The GOP has chosen its candidate for Governor

Kerry Dougherty on the GOP choosing Youngkin

As a Libertarian, I don’t participate in GOP or Democratic primaries or conventions but I would say the GOP has learned from past mistakes.

Amanda Chase was a sure loser, a shrill Trump-in-heels who turned off too many.

Kirk Cox is a personal friend, I delivered yard signs for him when he first ran for the GA. But he is a creature of the party establishment. He would be a great Speaker of the House, with deep knowledge of the issues and on how to get things done. He is a great guy, but not the winning candidate.

That left Glenn Youngkin and Pete Snyder, both successful and charismatic outsiders with deep pockets and appeal in the middle.  There were some awful negative campaign ads against Youngkins, trying to link him to China because the Carlyle Group sis business there, as pretty much every investment group does. I don’t know in Snyder was directly involved, but he didn’t condemn those ads either.

So, all-in-all, I think the GOP did well.

7 thoughts on “The GOP has chosen its candidate for Governor

  1. The expectations of the weathy that their fortunes will translate to popularity is exceeded only by their ability to waste money.

    Gee, so he starts by loaning money to his campaign?

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  2. I was a bit surprised about Youngkin winning the “convention”. I seriously thought the “establishment” candidate, Cox, would carry the day, considering conventions usually lead to establishment participation nearly exclusively. Especially with the ‘election integrity” rhetoric Youngkin pushed. There were no issues in Virginia, so it is a silly thing to run on.

    The VA GOP did prove what I have been saying for the past year: They fear their voters. If a primary had been held, I would have predicted a win for Chase. The party honchos knew it as well. And she still may launch an independent run because she may be feeling the process was unfair. She hinted as much.

    Hard to argue with the …”GOP did well” point. Except for the election integrity thing. But I don’t think McAuliffe can be beat. And I think Cox would have had a better chance because of his record in the GA.

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  3. Youngkin faces the same problem as Republican politicians everywhere – fear of offending Trumpkins. His primary campaign is full of red meat to placate these people but that same red meat will be poison in the General Election. Unlike some well-known Republicans, Youngkin has neither the courage nor the integrity to state simply that President Biden was the legitimate victor in a fraud-free election. He punted many opportunities to do so. Instead of simply telling the truth, he is pushing a variety of unnecessary measures to make it harder to vote. That is NOT leadership. It is pandering.

    Then there is this . . . maybe needed in the primary but not helpful in the general election.

    By the way, you seem fine with this fellow doing business with the Chinese “Commies.” If he were a Democrat your hair would be on fire. I suppose consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.

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  4. …”with deep knowledge of the issues and on how to get things done.”

    Too bad politicians today don’t follow that lead. It is all about personality now. Not a great look for either side.


  5. Bloomberg tried to buy his way to the presidency.

    The more Youngkin aligns himself with Trump means more votes to lose.

    Also, Democrats are fired up by the crass attempts to suppress their votes in many states.

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  6. Lo, and behold. One of the Bulwark’s writers offers his take on Youngkin.

    I kind of got a kick out of this section.

    “Okay. Fine. On September 11, 2001 Youngkin’s $200 billion in assets private equity firm was hanging out with Osama bin Laden’s brother. When you put it that way, it sounds bad.

    But you better believe that Glenn Youngkin is a true working-class hero.

    Want to know why?

    Because he speaks out on the only two issues that real working-class Americans care about today:

    Youngkin refuses to acknowledge that Joe Biden was legitimately elected in a free and fair election.

    His signature issue is “election integrity.””

    Hmmm. No mention of China? Guess JVL overlooked that part. The OBL reference is soooo much cleaner.


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