Woke insanity continues

California is considering ditching sentence enhancements

California, with the cooperation of 2nd Amendment advocates, passed a law long ago that makes sentence enhancements available to judges for the use of a firearm in a crime. These enhancements are often plea bargained away, but even so, the legislature is poised to remove them.

Not because they are enforced unfairly, nor because they don’t serve as a deterrent, but because Blacks are disproportionately affected because they so heavily rely on the use of firearms in criminal activity.

It’s a good idea, employed impartially, but the outcome doesn’t meet ‘equity’ goals, it will be discarded.

(Napoleon, are you watching?)

15 thoughts on “Woke insanity continues

      1. Do YOU really have ANY doubt?

        The charging of these extra sanctions is entirely at the discretion of the prosecutors and since a change in the law a couple of years ago, the imposition of the penalties is at the discretion of the judge. If you were in the least bit “woke” you would know that wherever such discretion exists in the policing and judicial system racial minorities are treated more severely for the same offense than are white offenders. California is not immune. You want to say that the ONLY reason Blacks fare so badly with these penalties is because they are such bad people. Maybe. But not very likely.


        1. You are the one bringing race into it,

          Even if you assume that whites who are guilty of using a firearm to commit a crime are more likely to get a plea deal, is that a reason to abandon an effective deterrent and isolation technique?

          After all, the enhanced sentence does not apply unless the crime happened.


          1. “You are the one bringing race into it”

            Uh, there you go again. This is YOU obsessing about race AGAIN and digging through the bowels of the internet to find overblown race-baiting stories that allows YOU to post things like “Woke Insanity Continues” and to advance racist claims that “Blacks are disproportionately affected because they so heavily rely on the use of firearms in criminal activity.”

            But I brought race into it? Give me a break.


        2. There you go again making unfounded assumptions based solely on race and claiming it is fact. And you have the audacity to chastise Trump? You are far worse.


  1. We have the highest rate of incarceration in the world.

    We have the most brutal prisons in the industrial world.

    We have the longest sentences.

    We warehouse the mentally ill in prisons.

    And we still have a high crime rate. Better than Mexico, worse than Canada, for example.

    Something is obviously not working.

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    1. The Drug War is what is not working, and we have filled prisons with people who should not be there, but that does not mean that we should rush to release violent criminals who should be there.

      You are constantly pushing limitations on responsible gun owners but you support putting those who misuse them back in the population.

      End incarceration for victimless crime but when someone turns a gun on innocent people, put them aside.


      1. Did I say I supported releasing shooters from prison?

        I was pointing out that what we are doing now is expensive, ineffective and crippling to a society.

        Yes, drug war is a catastrophic failure. Once anyone, for any reason, has a felony record, they are relegated to a life of menial labor.

        We have destroyed a few generations of folks with those draconian laws.

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    2. I am assuming you have never watched Locked up Abroad nor done any real investigation of your claims. In fact, American prisons are like a day spa compared to foreign prisons and our sentencing is not longer.


      1. Are we talking about the industrial, first world countries? That is what wrote. Europe, Japan, Korea and Taiwan come to mind. Not Third World.

        We do have the highest incarceration rate in the world.

        Sentencing in many industrial nations allow parole or release from life sentences after 20 or years.

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