Yet Again, the Media’s Covid Narrative Doesn’t Add Up

Source: Mises Institute.

“If one were to go only on what one reads or sees in the media, one would think it’s the spring of 2020 all over again. The headlines are filled with stories of overcrowded hospitals, overwhelmed medical personnel, and predictions of people dying in parking lots waiting for medical care. The news articles generally quote a staffer of some kind at various hospitals and then leave it at that.

“It’s difficult to know what to make of these stories.”

24 thoughts on “Yet Again, the Media’s Covid Narrative Doesn’t Add Up

  1. What’s difficult is understanding why anyone thinks the stories related from the front lines by hundreds if not thousands of overwhelmed caregivers and administrators are BS, and at the same time believe that votes were switched by Italian satellites and China dumped millions of ballots at night in AZ because of the rants of one man.

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    1. Israeli. Israeli satellites. Well, to be more specific, Marjorie Taylor Green says they were “Jewish”, which makes one wonder if synagogues have launch capabilities. Now, if she had said, “Muslim satellites,” I might’ve bought into that. I’ve always cast a jaundiced eye on those minarets.

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  2. “ Unlike during the pre-vaccine phase of the pandemic, the current upsurge of suffering isn’t one that humanity has to go through. People are choosing it. And intent matters. Intent is the difference between a child who goes hungry because their parent can’t afford dinner and the one who goes hungry because their parent won’t buy them dinner. Having the ability to provide relief but not do so is cruel. To many medical providers working today, the rejection of lifesaving COVID-19 vaccines feels like a giant “Fuck you” from 29 percent of American adults. We will keep providing the best care possible, but they are making our job much harder.”

    Chavi Karkowsky is a medical doctor in New York City and author of High Risk: Stories of Pregnancy, Birth, and the Unexpected.

    Dr. Karkowsky nailed the issue in my non-expert opinion.

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    1. Well, attempting to lecture people on this forum, which most if not all have been vaccinated, isn’t doing much. Lecturing the 50 and under and black crowds doesn’t seem to do much either. It builds resentment and rebellion to those younger folks that think it’s not going to affect them much even if they get the virus. Remember the Covid parties trying to get it? It’s beginning to look like nature will have to run its course unless you have some other workable idea beyond trying to making it political theater.


    1. It is curious. I met a neighbor who works in an ICU. While they did not say explicitly that they weren’t vaccinated, they said they confident that they would not get infected or spread it because of the PPE. I just got the impression from the conversation that they were 100% confident in latex.

      One thing that they said is that there are people at their ICU who specifically conduct just resuscitation efforts. They wear positive pressure suits.


  3. “Monthly survey data gathered through Facebook suggests that vaccine hesitancy ranges from 9% among pharmacists to 20%-23% among nursing aides and emergency medical technicians. About 1 out of 8 registered nurses and doctors hesitate to get a COVID vaccine.”

    1 out of 8 registered nurses and doctors is only about 12%.

    Now it did say that as a group in 50 largest hospital, it is about 1/3 of healthcare workers.

    About 3600 healthcare workers have died since the beginning.

    Hard to fathom.

    Still, the surge continues. Hundreds of children are being hospitalized in the hot spots. Warnings of no pediatric ICU rooms in some Texas counties is a problem.

    “Houston, we really, really do have a problem.”

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      1. Fear porn is the mantra of the right. Fear of Mexicans, Blacks, gays, poor people, religions, varieties of ethnics, masks…

        Reveling in Trump’s inaugural speech was fear porn in the flesh.

        Perhaps you should take the time to go to Florida, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and tell the front line healthcare workers what you think of their fear porn.

        I am sure they will welcome your views and even advice.

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  4. Fauci and Obama/Biden make sure there are lots more sick people coming into this country every day. Naturally you get spikes. Meanwhile a hundred million Americans with natural immunity are not even mentioned. Basically we have herd immunity now. Let’s celebrate. Meanwhile, therapeutic approaches are more and more established, if only Fauci would get out of the way. Meanwhile, Fauci continues to talk about a vaccine, when there was never a vaccine for the flu and probably never would be a vaccine for the new flu. So we should stop using the word vaccine, as it is one more lie.

