17 thoughts on “The ins and outs of Virginia’s confusing new marijuana legalization law

  1. There is really nothing happy about it but for lazy Spicoli stoners in typical pot comas cruising around causing wrecks. People on ludes should not drive, hu, hu, hu…hu, hu, hu…


      1. Only you could find a brain dead pot head flunky a hero. Stand by for more tent camps, used needles and destitution in our parks and public spaces. Numerous european cities have learned this hard lesson of inviting drug dependency while democrats see it as votes. Next Democrat ploy is pot heads deserve a free lunch life because they can’t offer anything of value to the work force.


        1. “used needles”

          The cannabis understander has logged on.

          There are actually many people who feel that cannabis usage improves their productivity. Also, many find it to be an effective pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, and anxiolytic, without side-effects or potential for addiction.

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          1. Good, then get a prescription from a doctor for medical use and don’t make mind altering “pain”meds or psych drugs as grow,your own or OTC.


  2. Leave it to the Democrats to screw up a good thing.

    Legalizing use without also legalizing the supply will increase demand, driving the price and profit sky high. And that boon will go entirely to criminal gangs. Everything bad about marijuana prohibition has been made worse.

    Democrats are simply unable to comprehend the basics of market economics.

    If you want to destroy the criminal gangs and end their violent turf wars, the way to do it is to make them compete with WalMart.

    The right way to do this is to simply repeal everything relating to marijuana and let the market find its way, under the protection of the rule of law.


    1. In all seriousness, let’s talk about basic market economics.

      Say you’re in the business of importing illegal substances into the US. Do you want to import cannabis, which is bulky and has a very strong, easily identifiable smell, or do you want to import something like heroin which can be disguised as tar or powder, has no smell, and is orders of magnitude more profitable?

      Cartels and gangs aren’t having violent turf wars over weed. People get weed from dudes your age who drive it back from a legal state once a month.

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  3. A simple way to make sense of the confusing legalities is to recognize that the state is going into business. It has chosen to become an entrepreneur using the authorities and resources of government. This won’t be good for freedom in the long run.


    1. “It has chosen to become an entrepreneur using the authorities and resources of government.

      I don’t believe that to be the case. Yes, Virginia is in the liquor business. But I do not believe the plan is to have state run cannabis stores, or to sell weed in ABC stores.

      The process is incomplete. But for Virginia to be this far ahead of other states is kind of unprecedented.


    2. In effect, the state has been in the drug business for decades. By outlawing, they have spurred huge spending on drug enforcement, including a vast business empire in private prisons.

      Vast sums have managed to spur legal pharmaceutical companies to irresponsibly market opioids, like picking winners and losers in the drug markets.

      By outlawing drugs, they created a market for increasingly potent versions of old ones like opium and cocaine (fentanyl laced heroin and crack). And newer drugs like crystal meth.

      Government actions have created the vast cartels that corrupt law enforcement, cripple governments and, to a degree, created the refugee problem at the southern border with failed states in Central America.

      And we still have an addiction problem.

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