Jimmy Carter Reconsidered


I have long felt that the honesty, competence, integrity and sheer decency that President Jimmy Carter brought to the White House have been grossly under-valued. Like most Democratic Presidents he inherited nearly insolvable problems from his GOP predecessors. The economy, for example, was still in the aftermath of Nixon’s attempt to control inflation by Presidential edict.

As time goes on I think it likely that history will appreciate President Carter even more while his amiable corporate spokesperson successor will be more clearly seen for the disaster that he was.

4 thoughts on “Jimmy Carter Reconsidered

  1. Carter was a dolt. He had no clue what to do about stagflation and the economy which was caused by Johnson’s Vietnam war debt, Johnson’s Great Society, abandoning the gold standard, globalization and the energy crisis. He didn’t cause it and neither did Nixon but he couldn’t manage it either. It took Reagan to get us back on track. All Carter did was shuffle around the oval office in his goofy sweater and cover for Billy.


  2. “As time goes on I think it likely that history will appreciate President Carter..”

    With every GOP president elected, he moves up the list.

    History will be kind to Trump too. Historians are loathe to use “dumb shit” in textbooks.

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