Don’t Ban Critical Race Instruction

Source: The Wall Street Journal (behind paywall).

Donna Brazile trumpets a cliche:

As we celebrate our precious freedom, it’s important that we use it to look honestly at American history—much of it good, but some of it immoral and horrific. That includes the enslavement of Africans and their descendants and the systemic racism against black people that persists today.

Ms. Brazile seems to believe that critical race theory is essential to looking “honestly at American history.” Regrettably, she doesn’t explain why or how.

I’d like to know what we get from CRT that we do not get from other sources. What is its unique or merely special contribution to understanding American history?

23 thoughts on “Don’t Ban Critical Race Instruction

  1. “I’d like to know what we get from CRT that we do not get from other sources. What is its unique or merely special contribution to understanding American history?

    First of all a true reckoning of this country’s history , warts and all. What is wrong with adding the perspective of other history scholars who have not whitewashed (intended) the true nature of how htis country has been formed.

    The only cliches I see are coming from the right-wing fear mongerers who believe that telling a more complete history will in some way ruin this country. By telling the entire story, it can and will strengthen us as a people. – IMO.


    1. The problem with CRT is not that some ugly things in our past are revealed. That has to happen.

      The problem is that a bogus explanation is attached to that history, and no rebuttal is allowed.


      1. “… no rebuttal is allowed.”

        Are you joking? Republicans have done nothing but “rebutt”. It is their key campaign issue along with Mr Potato Head. And maybe communion for Biden.

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    2. RE: “First of all a true reckoning of this country’s history…”

      What makes CRT more true than other reckonings of this country’s history?


      1. Inclusion of the FULL STORY and not the whitewashed version we have been fed for decades. It is not a replacement of history as we have been taught; it is the inclusion of the perspectives of citizens who were treated unfairly and ignored as citizens.

        Christianity is taught as the perfection of Judaism. Without including Judaism in the teachings of Christianity, the history of Christianity is tainted, unfulfilled, and incomplete.


        1. So exactly what was “white”washed? Was that just a little racist pun of yours? Yeah let’s tell the FULL story of how your own race captured and sold you on the free market to the highest bidder. Shouldn’t you be looking for those people to hit up for a pay day?


          1. OK, your assumption about my race is misplaced and misguided.

            Why is it a problem for you and so many others to have the full story of our history denied? Was slavery a part of our history? How did it effect the people involved, both the owner and the subjugated? To study the FULL history would give a better understanding for all of us and hopefully lead to a better country going forward.

            But you and the others demanding the CRT is fake, or anti-white, or any other BS you use, fear facts. Instead of working towards a better world, you just want to keep the status quo.

            SO screw you, whitey.


          2. Slavery is only part of the history.

            Here is a link you might find interesting. It outlines the huge disparity in how WW2 vets were treated based on skin color.


            After WW2 is when the big surge in wealth production began for a middle class, but only if you were White.

            It took another couple of decades to at least change the laws that kept minorities as second class citizens. And decades later we are still not comfortable with our racial relations.

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      2. RE: “Inclusion of the FULL STORY and not the whitewashed version we have been fed for decades.”

        What parts of the “FULL STORY” does CRT provide that are not available elsewhere? What are the elements of the “whitewashed version we have been fed”?

        It should be easy to answer these questions.


        1. Why not include the “elsewhere” information in a full study of history? WHy does it have to be hidden in only the scholarly pursuits that birthed it?

          Gotta keep it hidden because, G-d forbid, the entire story of this country’s history is taught.


  2. The worse part of CRT is the phony claim of systemic racism supposedly perpetrated by whites, justice and LE today. CRT is a racist trash caveat for the free money crowd looking for a pay day. Stuff it…


      1. To call out BS as BS is far from hatred, it’s calling out BS as BS. Keep it up? I think I will but I don’t need your permission, thank you.


    1. Stuff it?

      Nice talk. But while you are at it, where would you like it stuffed?

      Who are the “free money crowd”. Farmers? Defense contractors? Employers of cheap, illegal labor?

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    2. Lots of people seem to think CRT is important, but no one who thinks so seems to be able to say why.


      1. You are correct. The GOP is convinced that CRT is so important that it has become the most important campaign issue for them. “Fear porn” as you liked to say.

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