The other kind of immunity

Nasal swabs can mislead

File this under ‘something I should have seen but didn’t.’

So, why did so many vaccinated people test for COVID, but still not get sick?

Intramuscular vaccinations stimulate strong IgG antibodies and cellular immunity which protect you from serious illness, but they don’t result in high IgA antibodies which are found in nasal and other mucous.

Nasal spray vaccines and natural infections do stimulate IgA more effectively.

So, COVID, especially Delta, take hold in the nasal passages and throat, so you test positive, but the disease doesn’t get much beyond that.

That explains a lot. but I’ll still get my booster when I can.

4 thoughts on “The other kind of immunity

  1. This makes it even more important to get vaccinated. Not just to save one’s own life, but to keep hospitals available for other medical problems.

    You think Ingraham, Carlson,, will bring this up?

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  2. Isn’t there also a requirement for viral loading to “get sick”, or transmit, and these tests detect far smaller loads than necessary for symptoms and possibly transmission. That’s an argument for masks. If a cloth mask reduces the viral load by as little as 20% then it may reduce your exhaled load below transmission levels.

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  3. So there’s question about the immunity dropping at 8 months. But we’re only 8 months from the first shots now, and those were the old and infirmed. Who the hell are they testing for the booster decision?

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    1. Right now, they are providing boosters for those with transplants and other immune impairment.

      But older people have shown a more rapid drop in antibodies as well, and I would expect they will be included by September.

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