Preschool works.

Boston did not have enough money to provide preschool for all students so it chose who would get it into preschool with a random lottery. The authors have studied the long term outcomes for those who attended versus those who did not. They found little difference in academic achievement as measured by standardized tests but very substantial differences in overall success.

25 thoughts on “Preschool works.

  1. This particular study isn’t very compelling. While the preschool group did a little better than the non-preschool group in the areas measured, neither group did particularly well in absolute terms. For example, less than 70% completed high school. Preschool appears to offer a negligible advantage in an otherwise failing system.

    This is reminiscent of LBJ’s Head Start Program, which currently costs about $10 billion per year, but offers at best only debatable benefits.

    I think government should get out of the education business altogether.


    1. “This particular study isn’t very compelling”

      Right. Only the studies YOU provide are compelling.

      Another word salad rom the JTR salad bar saying “I hate anything that I don’t believe in. And I only believe in what the voices in my head tell me. That and the fringe sites on the internet that feed my biases.”

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      1. RE: “Only the studies YOU provide are compelling.”

        That’s the second example here today of someone practicing psychology without a license. I wish people who behave this way would try to understand how irrelevant such things are.

        I explained why I find the study uncompelling. I see no commentary on that.


        1. Not practicing psychology. I am commenting on your biases which are deep, closed minded, and dangerous. If you don’t like my observations, so what? If you disagree with my opinions, I really don’t give a monkey’s butt.

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          1. RE: “I am commenting on your biases which are deep, closed minded, and dangerous.”

            You’re not qualified.


        2. “I explained why I find the study uncompelling. I see no commentary on that.”

          Look again.

          I commented very directly on your observations. You found the results of the study uncompelling because you opined that the positive results found were negligible. I disagreed with that “negligible” characterization and provided the data to show that the positive results were NOT negligible. You offered your opinion. I offered mine. I backed mine with some relevant facts.

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      1. It’s worse than that. The Left assumes that government must do good things only because they are good.


        1. “The Left” does believe strongly in one of the founding purposes of our Constitution – “to promote the General Welfare.”

          So yes, if “good things” are doable we lean towards doing them. For example, if children are going hungry and “We, the people” have the means to feed then we must see that they are fed.

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          1. RE: “So yes, if ‘good things’ are doable we lean towards doing them.”

            Not what I said.


  2. I agree that a 70% HS graduation rate is very poor. The nationwide rate is 85%. The difference comes from the fact that the study was of Boston Public Schools which serve a largely disadvantaged community with a variety of social and economic challenges. Clearly more is needed beyond universal preschool. Likely in the area of economic opportunity rather than education.

    I disagree that a 6% improvement is not significant. Nationwide 3.7 million students graduated from HS in 2020. An improvement on this order of magnitude would mean an additional 250K graduates each year. And that does not take into account the economic benefits of a more flexible workforce that universal preschool would enable.

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    1. RE: “Clearly more is needed beyond universal preschool.”

      I don’t buy the premise that universal preschool is needed at all.


      1. It is NOT a premise. If the goal is to raise sub-par High School Graduation rates from 64% to the national average (or better) a tool that gets the system 1/3 of the way there is “needed” in a very meaningful sense of the word.

        Of course, if you do not endorse the goal of improving educational outcomes then it is not “needed.”

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        1. In that case, I don’t buy the premise that universal preschool is necessary to achieving the goal as you describe it. There are other possibilities.


          1. RE: “Okay – such as?”

            We could remove all children from their families and put them in boarding school until they graduate, to name just one.


  3. The only thing pre-K is good for is taxpayer paid free daycare for baby mamas so they can go make more babies. More “free” stuff from the socialist in chief who claims the “rich” are gonna pay for all of this. Sad fact is lefties believe that trash.


    1. So my daughter, the high school teacher, who has both of her children in pre-K is just out there making more babies. GFY, ass wipe.

      Keep using those scary buzzwords. One day you may find out that you are so badly misguided by the principle espoused by one man. that your ass catches on fire.


      1. Ooooh, such nasty and cruel words from a lefty. So your daughter uses la petite academy childcare, you call pre-k, for what I said…babysitting. Does she pay for it or get it for free courtesy of taxpayers?


        1. Uh, no, not la petite. And where is irrelevant. (Kind of like you and your buzzword filled rhetorical bullshit). She does pay for it, but why not get a little help? And she has an actual child care provider for the one not yet eligible for pre-K. GFY and the orange headed horse’s ass you rode in on.

          You collect SS and use Medicare, or will when the time comes. I know. Tell the gubmint to keep their hands off of it.


          1. You are so laughably stupid and quite a potty mouth to boot.
            Is that all you have?
            So your daughter is leeching off of taxpayers, nice and you are proud of it.
            That is a true socialist thought process.
            As far as SS and Medicare, I have been paying into it for over 40 years so of course I want my money back when the time comes, it isn’t free silly boy.


          2. “So your daughter is leeching off of taxpayers”…

            So now being a public school teacher is “leeching off taxpayers”? She is not getting any kind of assistance for pre-K or child care. Not sure where you got that idea. Oh, wait. You’re an idiot.

            And I suppose my military retirement and VA disability payments are “leeching off the taxpayers”, too?

            You are a dolt. (There, I cleaned it up for your right wing snowflake self.)

            But I’ll remember to write to my Congressional representatives on your behalf to tell them not to touch your SS and Medicare.


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