19 thoughts on “Donald Rumsfeld, Rot in Hell

    1. At this point, he finaly has a better notion of the “unknown unknowns”… but I’ll bet not.

      A fond farewell to bad rubbish.

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  1. Ronald Dumbsfeld would be more appropriate.

    I would never wish death on anyone, but his obituary will be a short pleasnt read.


      1. And did his children, and others who loved and respected him?

        The prohibition across cultures of speaking ill of the dead is simple decency for his mourners.

        But simple decency is not found in the left wing press.


        1. It’s not speaking ill, it’s just an honest accounting of his activities as a public servant.

          Here’s the thing: if someone came on here and said you had died, I’d say, “that’s a shame. We disagreed on most everything, but I enjoyed the banter. I hope he went peacefully in his sleep.” You didn’t gleefully take part in a project that killed a million people.

          And we could all find PLENTY of right wing media being plenty cruel anytime some poor black kid gets killed by a cop, so don’t even bother with that BS.

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    1. Rumsfeld was the lead salesman for the lies about Iraq.

      Iraqis would pay for the invasion.

      Weapons of mass destruction.

      War with the army you have? Sending troops for an ELECTIVE invasion with inadequate equipment?

      Millions of lives, trillions of dollars, and spreading Al Qaeda across the region and the world?

      So, sing his praises if you want, but reality does not mean whitewashing history.

      Gaslighting is a Republican plank in the platform.

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    2. …” the vileness of the liberal media.”

      Since when is Tucker Carlson part of the liberal media? It was just in the past week he referred to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff as “stupid” and “pig”.

      Your hypocrisy, once again, shows no bounds.


          1. My comment referred to the near universal cultural prohibition for speaking ill of the dead, especially while the families are in mourning.


  2. Just how despicable can liberal media and people be? How about liberals rot in hell first for being horrid anarchist juvenile sewage that have no sense of common decency? It is amazing how liberals seem to know no limits of low…


    1. …”liberal media and people be”…

      Just how despicable did you think Tucker Carlson was when he referred to General Milley as “stupid” and “pig”?

      Screw your hypocrisy.


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