Think it is not all about Trump? The GOP disagrees…vehemently.

Notable quotes from the brief article for those paywalled by Bloomberg. Trump is controlling every action, reaction and vote by the Republicans who are under his thumb. And in the House, they are the majority of the GOP.

I imagine that the folks who are not enamored by #45 are RINO’S according to his supporters. I would say it is the opposite.

“We have to have an internal look and a full accounting as to what led to January 6th,” Representative Adam Kinzinger of Illinois said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” “Right now, it’s basically the Titanic. We’re in the middle of this slow sink, we have a band playing on the deck telling everybody it’s fine.”

“Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has been a critic of Trump for months. The move to oust Cheney distracted from the party’s attempts to create an alternative to the Biden administration, he said.”

“It’s sort of a circular firing squad where we’re just attacking members of our own party,” Hogan said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “It bothers me you have to swear fealty to the Dear Leader or you get kicked out of the party.”


44 thoughts on “Think it is not all about Trump? The GOP disagrees…vehemently.

  1. I wrote the following a couple of years ago. Sadly, still very true.

    “Trump Derangement Syndrome (“TDS”) is no laughing matter. When the mind becomes divorced from reality, bad things can follow. There are clearly numerous Trump supporters in the body politic and on this forum who are losing their minds, abandoning all past values and beliefs and surrendering themselves to the comfort of never having to think for themselves. Whatever Trump says TODAY is true. Everything else is “fake.”

    What are some of the symptoms of TDS that we see on a regular basis?

    1. Flat rejection of irrefutably objective facts.
    2. Irrational feelings of being victimized or demeaned.
    3. Unshakeable belief in massively improbable conspiracy theories.
    4. Fervent belief in magical solutions to difficult problems.
    5. Fixation on trivial and irrelevant matters.
    6. Compulsive repetition of discredited or irrelevant nonsense.
    7. A constant retreat from reality into childish forms of communication.

    The more of these exhibited and the greater their frequency, the more serious the affliction.”

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  2. RE: “RIP GOP.”

    The Democratic Party is more likely to die. I remember the grassroots #WalkAway Campaign of a couple of years ago. Nothing like it has ever damaged the Republican Party brand. On the contrary, the GOP has expanded its base, particularly among minorities that used to be reliable Democrats.

    With its outright attack on American values and the American Dream, I expect the Democratic Party to alienate more of the public.


        1. It is not actually psychology.

          “TDS” is tongue-in-cheek nomenclature for the cult-like Trump-think we see everyday.

          Here is an idea – Check those “symptoms” to see which apply to you.
          Or, probably a shorter list, check which “symptoms” do not.

          Number 1 may seem familiar. It was called “goofy counterfactual obtuseness” by some.
          Number 3 takes many forms. The Big Lie is its current manifestation.

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        2. RE: “”TDS’ is tongue-in-cheek nomenclature for the cult-like Trump-think we see everyday.”

          Got it. Another reason to ignore your comment. Even YOU don’t mean for it to be taken seriously.


          1. Got it? Actually, you do not.

            Softening the very ugly truth with tongue-in-cheek nomenclature does not mean it is not a serious matter. The various “symptoms” I listed are all too real and all too dangerous.

            Our Founders were men of the Enlightenment. Their theories of good government were built on an expectation that Knowable Truth would dominate political life. Those expectations are now being put to the test by Trump and his followers.

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          2. RE: “Softening the very ugly truth with tongue-in-cheek nomenclature does not mean it is not a serious matter.”

            Understood. But we have already established that you are not a credible source for revealing the ugly truth.


          3. “But we have already established that you are not a credible source for revealing the ugly truth.”

            Have we?

            Or is it that you don’t like seeing the obvious and ugly intellectual failings of the Trump cult spelled out in black and white? If we have “established” anything, that would be it.

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          4. Seems I am not the only one who practices specialties I have no experience in.

            Actually, the truth has bit you hard again and you really don’t like it. And like the human being you are, you get super defensive when cornered.


    1. Outright attack?

      Perhaps against right wing extremists but they are slowly discovering that most Americans think they are corrosive to the country.

      When roads, bridges, water and sewage systems, broadband start hitting rural communities along with high paying jobs I think we will see the beginning of the end for the insurrectionist worshippers in politics. Heck, the savings on bottled water alone, both convenience and cost, will be a bright spot.

      Add in the core of Republican anti-vaxxers who will sicken and create burdens on themselves and families. Especially if they had only a Trumpian short term health insurance that leaves them in debt.

      GOP legislators are already trying to soften their rejection of jobs by saying they do not like some of the parts that can be considered “cultural”. When uncle Pete trades in his job at the auto parts store for construction work at twice or three times the pay, he will remember what the GOP voted against. Or the hard working family that doubles it’s child credit and has affordable child care and pre-school can afford to save for retirement as well as raise children.

