Normal healthy people don’t want to be dictators

“Here’s the problem with communism (and sometimes socialism).  If you study these subjects, you will encounter lots of abstract theories about how best to organize society, money, property, and so on.  Some ideas might sound appealing.  But they have little to do with communism as this ideology has existed in the real world.

Better to think of these theories as maps and guidebooks for people who want to rule others.  Communism appeals to dead souls hungry for power.  These are not normal, healthy people…..”

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…from my recent article on American Thinker.

I found that a foreign site has listed the article with the option of having it read to you.

I’m not sure it’s legal but it’s interesting. This site has also listed many other articles

that seem mostly to be on the conservative side.

31 thoughts on “Normal healthy people don’t want to be dictators

    1. Progressivism. Ideas so good they can only be stopped by Gerrymandering, voter suppression, culture war diversions and, of course, the occasional bit of terrorism.

      Almost the entirety of your safe and comfortable way of life was achieved by progressives over the sometimes violent opposition of reactionaries.

      BTW, please don’t display your gun fetish on every issue. It makes you look, well, bad.

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      1. Expected.

        Inside every progressive is a totalitarian struggling to get out.

        It doesn’t bother you at all to rely on the tyranny of the majority to trample individual rights.


        1. “It doesn’t bother you at all to rely on the tyranny of the majority to trample individual rights.”

          And you say MY insults are carefully worded? LOL!

          Uh, actually I believe that our Constitution provides ample protection for individual rights. That is why I believe in elections and in the courts. It is also why I anger at our Constitutional system being undermined, threated and even violently attacked by “conservatives” who do not respect it.

          Your slanders and rhetoric are – to be very, very kind – childish nonsense.

          But I will play along. Which individual rights are you talking about? Which of YOUR individual rights has been trampled on? Where has the tyrannical majority trampled?

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          1. The right to prepare for my own retirement as I saw fit. Had I been allowed to invest what was taken from me for SS, I would be a multimillionaire today. Instead, I was taxed my entire life to provide a retirement for those unwilling to save.


          2. So all this over-the-top nonsense boils down to Social Security and your BELIEF that your investing savvy would have made you richer than you are now. Of course, that investing would be in a secure and well-regulated financial marketplace shaped by progressives. And just what investment opportunities would you have had in the Dickensian society of your dreams? Hard to say. But probably less stable and more risky.

            I wonder how much of those millions you say you would have made would be left if Medicare were not paying for the past, current and future health problems of you and your wife? Millions evaporate pretty quickly in our broken healthcare system. But, thanks to progressives, you need not worry about that.

            If you declared and paid all of the taxes owed over your career in dentistry you and your spouse (assuming she was a homemaker) are probably receiving something on the order of $30,000 a year. More if she had her own income. How big a nest egg would it take to provide an inflation-protected tax-favored never-ending annuity of that amount? It would have to be substantial.

            But, even if you might be marginally better off today, is Social Security really “tyranny?” Have you really been “trampled on?”

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        2. “Inside every progressive is a totalitarian struggling to get out.”

          Yet it was 45 who was leaning towards totalitarianism. And day after day you gave him a pass.

          You may not like the idea of social democracy, but it WORKS. Just ask the countries in Europe that are thriving.

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        3. “It doesn’t bother you at all to rely on the tyranny of the majority to trample individual rights.”

          And it doesn’t bother you that the MINORITY has the power to decide who you can vote for. Not to mention they can nullify those results if they don’t like them.

          Doesn’t bother you one bit, does it?

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          1. You’re kidding, right? Gerrymandering performed by GOP legislatures has locked in minority majorities in places like Wisconsin for years. It happened in Virginia as well until the courts stepped in and ordered the rerawl of districts. Now we have an independent commission. Hopefully they get it right.

            And it is nullification you are talking about, you are NOT paying attention to the voting “integrity” laws being passed in several states, Georgia and Texas in particular.

            Face it. The Republican Party keeps shrinking and the Libertarian Party isn’t viable, no matter how many dog catchers get elected. Yet while the GOP holds sway over their stats, they will do everything they can to ensure their power remains in tact.

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          2. I hope you shoot better than you pay attention to what I said.

            The laws that allow legislatures to overturn election results because they don’t like the outcome (nullification) is what I addressed and you ignored.


          3. Have any legislatures done that?

            At present, there are two that might. AZ and GA.

            But is their investigations show that there was fraud, and enough to change the results(yes, I know that is unlikely) what should they do?

            Pretend they don’t know.


          4. …”there are two that might. AZ and GA.”…

            More than 20 states are considering laws (probably written by ALEC) that include nullification. The “might” in GA and AZ, and you forgot about Texas, is grounds enough to put a stop to these so-called “integrity” laws.

