Diversity matters, merit doesn’t

Appointees tell what matters to Biden

Totally fail in your job at the state level and you get to control the whole country’s response.

32 thoughts on “Diversity matters, merit doesn’t

  1. I’m OK with sick people having jobs. I’m not OK with seriously sick people having seriously important jobs. Levine’s illness should have disqualified her, not the reverse.


    1. Levine’s gender dysphoria shouldn’t be a factor either way,

      But her total failure to accomplish the same job in PA she will hold for the nation is the factor that should matter. Merit should rule, and personal life should neither boost nor disqualify.


      1. “Merit should rule, and personal life should neither boost nor disqualify.”

        Fair enough. Now if you can get Mr. Roberts to agree with that sentiment, I’ll be impressed.


      2. RE: “Merit should rule, and personal life should neither boost nor disqualify.”

        I agree, but I don’t see illness and personal life as equivalent. In Levine’s case, her specific illness might even lead to conflicts of interest.


        1. While I think your comment about “conflicts of interest” because Levine is transgender is complete nonsense let me risk giving you another compliment. You discussed her situation using the pronoun that she would prefer and you stayed well clear of the schoolyard childishness offered by your compadre, Mr. Smith. So, really, good job.

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        2. As Levine’s area of responsibility would seem to be in the area of COVID response, I don’t see a conflict with gender dysphoria. If her duties were in the area of education of minors, that might be the case.


          1. “If her duties were in the area of education of minors, that might be the case.”

            How so? Because she is more knowledgeable about gender dysphoria than the average educator, that makes her unqualified? Is that bigotry?

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          2. “That is equivalent to saying it is not a delusion to suffer from delusions.”

            No, it is not. That does not even make any sense.

            Let’s recap. You have said that Levine is disqualified from working as an educator because she suffered from gender dysphoria and was treated for it. So far you have offered nothing close to a non-bigoted reason for such disqualification.

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          3. There is nothing bigoted in rejecting a grown man who dresses up in 5 year old girls party dresses as an educator or health consultant for young children.

            There is a difference between politely tolerating his delusion and enabling it.


          4. Party dresses? What are you referring to? Some character assassination tidbit from the dark web?

            I believe that it is customary in the treatment of gender dysphoria to start by living the life of the new gender before moving on to surgery. Is THAT what you are talking about?

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          5. Again, I tolerate dysphoria, but it is a delusion, and whatever comfort it gives its sufferers, it is disqualifying for some positions of trust.


          6. So, there was no actual ” grown man who dresses up in 5 year old girls party dresses.” You distinctly left the impression that you were talking about Ms. Levine with that comment.

            The bottom line after your clarification is that with respect to those treated for gender dysphoria you are – in fact – a bigot. No matter that the treatment resulted in a cure they are not qualified to work in education. And that brings me full circle to ask again . . . Why not? Gender dysphoria is not something that you can sell to children. They have it or they don’t.

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          7. I have seen the picture, but I am not going to spend half the day relocating it.

            As for whether you can “sell” gender dysphoria to children, that is unknown.

            There is no research that distinguishes between inborn and induced dysphoria.

            There are plenty of opinions stated as fact, but no real knowledge. And it is unethical to influence children to ‘discover’ such in themselves until we know if normal socialization between children influences the outcome.


          8. “There is no research that distinguishes between inborn and induced dysphoria.”

            That is probably true since “induced dysphoria” is a concept that you just now created.

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  2. Another sad attempt by “conservatives” to fight the culture war they have already lost. This hate site attack is a follow-up to Rand Paul’s ugly behavior in her confirmation hearing. IMHO.

    The decision that PA and many other states made to allow patients to return to their long term care facilities can be debated – but not in a vacuum. What alternative policy was realistically available? Were there beds somewhere else? What was CDC guidance at the time the decisions were made in March 2020? What was the role of Trump nursing home policy?



    By the way, the first statistic cited against her in this hit piece – the case fatality rate in Pennsylvania – is something that she would have had no ability to control one way or another.

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  3. There is a bold lie in this story. Levine is a he not a she. Female impersonator Levine has zero credibility in forming national policy through such an extremely biased lens.


      1. Hey, there is a use for peckerless men. It’s called a eunuch but not an assistant HHS director. Call me bullying names all you want, not bothered.


        1. I get it. You hate anything that isn’t white, male, looks like you, thinks like you, and carries his dick in his mouth like you.

          And why couldn’t a eunuch be as Assistant HHS director? Especially if the eunuch has a health care background, be it on the medical side or business side.

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          1. Uh oh, there goes that phony “white male” race card again. Whoooosh. Now that is truly sad. Again, not bothered by left wing attempts at white guilt nonsense. You guys are truly pathetic…

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          1. Murphy…..Not really but if that floats your boat and makes you feel more like a man go for it.


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