American history makes no sense unless you factor in the Comintern.

  • That would be the Communist avant-garde, arriving here in strength in 1921. 

This article is a quick history lesson about the fanatics that beset us. A five-minute read. 

Just 10 years later, in 1931, the Comintern made a move of extraordinary audacity, and long-term consequences. They staged a coup against phonics, trashing the old books, and bringing in the carefully bogus Dick and Jane.

You might object, what are you talking about, I’ve never even heard of this group. Comintern??? Is that a real thing?

That is Commie jargon for the Communist International. Lenin ordered these people to take over the world by infiltrating businesses, government agencies, universities, media, foundations, anything and everything. 

These are the termites in your basement and you don’t care until your house falls down.

The Comintern is the reason we have 50 million functional illiterates. Only 20 years after they started their attack, the decline in literacy was so great that Rudolf Flesch felt compelled to write his famous book, Why Johnny Can’t Read, and Americans felt compelled to buy millions of copies.


“The Comintern gave us a century of brutal meddling.”

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16 thoughts on “American history makes no sense unless you factor in the Comintern.

  1. While it is true that orthodox Marxism advocates worldwide revolution, after Lenin’s death in 1924, Stalin’s “Socialism in One Country” became official Comintern policy. Stalin further tamped down on international ambitions during WWII so as not to cause friction with the Soviet allies. Post-war, it was largely the US infiltrating other countries’ institutions.

    Does you book offer any evidence of Comintern infiltration of US academic planning, or is this one of those “anything that is different from when I was growing up in the Cold War is Communism” things?

    Which measures are you using for literacy?

    Does the book address the effects of childhood poverty on literacy?

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    1. For me, the Comintern was the punchline, not the beginning. I understood that our public schools were highly inefficient. I studied the main theories and methods, and concluded they were deliberately dysfunctional. Imagine a method of reading instruction that guarantees the kids won’t know how to read. I find that fascinating. So I started researching what kind of people would do such a thing. Answer: extreme ideologues who don’t like this country. Oh, you mean the Comintern? The term is not much used now. But you know who they are. The politicians letting their cities burn last summer. The Education Establishment that continues to promote Everyday Math. The network executives who use their medium to disseminate agitprop. I think of Brian Stelter as The Comintern Today. These people never did carry a membership card. It’s the spirit that counts. Are you willing to keep children illiterate? Are you willing to dumb down our society deliberately? You’re one of them.


      1. Are you sure it’s the communists who are ruining schools and not the budget hawks in both parties or government?

        Say what you will about commies, but they tend to do a very good job of educating people, particularly when it comes to basic literacy.

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  2. The big worry from internal strife in the US is the proliferation of street gangs like the Proud Boys, Oathkeepers, Bloods, Crips, sundry “percenters”, Antifa and all lone wolves encouraged by the GOP rhetoric. If the majority of Republicans in the House were willing to shred the Constitution to insert their choice for president, using gangs to move that agenda along, then the Comintern is out of business.

    In other words, it is not the left we need to worry about as much as the phony “patriots” who wrap themselves in the flag and quote the Bible while killing and maiming in domestic right wing violence.


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      1. Well, many Republicans are convinced ANTIFA stormed the Capitol, which was to overturn the election. Which is what Republicans both wanted and tried to do.

        Crips and Bloods are Western entrepreneurs who formed gangs, just like PB

        Gangs are gangs. White gangs are no better than criminals and should be treated as such. Which, ironically, they will be as the FBI continues its investigations.

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      2. “Conservatives” are legitimizing violence as a means to political ends. They do it all the time nowadays.
        You yourself are unable to condemn the January 6th insurrection and, in fact, hold out the threat of gun violence all the time.

        So, yes, when “conservatives” legitimize the Oath Keepers or the Proud Boys they also legitimize political violence by whomever for whatever political motive. The principle that they violate is that terrorism is not acceptable in our democracy. Period. They should stop doing that and so should you.

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        1. Facts are stubborn things.

          You are generalizing the acts of a handful of people who identify themselves as Proud Boys or Oath Keepers to apply to organizations with thousands of members.

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          1. “Facts are stubborn things.”

            And that includes the facts about the armed “European civilization chauvinist” militias who – like you – espouse, threaten and prepare for violence. We have been repeatedly warned by the people entrusted with protecting our country that domestic terrorism from these White Supremacists is the greatest security threat we face. And that is a fact that is very stubborn.

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          2. “Si vis pacem, para bellum”

            Uh, that adage is NOT about preparing for and threatening “war” against your countrymen. It is about relations between countries. It does NOT apply in ANY way to terrorists who plan, prepare and threaten to overthrow democracy by force of arms.

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