Tucker’s Vaccine Skepticism

Source: American Thinker.

VAERS is the name of the database industry and the public use to report adverse events (side effects) of vaccines to the CDC and the FDA. Other countries have similar systems.

Stories about VAERS and VAERS-like numbers associated with the Covid-19 vaccines have been percolating around the Internet for a number of weeks. They went mainstream a couple of nights ago when Tucker Carlson did a segment on VAERS, leading to strong reactions from other media outlets.

The numbers may surprise you. In the U.S. 4,100 people, in Europe 8,000 people, and in Israel 3,300 people reportedly died after receiving Covid vaccines. The global total may be as high as 30,000-35,000 death reports.

The numbers require context:

  • Most importantly, people who died after receiving the vaccine may not have died because of the vaccine.
  • VAERS (in the U.S.) is thought to capture only a very small percentage of the adverse events that actually occur.

These two reasons, combined, mean the adverse event data we have in hand is insufficient for determining whether a vaccine is causing health problems.

20 thoughts on “Tucker’s Vaccine Skepticism

  1. 4100 suspected deaths after the vaccine is a tiny percentage of the 130 million (as of April) who received at least one jab. About 3 one thousandths of a percent.

    The death rate from COVID, depending upon whom you read, is at least 1/2 percent.

    I think I would take those odds.

    Particularly since the vaccine related deaths are not all in isolation with many underlying issues. And they are not confirmed.

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  2. This is highly irresponsible. Shame on you for trying to spread Tucker Carlson / Anti-Vaxx nonsense. Why would anyone do that? Are you still trying to rationalize your refusal to get vaccinated.

    As of March 29, the VAERS system had 2,509 reports of deaths. These deaths were all individually investigated and not ONE – not even ONE – turned out to be caused by the vaccine.


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    1. RE: “This is highly irresponsible. Shame on you for trying to spread Tucker Carlson / Anti-Vaxx nonsense. Why would anyone do that?”

      There is no anti-vaxx nonsense in this story. Did you know the numbers? Are they not worth knowing?


      1. “There is no anti-vaxx nonsense in this story.”

        There is actually nothing else.

        The number is ZERO. A number verified by the CDC. But you and Tucker leave the impression that thousands have died because of the vaccine.

        Why are you unwilling to share the reasons for avoiding the vaccine? Do Tucker’s lies scare you that much that you would risk your health and the health of others?

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        1. RE: “But you and Tucker leave the impression that thousands have died because of the vaccine.”

          Only in your imagination. I addressed this in my post. Please try to be honest.


          1. “Please try to be honest.”

            Follow your own advice. Nothing about Tucker Carlson or your post is honest. It is classic “conservative” bullshit. You take a grain of truth and distort it into something else. The CDC has followed up VAERS reports of deaths and found NONE that were caused by the vaccine. You and Tucker left out that FACT for some reason leaving the impression that there “may be” thousands of deaths it caused. So, “Please try to be honest.”

            Maybe you can explain the apparent massive overlap between Anti-vaxxers and Trump diehards. It is strange. We all know that Trump and little Donnie and all the others have been vaccinated. What is the link? Is it because you people just hate science? Or that you hate smart people trying to tell you what to do?

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          2. RE: “You and Tucker left out that FACT for some reason leaving the impression that there ‘may be’ thousands of deaths it caused.”

            Like I said, “Only in your imagination.”


          3. “Only in your imagination.”

            Sorry, but that too is nonsense. You chose to seek out and post this piece raising BOGUS questions about the safety of the vaccines based on DISTORTED descriptions of what the VAERS system does and leaving out the FACT that CDC has followed up on each and every one of the reported deaths and found NONE – NOT ONE – that were caused by the vaccine.

            As I said at the outset – irresponsible. And shameful. Every dunce or coward who believes these anti-Vaxx LIES broadcast by Carlson and repeated by people like you is someone whose death you may cause. Tucker will definitely have blood on his hands and even you could too. That is not hyperbole.

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  3. It is the infectious overcaution of the FDA and CDC that are discouraging vaccination, not conservative media.

    The delays in approval plus the paranoid pause in the J&J vaccine that have people frightened.


    There was plenty of evidence that the vaccines were safe and effective last October. Had they released them then instead of dragging them out and giving people reason to suspect there might be problems. we would all be vaccinated except for a handful of dedicated anti-vaxxers and at least 100,000 lives would have been saved.

    We must always balance the risk of action with the risk of inaction.


    1. So, Fox News and the most popular talk show host on cable – Tucker Carlson – has nothing to do with it?

      Sorry, no sale. The drumbeat of anti-science, anti-FDA, anti-CDC and anti-Fauci rhetoric from Trump and his running dogs is the main reason that there is so much vaccine hesitancy. If you doubt that, then explain why that hesitancy is so much more pronounced among Trump cultists. Democrats were exposed to the same cautious approach that you decry but are far less infected with hesitancy.

      And saving all those lives in October with tens of millions of doses of vaccine not yet produced – quite a trick. Miraculous in fact.

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      1. Production could have been ramped up any time after October, But the vaccine costs too much to store to make it before it can be shipped to end users.

        Certainly the ramp up would have taken time but it would have started 2 months earlier Where we were in February could have been in December.

        Willingness to get vaccinated peaked in February and declined ever since. (Hover over US to get graph)



        1. In other words, your claim of 100,000 dead because of the desire to confirm that the vaccines were safe and effective was pulled out of your ass. The first request for an EUA was on November 20, 2020 but that should have been approved in October? How was that supposed to work?

          What do you suppose has been driving that decline in willingness in 2021. Could it be Fox News and their ilk constantly badmouthing the vaccine? Could it be that Trump cultists see getting vaccinated on Biden’s watch somehow disloyal? You completely dodged the fact that Trump cultists are far more vaccine hesitant than others. Your attempt to blame the FDA/CDC for vaccine hesitancy is basically a whiff. And, for some reason, you always seem to forget that whatever blame belongs to the FDA or CDC in 2020, they were under the management of Donald Trump and had been for three years or more.



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          1. We have covered this before? You mean you expressed your opinions before.
            At the time you expressed those opinions the first trial of the first vaccine had not even been completed. It easy for someone with no responsibility to say “Early data looks good, vaccinate everybody.” With vaccine that has not yet been produced or distributed.

            And what is all this about? To deflect blame from Trump who bungled our response to the virus and his followers who are now the main obstacle to reaching herd immunity safely.

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    2. …”not conservative media.”…

      Extremely disingenuous statement.

      And I am of the mindset that the J&J pause was a reasonable accommodation to help IMPROVE on vaccine hesitancy. It’s called optimism. Try it some time.

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