemployment, pandemics and wars as legacies from the previous GOP disasters.

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  3. Rumsfeld. Remember him? In 2002 he sent a memo in which he stated that there was no way to extricate the last soldiers alive. He ended his memo like 16-year old girl’s Facebook post with a single word, “Help!”

    But don’t worry about Joe. The expression “No man left behind” traces back to Gerald Ford and he’s remembered for pardoning Nixon, and not the 3 Marines left behind to be tortured and killed by the Khmer Rouge.

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