Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

Source: Director of National Intelligence.

As if Covid, climate change and white supremacy were not enough, UFOs are now officially a national security risk. Fear porn has gone extraterrestrial, it would seem.

Is there any existential threat that Stumble Joe can’t mitigate?

10 thoughts on “Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

  1. The report is pretty benign. No big security risk other than possible crowded airways.

    Fear porn is the bailiwick of Republican Trump supporters pushing both violent and political resolutions to non-existent voter fraud.

    What drove thousands to storm the Capitol was fear porn generated by none other than our own president.

    What drives the endless pursuit of rooting out ballot chicanery is fear porn that a non-White majority is looming in the decades to come. Keep women and children safe from Mexican rapists and suburban invasions by (gasp!) the “urban” folks, wink, wink.

    Toss in Dr. Seuss and Mr Potato Head, communion for the President and vaccines with chips (potato or poker, who cares?) and the GOP platform is complete.

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        1. In many ways, the government’s space program set the path for commercial ones. No private entity would consider the financial investment worthwhile. Kind of like most research at the basic levels. Taxpayers do the heavy lifting so private investors can decide when to dive in.

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          1. Honestly, I have a clue what your point is. I was just pointing out that government funded research is pretty useful in a capitalist society.

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  2. All of it is explicable. But, if any isn’t explained by natural (including sensor) phenomena then it is a threat until it is shown not to be.

    But, I noticed they waited until James (The Amazing) Randi had died before releasing this, lest he disprove it all in a week.

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