      Honestly, the GOP and it’s media surrogates are focusing on Mr. Potato Head while the rest of Americans are building, re-building, repairing and earning good pay.

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      1. RE: “Outright attack?”

        Yes. I shared a Wall Street Journal commentary yesterday that makes the point that Stumble Joe’s policies aim to redesign American society. Like Obama’s “fundamental transformation,” such things are widely perceived among GOP supporters as an outright attack on the nation.


        1. Since the GOP is the minority party. such thinking is not necessarily American.

          Funny you should mention the “outright attack on the nation” since the only folks that have done so were trying to kill Congressmen and the VP on orders from Trump.

          You might want to select better phrases for you accusations of the lack of fealty to America.

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      2. The infrastructure bill has little to do with rebuilding roads, bridges, rural internet, etc. Any jobs that may be “created” would be taxpayer paid for green jobs so don’t count on many and pay is suspect too. You guys don’t do a very good job of selling $2 trillion of left wing fluff.


        1. …”would be taxpayer paid for green jobs so don’t count on many and pay is suspect too”…

          Justify your statement if you can. But I know you are unable to do so. So I’ll just wait for the usual blather and bluster that has no real meaning except to prove your inadequacy to argue coherently.


        2. Actually roads, bridges, tunnels, water systems, waste disposal systems, airports, ports, railroad upgrades, school buildings, public housing repairs are at least 1/3 or more.

          Yes, there is additional spending on some programs with a more tangential effect on infrastructure, but let’s see what the Republicans offer up.

          Remember we had four years of “infrastructure week” during the last administration. Raw materials like steel and concrete were cheap then, too. Not now.

          Trump “coulda been a contender, coulda been someone” (thank you Brando), but he just didn’t have the ability to work with anybody. Even his own, carefully chosen appointments. They either bailed or were canned if they had integrity and self worth. Plus, honestly, he was one lazy SOB.

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          1. Trump being Trump.

            I, for one, sincerely hoped that after his victory he would be able to transition to being Presidential. He could have easily done so by actually hiring some good people and showing some message discipline on whatever message was important to him. I hoped Trump being Trump was an act.

            But no. We now know that he was incapable of being Presidential. A weak and stupid man with no self-control and too timorous to manage strong people. The only voices he heard were those of family members and sycophants. Actually strong and competent people with some integrity such as Tillerson and Mattis he could not handle, motivate or manage.

            There is almost no doubt that Trump will always be very near the bottom of the list of Presidents. There may be one or two who were worse, but it is not obvious who they might have been.

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          2. So you admit at least 2/3s of the bill is left wing fluff? Actually more than that but at least you admit that much. Republicans have already responded with a more sensible approach that targets just infrastructure. You know, what the bill is named for?


          3. So I admit? Never tried to hide it. Unlike most hard line Republicans I know regarding their party, I am not in love with everything the Democrats do.

            Please keep in mind that the Republicans are big spenders also. The difference is that they borrow to pay for what they want. Then they pass the debt on to the next president who is often a Democrat that has to clean up the mess.

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      1. You have been saying the same thing about Napoleon’s advice for some years. Democrats, for example, were supposed to self-destruct lose the House in 2018. Nope. And Trump was going to win a second term. Didn’t work out.

        Right now the Democrats are forcing through a variety of measures that enjoy great popularity while the GOP is doing their best to block them. And, of course, the GOP has formed a circular firing squad over the Big Lie with the result being a party dominated by the likes of Louis Gommert, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert.

        So, who are you suggestiong should take Napoleon’s advice and sit back while their enemies self-destruct? The Republicans? Or the Democrats?

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          1. You know, the potential pedophile Representative from the great state of Florida who is on a road trip with MTG promoting thee T****ist lies and misinformation that is now the “policy” of the GOP?


      2. RE: “They’ve been warned, it’s time to take Napoleon’s advice.”

        It is hard to stand by and just watch as people go insane.


        1. Been watching you do it for quite a while now. Check your mirror, JTR. You might be surprised at what you see.

          But then again, you’re blind to your own biases and hypocrisies, so you won’t see it.

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        2. Hard to standby and watch as people go insane? I dunno, Republicans and the prez stood by and watched the attempted insurrection. Seemed easy for them and planned entertainment for #45.

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      3. …”it’s time to take Napoleon’s advice.”

        Kind of lost track how many times you’ve made that statement. And it has been wrong every single time.

        And the GOP is the one digging the hole. How many pilgrimages to Mar-a-Lago does it take for you to see that 45 owns the Republican Party the way his supporters thought they would “own the libs”?

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