Michigan Republican Senate report on election fraud: there wasn’t any…as in zip, nada, zero.


“In an interview after the meeting, McBroom [Republican Senator and main author of 55 page report] said the committee has found what appears to be “potentially fraudulent activity” among some individuals who have been making false claims about the election.”

“If you are profiting by making false claims, that’s pretty much the definition of fraud,” McBroom said.

So by this Republican position, Trump and his minions who are perpetuating the election fraud lie in Michigan are committing fraud. And Trump has profited 100’s of millions from donors based on this fraud. Most of the GOP caucus that loves the ex-president are trying to “profit” by donations and campaign positions.

The Big Lie is just that. Of course Trump loyalists will believe anything the fat golfer says, so the report is going to fall on deaf ears and blind eyes. The proof? Those same Michigan Senate Republicans have proposed 39 new election laws to combat fraud. Fraud that never happened.

This is like debunking the flat earth theory, but erecting a fiancé on the horizon to keep people from falling off the edge.

39 thoughts on “Michigan Republican Senate report on election fraud: there wasn’t any…as in zip, nada, zero.

  1. The report seems to show that no significant fraud was detected, but it does not deny that Gov Whitman and other MI officials violated the State election laws.

    Does that not matter?


    1. Fraud, dead voters, hacked machines, etc were the issue. In your opinion, not backed by any court yet, there was a violation. That becomes a political issue or a.specific legal challenge by injured parties against the state government.

      Personally, I think you are wrong.

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      1. Whitman changed the early voting period and other absentee voting procedures by fiat, something forbidden by MI’s Constitution.

        The Attorney General has not brought charges and courts have denied standing of others to bring chargers.


          1. Fraud or not, there was a very real breach of the law.

            And, that breach of the law makes it impossible to really know if there was fraud, or coercion, in the vote.


          2. Impossible to know? How so. Because you were not invited to interrogate the voters individually.

            If you believe there was fraud, you are part of the problem.

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        1. So sue them and get the case to court.

          Your opinion about Michigan law is your opinion.

          Apparently few judges (read “none”) agree.

          If no fraud was found, then whether or not you could have voted a bit earlier or later or other minor changes for the pandemic would have affected all voters. Why would you assume that any changes made hurt Trump? Maybe he got twice as many votes as he would have had without the changes. He might have lost by 10 million votes and Florida and Texas.

          The fraud investigations by the right were only in states they lost. What about fraud in states he won? Maybe he didn’t win them at all. And many states, including red ones, made changes to accommodate the pandemic. You don’t care one whit about fraud or malfeasance, just the gross assumption that Trump’s loss was the result.

          But the main point is that the Big Lie is a fraud and those who profit by it are committing fraud. This is per the Republicans who backed, wrote and issued the report. Honest Republicans (rare enough) are getting weary of those who push the Big Lie.

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          1. No judge ruled she didn’t follow the law.

            Think about this. Why haven’t any suits succeeded regarding the separation of powers in Michigan so far?

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          2. You said the courts had laughed the case out of court. But they have not ruled on the issue either way.

            As far as I know, the suits have been stopped short on standing and later mootness.


          3. Many suits were rejected by judges because there was no credible evidence offered. When questioned, the cases were often pulled to avoid legal charges of perjury or frivolous lawsuits.

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          4. You’re conflating fraud allegations with procedural violations.

            Yes, lots of fraud allegations were made for which there was no proof, but the procedural violations are matters of public record.

            Suits raised prior to the election were rejected because there was no standing as no one had been injured. After the elections were certified, they were rejected as moot.


        2. God! Pitiful! What a poor loser you are!

          And quite full of yourself. You know more about Michigan’s laws than the courts and even the Republican Senate committee who has just issued a report on the election – the main finding of which is that GOP fraudsters are bilking people with the same dishonest nonsense that you won’t stop spreading.

          Oh wait, I know. That final Republican Senate Committee report means nothing because those GOP Senators are corrupt. Right?

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          1. So, these Republican Senators asked to review the 2020 election decided NOT to make the accusation that you are making that the election was conducted unlawfully. Why? Out of the goodness of their hearts? Or maybe they did not do so because it is bullshit and they – unlike you – are growing tired of embarrassing themselves.

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          2. BTW, if you had actually read this report you would see that they did make reference to what you are whining about. Here is their comment in full . . .

            “People were understandably confused by new laws, practices, orders and determinations from the
            governor and secretary of state and it is right and proper for them to demand answers.”

            Here was a golden opportunity to press your claim of unlawfulness but they did not.

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    2. Does that not matter”

      Uh, that would be NO!

      You are clearly inferring that because this report include no denial that Whitman committed crimes she must have committed crimes. Absolutely absurd.

      Your logic works something like this . . . the report did not deny that Donald Trump raped a child in Michigan so by golly he must have done so. Does that no matter?

      IF there were any EVIDENCE that State officials committed crimes or did not obey the law the Republican committee would surely have included that finding in their report. They made no such accusation.

      The committee DID detect fraud and are referring it for investigation. The fraud detected was committed by people raising money based on LIES about election fraud.

      You should have left this one alone instead of trying to spin it into something that it is not.

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  2. This post is regrettable. The source article doesn’t support its own headline, much less the headline of the post in the Forum.

    The Michigan inquiry was only an “initial examination” that didn’t prove “significant acts of fraud.” This means that major fraud may have occurred but the investigators either didn’t find it or refused to report it.

