A tragic end to an endless war.

Fall of Kabul

20 years to get ready and the Afghan army collapses like wet cardboard.

Maybe some things might have been handled better but I’m not going to criticize Biden over this. The truth we is that had we left 15 years sooner or stayed 15 years longer, the outcome would be pretty much the same.

We should have let the Soviets keep the place 30 years ago. They might have killed enough Taliban to change things there, we never had the stomach for what needed to be done. Half measures and nation building are a losing game on that part of the world.

But my heart breaks for the women there. A little chance at education and some semblance of rights and they go back to being chattel of the worst sort.

Every time I look at my granddaughters, my guts will churn at what Wahhabism would have in store for them. We need to make our peace with Russia and maybe even the Chinese and recognize the common enemy to everything decent on the world.

13 thoughts on “A tragic end to an endless war.

  1. The rapidity at which it fell is all the proof needed that the withdrawal should have be done a decade ago.

    The problem I have is the corruption of the Afghan government, which leads me to believe that there must be 100s of Americans who enriched themselves illegally as well.

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  2. There is one bright side to this. No shooting war means a minimum refugee problem, and Afghanistan will slip quietly back to 1550.

    Yes, it’s sad that women will be trapped in harsh conditions far worse than those in the Four Corners area and the FLDS areas in the US.

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  3. We unfortunately supported the Wahabists in exchange for oil decades ago. Along with screwing the Persians, I believe the US has sown the seeds for the poisoned crop we are now reaping.

    And, yes, the results would be the same if we waited years more or left yesterday.

    Like musical chairs, some president had to actual pull the plug and catch the flak when the music stopped.

    The shame of abandoning the Afghans who helped us has been going on for decades also. There are thousands who were promised visas after screening that went on for years, long before now. And they never got them. So that blame covers at least 4 presidents. But, we do that all the time. Nothing to be proud of.

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  4. I am watching a crowd of desperate Afghans mobbing an arriving C-17 hoping to get on and get out of Kabul. But what I see disgusts me. Every one of them is a military age male. They are abandoning their wives, daughters, and sisters to be doled out by the Taliban like goats. Men who will not defend women do not deserve to live.

    There is nothing there worth saving.

    “I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.” Ripley


    1. To be fair, a video does not tell the story. The men may very well have had families with them, but not among the mob trying to get visas, etc. Not all, perhaps, but family and relations are a big deal for most of the world, including Afghans.

      I listened to an interview with an Afghan translator who was awarded commendations for his work and lived with his wife and two children in Kabul. He knows he and his family are targeted. The tragedy? He has been applying for asylum in the US for 10 years. Administrative hiccups or misinformation has foiled his efforts. Why? We should have made a major effort to get thousands out from the day we started negotiations with the Taliban in 2020.

      The really sad story is that there is a generation of young Afghans who know only what a bit of freedom feels like since they grew up as the country transitioned from 1550 to maybe 1950 in the main cities.

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  5. RE: “I’m not going to criticize Biden over this.”

    That’s probably wise. This withdrawal is going to weaken us as a nation. We shouldn’t compound the disability by beating ourselves up.


        1. Of course not. Why would you say that?

          Our track record as an occupying force is not very good. Vietnam is still a communist dictatorship, Iraq is a mess and Afghanistan is back where it was.

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          1. Admitting that we are not perfect is the first way to improve.

            Sorry you don’t understand that simple tenet and that you would rather dismiss my loyalty.

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