Republicans really don’t want anyone to know what happened on 1/6.

No independent commission (even after McCarthy got everything he asked for) and now trying to sabotage a House investigation. The new GOP calendar show 1/5 and 1/7. Nothing more to see here, it was just a tour group that was attacked by a rogue Black officer as they were opening the doors to the chambers. Charles Boyer is smiling from his grave.

21 thoughts on “Republicans really don’t want anyone to know what happened on 1/6.

  1. There is nothing to gain from this sham “investigation” but partisan Democrat leg dragging and babbling in hopes of talking points for the 2022 elections. That is all this is….


    1. The Democrats offered a bi-partisan Commission. They negotiated in good faith about its rules and procedures. They had a deal and then the GOP – on instructions from the Mar-a-Lago Mussolini – completely backed out of what they had agreed. Why? What are they afraid of?

      It is worth noting that Speaker Pelosi used the EXACT language the Republicans used when they organized the feckless Benghazi! Benghazi! Benghazi! Select Committee. The only difference is that this time there is something very important to be investigated – the attempted overthrow of the United States government lead and encouraged by the President.

      If this violent insurrection was the work of BLM or Antifa or “leftists” or even if there is nothing to find as you people claim, why do you suppose the GOP has tried to stop it?

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      1. A bipartisan commission? With equal numbers from both parties? With subpoena powers on both sides?

        The FBI is investigating and making cases, Grand juries are empaneled. There is plenty of professional investigation going on. But that’s not what Democrats want.

        They want a circus lasting till October 2022 that never comes to a conclusion, but fills the NYT and WAPO with breathless leaks from anonymous sources spread across the front pages, followed by “clarifications” a week later on page 34.

        We’ve seen this movie before, for the Russian Collusion Hoax, and we’re not interested in the sequel.

        Let the professionals investigate and make their cases. All Congress would do is cause mistrials.


        1. Nothing would pass your muster. The
          commission that was ultimately reneged on was everything that the Republicans and McCarthy wanted.

          Evidently the word from “headquarters” nixed the deal, McCarthy folded.

          Now we have an investigation that will lean Democrat.

          Could’ve done the right thing but would rather complain. So here we are.

          Your “circus” should include testimony under oath for McCarthy among others.

          I think the last time our nation’s capital was under assault was by the Brits during wartime.
          This was our own homegrown traitors who thought they could circumvent the Constitution through ignorance coupled with extreme violence.

          A disturbing version of the “Enemy Within”.

          Your buddies are being mostly tried for recorded and witnesses acts of violence, interfering with government procedures, vandalism and trying to beat the crap out of as many officers as they could drag down. Nothing political, just plain street crimes dressed up in camo. Perhaps those folks should have stuck to paintball and beer rather than enter the big leagues.

          The serious charges will develop.

          But like any major crime investigation, the peons are first with the leaders coming later.

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        2. So, you are also afraid of what the Select Committee will find and publicize. You should be. There is a better than even chance that seditious plans and purposes will be found at the highest levels of the GOP.

          And, some of the matters that need airing are NOT criminal. McCarthy comes to mind. He needs to testify under oath about the conversations he had with the President as the insurrection was unfolding. There are many more who are telling lies now who were begging for salvation on the day. We deserve to hear the truth from them. Under oath.

          I hate to state an obvious truth which is known to everyone who posts here but your hypocrisy is beyond measure. You cheered for the Benghazi Select Committee – the organization of which Pelosi has duplicated for this work. Democrats cooperated with that Committee and Hillary Clinton testified under oath for 11 hours. And that was fully partisan with a political aim as McCarthy famously bragged about. So really, with such blatant hypocrisy, why should anyone give a rat’s ass about your silly opinions and obvious falsehoods now?

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          1. You have a very poor memory.

            I consistently held that the Benghazi thing was an intentional distraction intended to focus attention of the aftermath in order to distract attention from the unlawful overthrow of Gadhafi and the arming of ISIS with Libya’s cache of conventional weapons.

            I never supported taking the bait.


          2. If you say so.

            Are you saying that the Republicans were helping Obama with a distraction from the coalition attack on Libya?

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          3. Not what I said.

            The failure to rescue the people at the consulate looked bad, but by the time the special ops people could have reacted it would have been too late. So, let the opposition focus on that, instead of the totally unlawful overthrow of Gadhafi and the resultant arming of ISIS through her minion Blumenthal.

            Sort of like getting the GOP obsessed with a blue dress instead of perjury and obstruction of justice.


          4. Are you really believing the GOP is so easily led down rabbit holes? Just like blaming election chicanery in Republican led states on tricky Dems taking advantage of a feeble party.

            If the party in charge can’t lead, then they are incompetent at best. Do the conservative firebrands, who have more elite school degrees than thermometers, suffer from dementia?

            Somehow we clearly need to let the Republicans suffer the consequences of their actions. According to you they are incapable of thinking on their own.

            I don’t disagree with that assessment.

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          5. My memory is fine.
            Your views shifted when the Benghazi Select Committee got its ass handed to them by Hillary Clinton. I think the nonsense you spouted then was that somehow Hillary Clinton was the mastermind behind the whole fiasco. You are repeating it now with silly talk about the Republicans taking the bait. You are fooling no one.

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  2. Why do you say that? Republicans brokered an agreement a short while ago that gave them all they wanted in an investigation commission.

    The McCarthy reneged. Perhaps he should reconsider the original offering.

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      1. Republicans are aligning with a probable felon who has a cult following that strikes fear into weak party members.

        That is akin to paying a blackmailer. He will come back time and again moving the demands and threatening revenge against apostates.

        #45 has a hold on most of the right wing because they are afraid of what he might do, not because he is the best leader. This includes being primaried as well as violence through his gangs.

        Face it, the ex-president was a man who relished his followers reaching a fevered pitch of irrational and irresponsible behavior, then watching it all on TV while Congressmen were in fear of their lives. The minority leader was begging to call off the crazed mobs and now does his bidding.

        Crazy, just plain crazy.

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        1. RE: “Republicans are aligning with a probable felon who has a cult following that strikes fear into weak party members.”

          That is LSD on steroids.


          1. Based on most of your comments, I would call that an expert opinion.

            THe only problem is Len is more accurate in his assessment than you really care to acknowledge.

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