    I don’t know whether the Michigan election was legit, but I object to calling it so on such a flimsy pretense.


    1. “ This means that major fraud may have occurred but the investigators either didn’t find it or refused to report it.”

      There may be another secret entrance to the basement in the pizza shop.

      Conspiracies are never ending. There is no evidence good enough now or forever until the believer wakes up to reality.

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        1. I guess you are right. I am sure there were a few instance other than just the Trump voters who tried to get dead mothers counted.

          I suppose I need to clarify that there was no fraud significant enough to change results.

          Do you personally have evidence of fraud? I mean other than Trump’s assertions. As far as I can tell, he had no evidence either.

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  3. As usual, the post header elicits cherry picked statements out of context and actually lies abt the report. This report did NOT say there was zero fraud found but Len claims so. It says there was no “significant” fraud found “at this time”. Fair enough for widespread fraud but certainly not evidence that NO fraud was found. In fact, the report suggests recommendations to improve voter integrity such as making it easier to remove dead people from the voting rolls. I am not a proponent of the notion of “widespread” fraud but not dumb enough to believe that fraud does not exist. And that fraud is oozing from Democrats attempts to make voter fraud an unprovable every day occurrance through complete loss of integrity of the voting process.


    1. Small and insignificant clerical or human errors are not fraud.

      Your response merely demonstrates the level of damage done by Mr. Trump. You people will not even accept the findings of a committee of lifelong Republicans preferring the bullshit spewed by this con man.

      The story is simple, this Senate Committtee run by Republicans ran down every report of election fraud in Michigan and did not find any. Not good enough. You, Tabor and Roberts (and of course Trump) continue to claim that it really happend and for some reason these Republican “traitors” are not reporting it.

      “Sad” does not even begin.

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      1. RE: “You, Tabor and Roberts (and of course Trump) continue to claim that it really happend and for some reason these Republican “traitors” are not reporting it.”

        I haven’t posted a fraud claim in months and I have never proposed that Biden actually lost the election. You are being dishonest.


        1. “I haven’t posted a fraud claim in months”

          There has NEVER been any evidence of significant fraud in the 2020 election so why did you post ANY such claims?

          Now you have transitioned to claiming the real possibility of fraud that is crying out for investigation. So much more honest!


      2. I know you love to make all things Trump but here’s a secret you may not be aware of. Doing so only exposes your extremist fixation on Trump and quite frankly exposes utter stupidity. Recommendation? Put a sock in it, it’s not working…


        1. Speaking of socks, why is the Republican Party unabashedly concern with Trump and his whining about the election? Why was Cheney dumped? Why did leaders say that the attack was just a bunch of tourists? Why the third recount or audit in AZ?

          Few, if any, of these actions were instigated without demands from Trump.

          He is directing the actions of half of Congress. I would say the GOP is obsessed with Trump. And frankly, that exposes a nasty side of a very desperate political party.

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    2. “And that fraud is oozing from Democrats attempts to make voter fraud an unprovable every day occurrance through complete loss of integrity of the voting process.”

      Can you back that up?

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      1. RE: “Can you back that up?”

        He doesn’t have to, logically. Three things, however, cause me to share his opinion:


        DOJ suing Georgia over the state’s revised election laws.

        Every Democrat who claims there is no need to improve election integrity.


        1. “ He doesn’t have to, logically.”

          Can you explain the logic? “Fraud oozing…” is a statement of opinion, concern or liquor, but hardly fact. I was curious as to why he said so.

          As his “attorney”, maybe you can clarify.

          Then, I am also curious as to why we do need the change election laws in the states that are scrambling to do so. If voter fraud has yet to be found at any level other than a handful of ballots and some of those were by Trump voters. But the process exposed those. Who said we had massive fraud with millions of missing or altered ballots?

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    3. “I am not a proponent of the notion of “widespread” fraud but not dumb enough to believe that fraud does not exist. ”

      I think you are lying to yourself. Personally I have clarified my statements concerning fraud to say that it was not significant and any changes in vote tallies would not have been affected by it.

      However, I will point out that much of the voter fraud AND election fraud has been perpetuated by GOP voters and GOP-run campaigns. Just ask Scott Taylor or those involved in NC-09 a couple of years ago.

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  4. It is evident that the “voter fraud” issue is a conspiracy pushed by one political leader and believed by millions.

    No matter the evidence, the party, the state, the fact that Trump did not win is the “fraud”. He so much as said so in 2016 when he said that if he lost, it would be because of rigged elections.

    Political rhetoric that his supporters now cling to no matter what.

    Even the Pizzagate shooter acknowledged that he had been duped when it turned out the conspiracy of children kept in a non-existent basement of a restaurant was false.

    Trump supporters are still looking for a secret entrance. Not for exploited children but for millions of purloined ballots.

    No fraud found? They changed the laws for Democrats to win. Republican run states? They were duped into changing laws. Recounts? Mean nothing. Audits? Who cares? Court cases tossed by the dozens. Bad judges. Packed SCOTUS rejecting cases? Not packed enough.

    The election is not the issue. The cult is. Thousands storm the Capitol, hundreds prepared to kill or capture the VP or any Congressman while the leader goes home to see the action on TV. Mass hysteria over the words of a known con artist.

    We are crafting a new “American exceptionalism”. Everything is on the table EXCEPT the facts. They are just the “alternative”.

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      1. How so? The “hunting” for witches is going on as we write…by Republican firebrands bound and determined to cast doubt on one of the freest, fairest anf transparent elections in history.

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