            But because the political direction you lean has the power to do so, you just whistle it away. Remember what comes around, goes around.

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  1. RE: “Communism appeals to dead souls hungry for power. These are not normal, healthy people.”

    That seems a bit harsh. Maybe these dead souls are just victims of false consciousness.

    For example, many armchair communists believe that workers don’t get a fair share of the profits their employers make, but it is wrong to assume they deserve it.


    1. Why is your “conservative” circle obsessing about “communism?” It is very odd.

      If there are any communists left anywhere, they are well hidden. Oh wait. That must be it. Hidden communists! How many are in the State Department?

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      1. RE: “Why is your ‘conservative’ circle obsessing about ‘communism?'”

        For me it is because not long ago I figured out the fallacy in Karl Marx’s economic theory of surplus value. It seemed something of an accomplishment and worth sharing.

        Moreover, I see communists everywhere. They are only well hidden to themselves.


      2. I’m not part of a circle. The big shift in 2020 was that Bernie Sanders and friends started to use the words Socialism and Communists. At that point everyone realized they were real and very active.

        All of which made it much easier for me to explain to people why our public schools are full of dysfunction and mediocrity.


        1. Be sure to check under your bed, before you get tucked in. There might be “Commies” hiding there if they are not busy molesting children at Hillary Clinton’s pizza parlor.

          Let me be clear. Your use of “everyone” is delusional. You are a crank. Own it. You publish your drivel on crank websites. Own that too. You seem not to know ANY educated people if you think that “everyone” buys your silly nonsense about “Commies” destroying our public schools.

          Unlike you, probably, I went to public schools. My four children went to public schools. I know first hand that public schools – in spite of being handed every social, educational and nutritional deficit in our society – provide a far better educational opportunity than they did when I was growing up. Far better. Your constant stream of insulting accusations against our schools and teachers are not just tiresome bullshit. They are ignorant beyond measure – just like your Birtherism.

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          1. Many people want to understand why we have tens of millions of functional literates, lower math scores each year, and a generally more ignorant population each year.

            Charlotte Iserbyt states the problem we need to address: “The deliberate dumbing down of America.”


        2. “I’m not part of a circle.”

          Then a square perhaps where everyone has a gun and fires at each other?

          And I will continue to take personal offense at your assertion that public schools are full of dysfunction and mediocrity. By stating that, you are calling my daughter, a proud, successful and happy product of, and now teacher in a publics school.

          Cherry-picking of facts from SOME low performing schools are not helpful. And the majority of the poor performing schools are in areas that have been underserved by the system due to racist tendencies that go back to pre-1968, and in many cases, continue today.

          Instead of damning the entire system, why don’t you offer alternatives to help the schools that need it?

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          1. I know you don’t expect me to lie. Look at the literature, all the problems I analyze were long familiar to anybody who cares to look.

            A Conspiracy of Ignorance is an excellent book published in 1999. It describes how devolved the school system already was. (See my review on Amazon, )

            In 1983 the government published The Nation at Risk report which proclaimed: “The educational foundations of our society are presently being eroded by a rising tide of mediocrity that threatens our very future as a Nation and a people… If an unfriendly foreign power had attempted to impose on America the mediocre educational performance that exists today, we might well have viewed it as an act of war.” A sly way of saying the schools are so damaging to the country they might as well be designed by the Russians.

            In 1962 students had to contend with New Math which is colossally stupid and was soon rejected; but it stands as proof that nothing is so unworkable that our education establishment won’t try to sneak it into the schools.

            In the 1950s as the country recovered from World War II, intellectuals focused with alarm on problems in K-12. Almost a dozen excellent books were published about the rot of our school system. Education Wastelands, the retreat from learning in our public schools by the eminent scholar and historian Arthur Bestor. Quackery in our Public Schools by Albert Lynd 1951. Why Johnny can’t read in 1955 by Rudolf Flesch. Retreat from learning; Why teachers can’t teach, a case history, by Joan Dunn, 1955. The last one is my favorite.

            In short, hack professors figure out ways to teach subject so that students don’t actually learn the subject; I show how the gimmicks operate and why they must be rejected. Once the poison is out of the system, many alternatives are available.

            I once thought the media would save us. Then I realized that they, tragically enough, are complicit with the education establishment. That’s why Americans rarely see truthful analysis of the problems.


            What experts say:

            “There is nothing more important than your child’s education, and no one has a better grasp on what is happening in the schools of the current day than columnist/author Bruce Price.” Judi McLeod, Editor/Publisher of Canada Free Press


            “Bruce Price’s SAVING K-12 is a MUST read!  It is precise, concise and powerful. Action is required…for the sake of our children, our grandchildren and the future of the American Republic!” Robert W. Sweet, Jr., long-time President of The National Right to Read Foundation


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