    Meanwhile, a new study says that recently born babies are dumber than babies born two years earlier, due to parents not having enough energy left to interact with their children, etc.. So we can sum this up by noting that everyone is dumber than they used to be, all because of Fauci’s policies, and that’s why we put up with him. Isn’t he a clever man? I see he has many fans on this forum. And aren’t they all clever men?

    Looking back, isn’t it obvious we should have encouraged flu parties, with quick intervention by therapeutics, until everyone had natural immunity. But that is supposing that the people at the top wanted to end the problem.


    1. “Meanwhile, a new study says that recently born babies are dumber than babies born two years earlier, due to parents not having enough energy left to interact with their children,…”

      Now I want you to think about that statement for a minute. No, take more time. Take 9 months.

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    2. “Fauci and Obama/Biden make sure there are lots more sick people coming into this country every day. ”

      Just another attack on Fauci , Biden and Obama. For no reason and with ZERO evidence.

      What does Fauci have to do with the allegations that the immigrants at the southern border are bringing in more disease? I’ll spell it out for you, because you seem dumber than a newborn baby. N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

      And to be clear, there is ZERO evidence that what you are implying is happening. It has been blow out of proportion in what Mr. Roberts often refers to as “fear porn”. The issue is that the right and it’s minions spread a lot of disinformation about this on a regular basis to scare their base. J’accuse YOU of being part of the problem and offering nothing in the way of solutions.

      Blaming Dr. Fauci for anything at this point is idiotic and unhelpful. ESPECIALLY when you are attempting to cast blame on him for things he has NOTHING to do with.

      natural immunity appears to be less effective than vaccinations. Just ask those, including a certain QB for the Baltimore Ravens who has now contracted COVID twice., and NOT vaccinated. But hey. You can go ahead and attend any party you want.
      Your post is moronic in its form and what it is trying to say.


    3. “Babies with lower IQ’s” is a big story. Historically, sick people were quarantined. Fauci said, no, we must quarantine the healthy. Why?.

      We seem to have a lot of trolls. They pretend to discuss ideas. No, they want to enforce ideas. I’ve been in the ed wars more than 20 years and encountered many a nasty troll. Not to worry, I still find them entertaining.

      We see the same bag of tricks again and again. The hyperbole. The all-encompassing lie. The sophistry. The love of snark and sarcasm, all at a teenage level. The casual insults. The attempts at humor. The earnest claims of caring about this or that.

      Derek Hunter summed up matters yesterday.:”They sure talk a good game, don’t they? Be thankful Democrats don’t sell used cars, lest you have a yard full of lemons. No, they sell something worse than junk, they sell lies, and they do it really, really well. But don’t think for a second that they don’t know exactly what they’re doing, and never believe, not even for a moment, that they actually give a damn about what they claim to care deeply about.”

      I would not have put it so harshly. I hold out hope that some of them.mean what they say now and then. So, do they know exactly what they’re doing???


      1. From a proponent of the Big Lie, false flags at school shootings and Pizza sex shops your observation and lecture are certainly puzzling.

        I know you were putting out an APB for “tougher” right wingers. Can I assume you are taking the lead?

        Sorry to confuse, but I really can’t appreciate the efforts from the right to destroy our nation. The effort to force a turnover of the most fair and transparent election we have ever had tells me all I need to know about treasonous behavior.

        Bottom line, those who apologize, gaslight, or deny the actions of the last administration after the election deserve little respect and plenty of admonition.

        That being said, the topic is about dismissing the frontline workers observations regarding the problem with vaccine hesitancy is just that, dismissal of those who are fighting for you.

        That includes Dr. Fauci who has done the best he can to get us through the pandemic even in the face of insults by you and death threats by your “friends”.

        Count this as a rebuttal, sans humor, sarcasm or snark.


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      2. …”they sell something worse than junk, they sell lies, and they do it really, really well. ”

        Boy do you and Hunter have backwards. The GOP and the Trumpists that have taken it over have been selling lies for over 5 years now. You deny them all with no facts involved.

        Amazing how someone who fights against education based on is own lies can’t tell the difference between the lies and the truth.


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