More on the Biden Crime Family

Even the MSM can’t keep this hidden forever. Biden’s corruption is bubbling to the surface.

9 thoughts on “More on the Biden Crime Family

  1. There is no doubt that the Bidens are a crime family. Stumble Joe, however, isn’t competent anymore. The inevitable unraveling will happen soon.


    1. So, Biden lying about his involvement in his son’s foreign business dealings while he was VP isn’t important to you?

      Trump is irrelvant to the issue. It is becoming clear that Biden used his office to enrich himself and his family and that is criminal. That remains true even if TRump ate live puppies for breakfast.


      1. “So, Biden lying about his involvement in his son’s foreign business dealings while he was VP isn’t important to you?”

        Lying liars saying Biden lied is not important to me. And the charge that it should be is beyond laughable coming from someone who uncritically supports the Mother of all liars – Donald Trump. Lame and obvious whataboutism.

        Biden said and repeated that he did not DISCUSS Hunter Biden’s business with him. He did not say that he did not know that Hunter had foreign business dealings. He did not say that he never had dinner with foreign businessmen or took photos with them as a way to boost Hunter’s stature. What you or Fox News may imagine is not evidence of anything except your eagerness to divert attention from the known criminal you uncritically support.

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        1. Again, nothing Trump may, or may not, have done is in any way relevant to Biden’s influence peddling.

          Don’t forget that the same laptop also had references to “the Big Guy’s” 10% regarding other foreign deals.

          Taken on context with the rest of the laptop, and combined with what is known from other sources, it has become clear that Biden used his position as VP to bolster his son’s and his brother’s foreign business.

          Biden and his family have exploited his political influence for decades, you know it, but he is pushing your agenda, so you don’t care how corruoot he is.


          1. I have not forgotten the reference to the “Big Guy” in one email. You seem to have forgotten (yeah, sure) that the email exchange in question was AFTER biden left office.

            Your accusations of decades of corruption with nothing more than your own warped suppositions as evidence is dishonest bullshit. Exactly what we have come to expect from you and every other Trump cultist.

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  2. The photo is “proof” of Biden discussing deals with his son?

    What was the topic of discussion?

    There are photos of Epstein, the convicted pedophile and sex trafficker, with Trump. What were they discussing?

    “Younger side” girls for the party?

    Did Hunter take advantage of his father’s position? Probably. Was President Biden heavily involved? We don’t have much to go on. Mostly just innuendos and speculation by right wing media.

    Finally, talk about “distraction” from 1/6 investigations.

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  3. I love the smell of desperation in the morning!

    As an aside, I just got home from a trip to West Virginia to hike in the newly designated New River Gorge National Park. The hotel where I had breakfast treated us to Fox and Friends as we ate. It explained a lot. The message could not be more clear – be afraid, be very afraid. Topic after topic was full of “alternative facts” and nonsensical alarmism about immigrants, about CRT, about Biden’s competence, about China, about the persecution of Donald Trump and on and on and on. Now I know first hand where you people get the bullshit you love to spread around.

    Your posting where Fox News portrays a typical meet and greet photo op as proof of Biden corruption is a good example of how they dupe people with no critical thinking skills.

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    1. Yep, your rely is full of the smell of desperation alright. Must be a brew your own at home operation. Fox, fox, fox, Trump, trump, trump, blah, blah, blah….


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