President Biden addresses the nation after Afghanistan falls to Taliban — 8/16/21

I couldn’t be more ashamed, or saddened, by Stumble Joe’s address. His words are lies, because his message boils down to just one idea: We failed, disgracefully, and we did so because we couldn’t help it.

But there was something we could have helped: We could have prioritized the evacuation of American civilians over the withdrawal of our troops. We didn’t.

Stumble Joe’s address did nothing but make excuses. Screw him.

17 thoughts on “President Biden addresses the nation after Afghanistan falls to Taliban — 8/16/21

  1. I have no proof, mind you, but I am convinced that the following is likely true. I believe that somewhere, deep in the bowels of the most secure parts of the White House, and Langley, and at the Pentagon, is a well-worn, heavily dog-eared, and highlighted copy of a Rand Report with a title something akin to “How To Succeed Where Britain Failed”. We must find those copies and destroy them.

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  2. Getting out was not a mistake.

    Withdrawing air support from the Afghan Army, which they had been trained to rely on, before we got out those we needed to evacuate was.

    What will happen to the women and girls of Afghanistan is heartbreaking, but I don’t see a solution to it.

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    “We will see many refugees from Afghanistan resettle in our country in coming months, probably in your neighborhood,” Carlson added. “And over the next decade, that number may swell to the millions. So first we invade and then we’re invaded—it is always the same.”

    “…probably in your neighborhood…”.

    Racist bastard revisiting threats of blockbusting from the last century’s “good old days”.

    Point being this withdrawal, kicked down the road by three presidents, was never going to be about rescuing translators. Many of them have been in asylum limbo for years, even a decade, waiting for approval.

    We will get the Americans out, if not out already. And probably a number of Afghan helpers with families.

    The Democrats will own this for the next election. Republicans stripped the page praising Trump for the Taliban “peace” deal to make sure this is all Biden.

    Biden said the buck stopped with him, as he should. He is the last man standing and the first to take action. But he can take it. Let the Republican naysayers have a field day but you won’t see him crying, whining and calling “unfair”.

    Americans have been screwed alright. The MIC has kept hidden the sorry state of the training of the Afghan army. There was no army unless we stayed forever.

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  4. A Course Of Action (COA) Analysis.

    Independent variable (country, time in country)
    Dependent variables (indepent fighting time, type of evacuation)

    (Vietnam, 10 years) yielded (2 years, fiasco)
    (Afghanistan, 20 years) yielded (2 weeks, $#!tshow)

    Recommended COA: Cancel all weekend passes on the Korean Peninsula lest it be seen as a drawdown. With 70 years of training, the ROKs won’t last 2 days.

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  5. While I think the withdrawal was inevitable, what I find most striking is how “compassionate” the press is towards how Biden did it. Just like no push back from the press on Chris Cuomos lies defending himself already on CNN abt his brother. Oh to imagine the uproar if any of this had happened under Trump. The MSM and lefties would have been going ape sh$t with conspiracy theories, bad press and insults.


    1. Your “leftie” hatred notwithstanding, he is getting beat up across the board by many from all sides.

      My favorite, of course, is the previous CinC, saying he would have done it better.

      It’s Afghanistan; No he wouldn’t have. …”if any of this had happened under Trump”. No conspiracies necessary. It has very little to do with who is in the Oval Office. Similar to gas prices, there are just some things that are destined to happen the way they do. regardless of who is in the hot seat.

      And what does Cuomo have to defend? Even my least favorite so-called American, Tucker Carlson, defended Cuomo. There was never any push back on Sean Hannity advising Trump, and they weren’t even related. You appear to be looking for some sort of double standard that isn’t any where, except maybe in your hate-filled brain.


        1. Please explain where I am gaslighting.

          NO ONE got Afghanistan right. Four different administrations form both parties. Trump would have been as screwed up as anyone. TO deny that is to ignore the factual basis of his presidency.


    2. Biden has taken plenty of heat from both sides.

      Trump would have taken heat had he not kicked the can into 2021. After all he was all about getting out since 2016, but for some reason didn’t. I think he knew what a politically risky operation the withdrawal would create and let it go for the next president, or himself as a second term prez with little to lose.

      We spent 100’s of billions training the Afghans, much of it through private contractors. We got glowing reports from our military that they were ready to fight. Somebody owes us an explanation

      We had a treaty calling for an April pullout. Didn’t work out well…yet. But many of those Afghans who helped us have been held in limbo for up to 10 or more years. Thousands could have been offered refugee status long before now.

      Tha fact is, no matter who was running the show, it was not a winning move politically. But it had to be done.

      Something to consider is that the Taliban were fighting for principles, agree with them or not, and the Afghan military was fighting for a corrupt government that skipped town.

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      1. WOW! Kudos to you and your take.

        I only disagree with one part of your statement. I don’t think the Afghan military did much fighting at all.

        Keep in mind that Biden was against staying in Afghanistan after the initial deployment post 9/11. He is taking the heat for standing by his principles on this issue.

        ” We got glowing reports from our military that they were ready to fight. Somebody owes us an explanation”

        There has been reporting over the past several months about how the military whitewashed how bad things were. I am not holding my breath for an explanation. But we are owed one.


  6. I agree. His whole speech was talking out of the side of his mouth lip service, pointing fingers, blaming everyone else, insulting the US military while pretending to care, insulting the US, etc smathered with a heaping helping serving of shame and defeatism. I have stronger words than “screw” him…


    1. Funny. You heard what you wanted and I heard what I wanted. Same speech, different interpretation.

      Life is like that.

      Bottom line is that Biden will have some explanation to do over the next few days and weeks. This is complicated and whoever makes the decision is in the hot seat, as they should be.

      I am the optimist in the sense that I think the Taliban is going to tread lightly to avoid being a pariah state like N. Korea. I think we will be able to get many out, including all Americans.

      The timetable was already set, so I think the Taliban started to plan and prep a year ago or so. Their speed was a testament to the preparation, command and skill in the field. Unfortunately some of the field fighters and local commanders are young and uneducated. There is where we might see some atrocities until the government is stabilized.

      The little that I have seen is that Bagram AFB might have been left to last after evacuating helpers. Yet, we are hearing squawks from the right, like Carlson, about where all these refugees will go. That would have been an issue for some no matter how it was done.

      I am ambivalent about Biden’s actions, but will let this play out a bit before casting stones.



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