19 thoughts on “Former political consultant for ex-U.S. Rep. Scott Taylor indicted for election fraud

  1. It is disappointing that the Captain of the Taylor Campaign ship has yet to come forward and take responsibility for what occurred on his watch. Having served in the Navy, Mr. Taylor knows of this, but still he refuses to acknowledge ANY responsibility.

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  2. I am trying to recall if there has been much election fraud from Democrats in the last couple of decades.

    An entire election for a Congressional seat in NC was tossed due to Republican fraud. Taylor, of course, is our local version.

    Dead voters seemed to emanate from the Republican side.

    Pressure to “find” exactly the number of votes needed, plus one, to get a Republican win in the 2020 presidential election.

    Can’t even start processing absentee and mailed ballots until polls close. Republican run state laws to cast doubt on delayed vote counts.

    Dozens of spurious and blatant false stories from Republican witnesses about counts. Fraud for sure…especially when used to raise millions for candidates.

    Maybe we need to incorporate background checks on Republicans before they can get a ballot😇.

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    1. Well, Republicans are the keepers of the eternal flame and the only ones privy to the correct interpretation of the holy text, so any vote for a Democrat is, by definition, illegitimate. Attempts to keep apostates from voting or having their victories certified are acts of piety and devotion.

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      1. I wouldn’t bet too much. You have no clue as to party. My examples were party specific.

        More importantly, the database shows about 1300 cases and 1100 convictions. Sounds impressive until you look at the dates. Illinois goes back to 1982, and that was 63 conviction in one election. 4 decades ago. And that was 5% of the total, from one election. Florida went back to 1992. Texas goes back to early 2000’s.

        How many votes were cast in that time span? Billions.

        People are not getting vaccinated because of an almost infinitesimal chance of a complication from the vaccine. Do we need to overhaul the election for an even tinier amount of fraud.

        This whole “fraud” thing is theater for the Trump voters. Period. The philosophy is simple. Too many Democrats voted along with too many suburban who split ballots between Biden and Republicans down ballot. So if we cut the Democrats and shoot the loony and ungrateful Republican switchers in the ‘burbs, maybe we can get Trump re-elected.

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        1. Now, now, Len. Don’t confuse the young man with factual assessments of the information he presented. It will only anger him and make him repeat himself.

          Insanity is defined by doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. By my layman’s assessment, Mr. Smith meets the criteria.


  3. So, I presume you now agree that stricter controls are needed in the voting process everywhere so these occurances and others can’t happen again? I dont care who cheats, I care abt integrity, period.


    1. What these examples show is that the cheaters are caught using the existing quality controls in election procedures.

      Perfection is never going to happen. The new restrictions put in place are not really problem solvers. The only thing that the last election showed was that Trump lost. All the other “Issues” are based on what he said, not on facts.

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      1. So you agree that stricter measures are needed to root out the undetected ones. Speeders never speed if no one monitors traffic and I know that happens with reckless abandon.


        1. “So you agree that stricter measures are needed to root out the undetected ones.”

          Not really as the amount of undetected fraud is about the size of your brain.


  4. I’m a little late to this thread, I had a broken upper bicuspid extracted yesterday and an implant placed, so I was out of it yesterday.

    Caron should get some time, but that’s where it stops.

    I know Scott, like many local Republicans, he made connections attending TLP meetings. He is INTENSE but he is honest. He is not above playing a dirty trick, like helping Shaun Brown get on the ballot to dilute the Democrat vote. That’s just good tactics, many of my fellow Libertarians have let themselves be used that way by Democrats to split Republican votes.

    But I am certain he had no part in the fraudulent signatures, he is too careful of his word to have it besmirched, especially in such a clumsy manner. Like many military folk, he trusts in his subordinates. That was clearly a mistake.

    That mistake has cost him two elections, and he is unlikely to get another try. Those are the consequences he must bear.


    1. “But I am certain he had no part in the fraudulent signatures”…

      How can you be so certain? I know a lot of “good people” who still do questionable things to get ahead. It is human nature, and unless Mr. Taylor is NOT human, he is NOT above reproach.

      PLUS it was HIS campaign and I have an issue with someone, especially a military member, who does not take responsibility for the actions of those he hires. Event hose who trust their subordinates have an obligation to take responsibility when those subordinates screw up.

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    2. You are very generous. There is a very fine line between a dirty trick and dishonesty. And please do equate incompetent management with military management. Military or not a manager needs to know what is being done in his name.

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